Ultimate HALO Fan XBOX Avatar Code Giveaway Contest!

XAG is giving away 5 codes to the

1. Mjolnir Mark VI Helmet- Green
2. RvB GrifBall Avatar Prop
3. Halo Flood Avatar Prop
4. Banshee Avatar Prop
5. Halo Reach Recon In Game DLC

Contest starts NOW!
Post your BEST “In game” photo From any HALO Game of YOUR character doing ANYTHING to our Facebook Page Wall.
Include your Name and Gamertag to Verify the picture is yours.
Winner will be chosen By XAG for Originality and Creativity.
Contest Ends 8-17-11 7:07pm EST
2 Pictures per person MAX. Any more then 2 will disqualify you.
No photoshopped or Edited Pictures.
Please be respectful
Good Luck

8 Responses to “Ultimate HALO Fan XBOX Avatar Code Giveaway Contest!”

  1. When im back home.. ill enter this baby for sure 😀

  2. Can you please make the closing date the 20th, away from Xbox atm

  3. DarthGalm Says:

    I sent my images, hope to win this, especially for the Recon helmet, one of my favourite helmet of all!

  4. […] your avatar isn’t decked out in Halo swag, Xbox Avatar Gear has you covered. The site is giving away four avatar props and an in-game Reach Recon DLC code to one lucky Halo […]

  5. can u give a code please at C_pizzoni@live.it

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