Cortana Chip XBOX Avatar Prop Giveaway 4X Contest has done it again!
Giving the fans what they want!

Today we start our NEW Contest. The CORTANA 4X CODE Giveaway!
We will be giving away 4 Cortana Chip codes to 4 lucky XAG Fans. 4 Different ways to enter. 4x the chances of winning! We are going to hold a contest on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and our website all at the same time. Enter in one, or all four, the choice is yours. Good Luck to all and now time for the Rules!

Contest starts NOW and ends September 14th 2011 at Midnight EST Contest rules:

  • Must post a comment on this page down at the bottom telling us why you would love on of these Cortana Chip Codes. No begging necessary, just tell us why you feel you are a Big enough HALO fan to deserve one. Please be creative, Just a simple “I am a Huge Fan” will not win it.
  • Must sign up for our XAG Email list on the front page in the top right of the website.
  • 1 Entry per person ONLY Please
  • We will pick 1 person from the website to receive 1 Cortana Chip Code

Facebook Contest Rules:

  • Must post on the Official Contest Picture your favorite Cortana Quote from ANY Halo Game.
  • One Entry Per Person Please
  • We will pick 1 person from the Facebook Picture Page to receive 1 Cortana Chip Code
  • Must be a Fan of XAG’s Facebook Page

Twitter Contest Rules:

  • Must Tweet this exactly ” Want to win a CORTANA CHIP XBOX AVATAR CODE? @XBOXAvatarGEAR is giving away 4 CODES! 4 Ways to win! Follow & RT LOOK–>
  • 1 Entry per day untill the contest ends, but may re-tweet as many times as you like.
  • Must Follow @XBOXAvatarGEAR to qualify to win.
  • Winner will be chosen at random and DM’d your code.

YouTube Contest Rules:

  • Must post a comment on our Official Cortana Chip Video Telling us how YOU are the Biggest HALO Fan, Or a HALO related Story.
  • 1 Entry per person Please
  • Please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel
  • Share our Video with anyone
  • We will pick 1 person from the YouTube Comments to receive 1 Cortana Chip Code

Good Luck to all. Contest rules subject to change at any time.

110 Responses to “Cortana Chip XBOX Avatar Prop Giveaway 4X Contest”

  1. i would love to get a cortana chip because my avatar gets lonely at night, and a holographic AI buddy would be a fantastic playmate. way better than the flood infection form!

  2. I have played every Halo game since Halo 2. I met my current girlfriend playing Halo and will love to give her a Cortana Chip code. She’ll love me forever. hahaha

  3. I would love the code because I’ve been a huge halo fan since it came out and can not wait for Halo CE to come out again and especially for Halo 4

  4. I own virtually all the Halo games, and sometimes multiple versions of it. The AI that takes the blue humanoid form is always mysterious and captivates me. I’d love to have it with my Xbox avatar all the time, so bad I would dish my existing Banshee prop right away 🙂

  5. Lol well I am a big halo fan ^^, I can say simple stuff like i played all the games, hell even got halo 2 on pc for the achievement and halo wars to get enough points to get myself an EVA helmet for my avatar. Ive read some of the books to learn more about the mythos and heck funny enough it was Red vs Blue that got me into halo and pushed me to get a 360 Also i really like cortana she is one of my fav characters in halo, she adds more personality to the games. So yeah be awesome to get a Cortana code, just hope I am a big enough fan for it

  6. Halo Master Chief and Cortana is what got the Xbox to be bigger. I played the very first Halo Non-stop like many others. I played hours with my friends. Then with Halo 2 releases I played lots of LAN MP matches. Loved the Co-op. Halo 3 through Reach was the exact same. I have beaten Each campaign on Legendary. Sure, I’m sure they are bigger fans out there. I still think I’m a big fan though.

  7. I like to think that I am a HUGE Halo fan. I have played and conquered every Halo game that I have been able to pick up and even spent a little over a year making a Spartan Recon outfit to wear to the Launch of Halo Reach(I have pics on my facebook). Having Cortana by my avatar would just complete me and my status amongst my friends as a Truly Huge Halo Fan.

  8. I’d love a Cortana Chip to complete my online Halo image. I’d like to think she’d steer me in the right direction when I attempt to buy my avatar some clothes. She would appear on the whole screen like in Halo 3 saying “Do you really think purchasing a Stay Puft Marshamallow man prop is gonna get you laid?” She would be my avatars fashion muse. That, and Cortana’s totally bitchin, obviously.

