XBOX Guinness World Record Avatar T-Shirt

The XBOX Guinness World Record Avatar T-Shirt is a VERY limited item. This Item was given to the participants of the April 23rd 2011 World record event that was held on the XBOX while playing Kinect Sports. Participants had to download the Guinness World Record Gamer Pic and then at the precise time compete in a 100 Meter dash to qualify for this item. After about a month of waiting the codes were slowly sent out and was reported that not everyone got their codes. Lots of people including us had to email the developer to get them to release the codes. We heard reports that over 5,000 people competed so that means that’s how limited these XBOX Avatar items are, or less due to email complications. Either way its a real nice collector item for the true Avatar enthusiasts.

Make history and become a record breaker this Easter on Xbox LIVE! On Saturday 23rd April we’ll be attempting to join hands across the world and break the Guinness World Record for the ‘largest online 100m sprint’ via Kinect Sports and Xbox LIVE.

To be part of the Guinness World Record attempt, join us and thousands of Xbox LIVE members at 6pm on Saturday 23 April. Each and every runner will be rewarded with an exclusive Xbox and Guinness World Record Avatar T-shirt.

The Guinness World Record is just one of the fun events that will take place over a free weekend of entertainment on Xbox LIVE, where each and every LIVE member will be given Gold LIVE access including multiplayer gaming and access to the latest films, music and more.

Dubbed Xbox Nations, the free LIVE weekend will run from Thursday 21st April to Monday 25th April. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to experience the magic of Xbox LIVE for free and the chance to win some fantastic prizes and snap up some great discounted content throughout the weekend…

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  1. hey is it possible that you guys could send me a code for this shirt because my birthday is on april 23 and it would be cool to have one of these shirts. and if you dont believe me my birthday is april 23 look at my facebook. my facebook email is, my email that i use everyday is

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