Halo Fest Cortana Chip Avatar Prop Exclusive at PAX Prime 2011

Cortana Chip XBOX Avatar Prop is being handed out at Halo Fest 2011 right now. We hope to get some for the fans.
This is the Ultra Rare Cortana Chip XBOX Avatar Prop that was handed out at Halofest 2011 / PAX Prime. This is going to be one of the GREATS! There were not many of these to hand out and who knows if Halo Waypoint will ever give out any more. But consider yourself the ULTIMATE HALO FAN if you have one!

19 Responses to “Halo Fest Cortana Chip Avatar Prop Exclusive at PAX Prime 2011”

  1. I want one please give some away!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG, If there was any avatar i want it would be that !!!!!

  3. This is honestly one of the best Avatar props Ive seen. I just wonder if they will keep it rare & exclusive or put it on marketplace. I could see great sales for it, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. love to get one looks cool

  5. If you have a a drawing from here I would love to get one myself!


  7. This would be such an awesome prop to have! She is one hot cookie!

  8. i want one i love halo my rule its halo or nothing

  9. its not rare at all now 😦 silly microsoft!

  10. XMasterChiefX84 Says:

    I need that pleaze !!

  11. ksishadowrc19 Says:

    I have one it looks real good

  12. […] 4 Suit code. Not sure as of yet if this will be a limited edition or just an early release as the Cortana Chip was. But it is […]

  13. I want 1

  14. ChaoticLight5 Says:

    Wish i had one. I really want one.

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