  9. volcombrandon Says:

    very nice giveaway!! ive been trying to get one of these since pax 🙂 hopefully i can snag one i love the halo series when they first came out thats one of the reasons i bought my xbox to play them and ive loved them ever since!! thanks so much for the chance to win a awesome prop XAG!!

  10. This is kind of embarrassing but, I want that Cortana Chip!

    Well, the first Halo came out when I was in 8th Grade (hormones were kicking in) and Halo was really the first FPS game I’ve grasped and loved it ever since. When I found Cortana on one of the missions. I um, thought she was cute (teehee) and I would always turn on my Xbox and replay a mission over and over to hear her talk in the cut scenes. I was sadden when she was taking away by Gravemind in Halo 3 and was pissed off the whole game until I got her back lol. This is why having her for my Avatar is so awesome. I can FINALLY Have Her! lol

  11. I would say that I am one of the biggest halo fans out there. Heck, I got Halo 1 on the xbox in 2001 the day it came out. xD same with halo 2, 3, halo wars, and reach. I have Halo 1’s remake pre-ordered, and paid for. I play xbox live every day, on halo, and have as much fun as I can. I’ve got posters, and figures. o_o to be honest, I’m probably the biggest halo nerd out there that is a girl. =P that’s why I would love a Cortana Chip prop. :3 she’s a kick ass girl, and deserves to be with another female for once. xD

  12. Brandon Rodriguez Says:

    Alright. Here’s why I would love to have one of these props. Last year I stayed awake till 4 am in the morning to win one of the Noble 6 avatar helmets from 343 on twitter. I eventually did win it and I have refused to take it off my avatar. I even bought the noble six armor to complete the set. I would appreciate the prop because that way my avatar will actually be Noble 6. I’ll be able to use avatar Noble 6 to bring avatar Cortana to the avatar Pillar of Autumn and help avatar Master Chief save all of Xbox Live from the avatar flood.

  13. It’s only recently I got into halo, we’d had a family tragedy and what with us all being scattered around the UK we decided a good place to come together and try to cope would be on xbox live, the battlegrounds of halo reach became our chatroom, we’d help each other through what was going on amongst the sticky blue plasma and the pink needles. We worked in reverse order for my brothers, I’d played all the halo games but they had started at reach so we went back through ODST, Then took on the flood in Halo 3 before setting up my old xbox to go back to the origins of it all, We started each game on Legendary getting knocked down at every checkpoint but never giving up. We finished them all eventually, It was one long, emotional, crazy ride. But now we have that game as a memory and whenever the soundtrack comes on my phone, it always brings a smile.


  14. Kyle McCown Says:

    I want one because it’s my birthday and I have to spend it all alone. I love halo, and would be content if those were the only games I could play.

  15. Halo CE was my favorite game. I have played all the halo games so far. Halo started the new trend in FPS and have became a shooter fan. Cortana has been in every game except odst. I think odst was a basic version of reach. All the have been fun and i hope it continues.

  16. Lawliet156 Says:

    I have played all the Halo games and Halo is the number 1 reason why I got the original xbox and xbox 360.

  17. First, I subscribed to your emails.

    Second, I would love to win the cortana chip code because I simply love cortana and I think it’s really cool to have such Avatar prob and it shows other people that you are a pure halo fan 😉


  18. Awesome it would be sick to win one and it sounds like you need a quote to prove your fan so heres my favorite I have defied Gods and Demons and just like the words im not going to be stoped im like a renagade Spartan soilder

  19. why i think i should win this is cuz halo got me into xbox & i may not have been halo’s longest fan as i did not have xbox & halo 1 from day one but i for sure did become one ^^ i have fin halo 1, 2, 3, ODST, Wars & Reach many times & played online so many times idk when to start but i love making videos in halo it is my fav thing & the Merchandise oh wow where to start i have almost got all the halo 3 figures, i have that halo 3 action clix scarab, i have that rare statue that has mountain dew and 7 eleven on it, i have that super rare halo green bust only 350 made ( my one is 131 LoL i want 117 LoL ) & to top it all off i got made a one a kind halo 1 model laser cube & halo 3 logo laser cube =)

  20. I am a huge fan of Halo. I’ve played every Halo released and plan to continue with each future release. Would love to sport Cortana with my Avatar.

