XBOX LIVE Rewards 80 MS Point Reward for September

XBOX LIVE Rewards is running a promotion for September. Buy ANY 2 Avatar Items from the Avatar Marketplace and get 80 MS Points back.
This is a Great promotion since LOTS of stufff is coming our way
Click Here for details on upcoming XBOX Avatar Releases.

If you have not joined the XBOX LIVE Rewards Program you have been missing out on FREE MS Points. Click Above and sign up. You get FREE MS Points just for doing what you notmally do. Plus you have access to special promotions and swag.

More Fun at Your Fingertips. Join Xbox LIVE Rewards.

We don’t want to keep you from having fun, so we’ve made this super simple, because there is no way you should pass up these sweet rewards. All you have to do is sign up – yeah, it’s that easy.

Get Going, Get Points!

Get this: You can earn Rewards Points for doing what you do best – having fun!  Whether it’s games or entertainment, with Xbox LIVE Rewards it’s easy.  Check out MyRewards Page for a breakdown of all you can do to earn those extra points.

Ready to Reap the Rewards?

You’ve achieved. Now receive. It’s time to spend your hard earned points. Just head over to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and check out the hot content and other cool gear you can score with your Rewards Points.

One Response to “XBOX LIVE Rewards 80 MS Point Reward for September”

  1. plebeianprint Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t checked September’s yet. Think I’ll get the Gear’s drone costume to go with the new avatar award locust head from Gears 3 and another Halo helmet, since I’m psyched for Halo CE.

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