Retro City Rampage PAX Exclusive Avatar T-Shirt

Brian Provinciano’s Retro City Rampage will be making its last visit to a PAX before its release later this year. Fans will get to play the game at booth #3011 and have a chance to win some sweet prizes! Brian and the gang will be handing out free exclusive Avatar t-shirt codes.

There are only going to be 1,000 guy and 1,000 girl Avatar shirts released so this is super limited! On top of that, fans will have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a full copy of Retro City Rampage by leaving a Facebook message or Tweeting @RetroCR a picture of their Avatar wearing the shirt! Plus there will be swag and you’ll also get to compete in Arcade Mode Challenge for more chances at prizes.

16 Responses to “Retro City Rampage PAX Exclusive Avatar T-Shirt”

  1. I hope something great and terrible

  2. I’m looking forward to EVERYTHING to be honest but if I had to pick one thing then it has to be the parodies.

    Spotting the parodies, going on the internet and sharing our experiences, that feeling when the penny drops on that obvious one I overlooked. Magical.

    Male please!

  3. Beau Broomhead Says:

    I really can’t wait to play an up to date game but still have that retro 8 bit feeling that I experienced as a kid but yet still have the new game feel.
    Also filled with action and comedy, what more do you want!?
    (Male shirt)

  4. Looking forward to exploring the massive city and the retro game references! Guy shirt please.

  5. It looks like GTA 8bit! I’d love the Dude shirt!

  6. or a girl shirt
    I won’t mind my avatar being female lol šŸ˜€

  7. An adventure and action game! A dude shirt

  8. can I have a male avatar shirt?

  9. Man I loved river city rampage as a kid and this even though different sorta reminds me of it. Would love a male shirt.


  10. I can’t wait because the game looks so tight. I love the colors.

  11. Are there anymore of these shirts available?

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