  21. I am a huge Halo fan. I’ve loved it ever since my friend got it and I used to go round his house to play it. I remember before that I used to play the demo at a Tesco’s nearby while I waited for my sister to finish her art class. It was the reason I got an xbox and I even got the legendary edition of Halo 3 before I got my xbox 360 just so I didn’t miss the chance to get it. The games story has driven me through and I have special editions but I love the games and characters in them more. The relationship between the Chief and Cortana has been one of the greatest relationships in gaming and it shows. Both have millions of fans and come Halo anniversary I want to be able to recreate this relationship with my avatar, doning the Master Chief avatar costume and having it hold Cortana in his hand.

  22. I would love this Cortana Chip prop because Halo is the best game not only on xbox but I think its the best game that was ever made, also Cortana has been my favorite character from the beginning. If she could be a playable character I’d play as her as much as I could. I even have the Cortana firefght voice on Halo Reach. That is why I would love one of these Cortana Chips.

  23. I would love to get a cortana prop so i could rub it in all my friends faces and brag on all forum i currently am active on.

  24. I would love one of this props as they’re awesome! Also, I’m a big Halo fan, and I find Cortana one of the best created Halo character, not only because her “design”, but because of the personality and mind Bungie gave her. Master Chief is an awesome character, but he’s a killing machine. Cortana has a kind of “twisted” personality (not with a negative mean) that makes her special. And the prop is sexy as her!

  25. Ya know what, I’ve been here for it all when it comes to halo, I was there for halo 1, halo 2, halo 3, odst, and reach, I was there playing halo 1, living it up with buds, shooting some guns, not giving them a chance to see me, yeah, back then it was called halo CE, I was there for halo 2, I created a clan, how bout you? I was there for halo 3, man, I played that thing way beyond weeks, lets talk about years, then odst came out, played firefight, shouting some cheers, lived these odst’s lives, even the rookie who ran through the city in the night, after all those vid masters, I came back to halo 3 and became a custom game master, then in no time at all, all these years have come and gone, then it was time, to send halo 2 out, with a final hoorah, it wasnt that bad, all good things must die, and when the reach beta came out and it made me cried, no lie, this game was so great, playing it with my mates, eyeballing that awesome september release date, and when reach came out I was pleased, no doubt, but watching noble team die, made me wanna pout, but I saved cortana, made some covies drop, and this is why I’m a big halo fan, and I deserve this prop!

  26. Reece Hutchison Says:

    I dont no where to begin with why i would want this amazing item, i am a massssssiivvveee fan of halo i own every game and a couple twice as i lent them out and never got them back so i had to buy them again, I love Halo wars, Reach and 3 they are my favs, I am part of a team that helps people achieve there Vidmasters, This cortana would make my halo avatar gear and couldnt be better.

  27. I’ve played through every Halo game combined more times than all my other games combined. I’ve actually gone out of my way using (Thanks Bungie!!!) to figure out how much of my life has been spent in Halo alone, and it came up to a stupid amount. 5% of my entire life has been spent playing Halo 2-Reach!!!

    I own every Halo game in the highest copy available of it (Other than Halo 3 sadly), and I even have multiples of some of the games. I adore my Halo Reach Xbox more than any other item I own, and wouldn’t trade it for anything, or any amount of money in the world!
    I own every book and comic released to date, and have a substantial collection of posters, figures, and other collectibles to boot.

    I have spent hours of my life just sat, reading through the incredible articles and brilliantly in depth pages of the Halo wiki, and wouldn’t want to relive a second of it.

    Currently, my Xbox avatar is suited up in a MJOLNIR MK VI blue helmet, with a fantastic little pet flood, and sporting a Bungie day t-shirt to show my appreciation for everything Bungie has done for me the past 10 years! I’m considering changing this up when Halo: CEA comes out, to the preorder bonus MJOLNIR MK V suit of armor, but I’m in 2 minds. If I were to win the Cortana however, I know for certain it’d look better in the hands of the Master Chief!!!

    Without Halo, I don’t think I’d have ever have bought an Xbox in the first place, and so if there’s one thing I can say, it’s that I thank Bungie so much for making the game which saved me from becoming a Playstation fanboy!!!

  28. hello, I would love one of the Cortana Chips because I love Cortana, she is my favorite character from the Halo series, I love quoting her when ever I can, I have all of the books with her in it, i have the toys of her and I also have the Halo Reach Cortana firefight voice and it is the best.Which is why I would love one of those codes

  29. Halo is an awesome game for x-box 360, you can shoot aliens wih futuristic weapons, you can ride futuristic ships. this game is awesome!!! but Cortana (People PLease) she is HOT!! and Smart and i fore-one i’m the Biggest HALO Fan.
    The Halo game was first and originally named after the Forerunners creation of the planet destroyer weapon, shaped as a harmless environmental ring, or halo. The game soon followed the name and heavily expanded on using the name Halo, for the storyline continued on the search for the answer. To the mysterious ring named Halo by the Human AI Cortana.

  30. BlackCannons Says:

    I believe i am a great halo fan because i own and have beaten all the halo games on legendary and literally bought my Xbox360 for halo

  31. Well, I’m a pretty big fan of Halo, and I try to get as many exclusive and special items I can that are Halo related. I’ve never been able to make it to a convention so I never get the neat Halo related things from them.

    I’ve been a fan of Halo for ages, since Halo 1 and 2. Stood in line 7 hours to be one of the first five to get Halo 3 at gamestop on launch. I have all the books and have read them…who knows how many times.

    I love the dynamic between Cortana and Master Chief. In a way it’s Dr Halsey living out the love she has for John and trying to keep him safe, since Cortana is based on Dr. Halsey’s brain patterns.

    At any rate, I’ve been trying to get one of these codes since I found out they existed, but I’m always too slow typing in the codes before anyone else. Thanks very very very much to XAG for having a give away instead of a fastest fingers thing for Cortana.

    Good luck to everyone! And thanks again XAG!

  32. I would love a Cortana chip as I’m a MASSIVE fan of Halo :3
    I have a copy of every Halo game, all of which except Halo 2 PC I have completed on Legendary, I have the limited edition helmet and statue, Halo Wars limited edition, a copy of each of the Halo books plus the Helljumper and Uprising full hard cover comics.

  33. I have a friend who loves to rub his exclusive Halo swag in my face. He got the exclusive Noble 6 Helmet for his Avatar. He got the pre-order only Flaming Helmet. Now, I would LOVE to get the Cortana Chip prop and rub it in his face >:)

  34. i have no idea how big of a halo fan i am i got alot of halo 3 spartan action figures halo 3 and halo reach legendary edition i got a halo costume that i made i got halo 3 RECON armor on bungie day and the reason why i got it was beacause i stayed up 24 straight not stopping at all just playing bungie day!!!! i have bought every single halo 3 addon and halo reach add ons i also have every single halo 3 avatar items and im working on the halo universe avatar items adding this cortana chip prop would be a great addition to my halo collection.Which is why i want a code please and thank you in advance if i get one goodbye

  35. I would love one of these Cortana chip props because throughout the Halo series, I’ve been looking at the cool hologram, wondering if that chip could be held in my own hands, or at least digitally. Once I’ve heard about this chip given out at Halo Fest, I knew my Xbox Live Avatar needed to get its little dirty hands on this chip.

    Also, if you didn’t know, I have been playing Halo for years, but only started at the third because I was mature enough by that time for a great, carried-out story involving Master Chief, my thumbs at work, and a grade-A class player like me.

    When I pre-order Halo:Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo 4, I’ll always remember that Cortana is the best hologram in the history of futuristic war games!

  36. I have Halo this, Halo that, played every single Halo game and want my avatar to REPRESENT, once that preorder Halo CEA bonus shows up.

  37. Well I’m sure I’m like everyone else who’s posted here but I too am a big fan of Halo. I’m so excited to once again be playing Master Chief in Halo 4. I’ve been dying to know what happens after that cliffhanger they gave us with Halo 3. I’ve been following Halo since it was first announced for the PC originally back in the day before it became a Xbox exclusive (minus when they did release the PC version after the Xbox release).

    I would love to have a Cortana avatar to show off to my friends. Thank you.

  38. I have played every Halo game, I have a life size Master Chief statue, and a Master Chief suit.

  39. Ive played every Halo, finished all of them at nothing less then legendary! I’m also at the top of the waypoint friends leader bord.! I would love to show Cortana off on the palm of my hand.! :))

  40. Cortana and I have gone through thick and thin in Halo universe. Really love to have her with my avatar 🙂

  41. i am the biggest halo fan because i bought halo 3 legendary edition 2 month before i got the HALO 3 360, i also have every halo game made, multiple memorabilia, HUNDREDS of Mcfarlane figures and the vary rare GOLD Master Chief. i eat halo, i breathe halo, i sleep halo, and i live halo,heck i will even die 4 halo.

    that is why i deserve a Cortana code, thank you.

  42. I Lead a clan named Shade after the Shade turret in the Halo franchise and every single day i still play custom games in either halo 3 or Reach

  43. I Love HALO! I have every single Halo Achievement including those for Halo 2 and Halo Wars, feel free to check my Gamertag: Disco Ball I am a huge fan and loving reading the books as well. I would love to display this on my avatar. Thanks for the chance!

  44. I remember the launch title going what is halo. 10 years later I never thought I fall in love with a game but I must say threw those years the memories from the game and the online are crazy. From the first halo days system linking with friends in a basement to the Xbox Live matches in Halo 2 and 3 where we could get more time in to play. The Midnight releases hanging with friends and waiting in line. To looking at my self and seeing every collectors edition of the game from halo 2 and up. Me and my friends had amazing times with halo. I look forward to the next trilogy and the memories that are to come

  45. Welp, I’m going to try to try to keep it short and simple. First off, I’ve been playing Halo since I was about yay high *motions about 4 ft off the ground*, which was about as long ago as it came out. I’ve played every single game (less Halo 2, though) even though I’ve never had an Xbox til literally 4 months ago. I’ve ventured in a way or another to play the games, even when it was nearly impossible for me. I’m a huge fan of anything and everything Halo, and if Ihad the money, I’d buy a Spartan cosplay suit. Heck, I ever have the little click-action toys. The books you say? Read them all. I just finished Cryptum not too long ago, and I’m still reeling from the great story. And on the note of the Cortana Chip, I think it will go great with my pre-order exclusive Mark. V Master Chief outfit for my avatar. Yup.

  46. Halo was the main reason why i got a xbox. I’ve gotten Halo:CE and Halo 2 on PC and got all achievements on halo games except for Halo wars 😦 (only missing one) and i bought the Halo reach Legendary edition.

  47. Eric Gonzalez Says:

    I would like this avatar prop because I basically play halo my whole life since the first to the last and this prop would look good with my master chief preorder avatar costume you get when you preorder HALO COMBAT EVOLVED

  48. I would love the avatar prop because Cortana was the only sane sidekick who kept her cool while living in a sweaty helmet for most of her life and surviving world ending disasters. Also I have all the halo games :).

  49. I have every HALO game ever made. I would love to have the Cortana Chip!

  50. Id like the Cortana chip to add to my limited edition halo avatar look, since i have the halo reach beta hoody, and the “mark V”/odst flaming helmet adding the cortana chip would be awesome, and if thats not enough i have a slew of halo items all over my desk and i have pics of them on my facebook my fav things:
    -a custom picture of boba fett fighting master chief-
    -halo 3 xbox 360-
    -light up cortana figure-

  51. Please give me one Please 🙂

  52. Sean Clarkson Says:

    I would love the Cortana Avatar Prop because I’m not Han Solo; if I strike an asteroid field, without an AI to help me navigate, I would surely perish!

    Also, I can speak fluent Sangheilian.

  53. I love Halo so much. I have all Halo games to date, finished the campaign of each of them at least twice, and I can’t wait to relive those nostalgic moments with Combat Evolved Anniversary this November. LONG LIVE HALO!

  54. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, I followed Halo info since it was being announced on the Mac! Been faithful since, bought the special original xbox, owned every Halo game and all DLC, beat them each on legendary, and I’ve gotten every achievement on Halo 3. Halo has a got place in my heart, I love it. It was my first FPS, and I won’t forget it. I’d love the Cortana prop because I pre-ordered Halo Anniversary and I know it’ll just go perfect with the classic Master Chief suit! I’d love to win this, I post about XAG on multiple sites, try to rep you wherever I go! 🙂

  55. I am one of the biggest halo fans. not the biggest. because im sure there are bigger out there. but i have all the halo games. and have the anivarsary edition on preorder already paid off. i have an action figure from every game still in the box. i can sent a pic to prove it. and i have the first and best halo book, the fall of reach. read it 4 times over. still the best book ever. good luck to everyone.

  56. i have every halo game since the first until reach,i have finished all of them,and i play matchmaking everyday,nowadays im finishing halo 3 campaign on hardest difficulty with my brother,and my avatar is suited up with a master chief spartan armor and ready to rock this cortana prop,i also have the Halo 3: ODST’s limited edition 360 controller and i think it’s the best.

    halo is the only reason i got xbox,and i can’t wait for halo 4 and halo ce anniversary.

    also i think halo reach is the best looking game on xbox,and master chief and cortana are my favorite characters.

    heck what can i say,if i don’t win this cortana code,i would be very very upset.

    sorry if this is a bit long,but now i gotta go play some reach online.

  57. James MacPherson Says:

    From the first moment I started playing HALO I knew I was in trouble ! It rapidly became one of the best game defining moments for me and now I have all the games for Xbox and am rapidly chipping away at all the achievements. My avatar as various forms of armour for when i’m playing different games of HALO lol. Nothing I like better than, after a hard day at the grind, to sit back and blow away countless Covenant soldiers and I stil giggle like a kid when I hear them scream “DEMON” and “RUN AWAY!” lol :-). I dont mind saying that the HALO universe is simply awe inspiring and if my avatar can carry Cortana around for a while i’d be incredibly pleased as it would be a way of thanking Master Chief and Cortana for the hours and days of fun they have given me. You simply cannot beat HALO for Blood, sweat and witty one liners :-).

  58. I Love the Halo series, and would very much like to have a Cortana Avatar Prob.

  59. I have always been a huge Halo Fan since the first time I heard the menu music. I was eight when it came out so all the older kids would never give me a go, but I got lucky when someone had to go to the bathroom, needless to say I sucked. But I just couldn’t stop playing Halo was freakin epic even when losing. I didn’t have an xbox personally but Halo CE is still my favorite game of all time, so I was really ticked off when Halo 2 wasn’t released for the PC as well, so I went over to a friends house just to play it. I didn’t get a 360 till this year (only cause I got it for Free with my computer) but as soon as I did I went out and purchased the limited edition of Halo 3 (IT STILL HAD THE DON’T SELL BEFORE 9/25/07 STICKER LOL) and the Legendary Edition of Halo Reach, Still trying to save up for ODST and wars. I tried so hard to get to Pax this year wanted to see HaloFest but stupid school got in the way. Thanks for this epic chance to win a Cortana Chip, I want my Master Chief Avatar to look complete when I get my copy of CEA this November.

  60. Hi Xbox Avatar Gear Team, please, you make me happy if i deserv the Cortana Chip Avatar Gear… now, there is my history:

    Since i have memory i am a PS fan, starst at PSX and ends on PS2, because 1 game 3 Years ago put me on a state of trance: HALO CE (for PC) i never have played it, but when i do it 3 years ago, i fell in love… so, 2 Year ago, i buy a brand new Xbox Elite, and buy Halo 3, and ODST of course… so, Halo Universe is the Reason for my Microsoft/xbox Fanboy life… and that Gear complements my Noble 6 helmet that gifted me another user, because he knows the huge fan that i am.

    So please, make me the winner, i dont have to much money to bought an a LEGENDARY collection of games, but i have collectors editions (halo 3 and reach collectors + odst + halo pc + halo ce marketplace) and love the halo universe (more the games), because a great Fan is that loves all of the things and history of the Halo universe…. not the guy that have lots of money to buy anything… (thats a posser).

    Thank you for your time… 🙂 and sorry for my bad english.

  61. plebeianprint Says:

    I deserve the code because I got a tattoo of the Halo spike grenade on my penis. Sometimes it explodes prematurely. (Not really)

  62. I like most people who’ve entered this giveaway am a huge Halo fanatic and Xbox Avatar enthusiast. I’ve been at the midnight launch for each of the Bungie titles, have made a custom shirt for two of the launches and have a few avatar items. I’m competing for the right to proudly say I’ll have a limited edition Cortana chip and wear it on my Avatar with pride. I’ve been a long time XBOX LIVE Avatar Gear user and nothing would make me a prouder member than to be able to wear the Cortana chip from Halo Fest. So here’s a shot and hopes to obtaining this extremely rare Avatar prop!

  63. AllStarTC29s Mom Says:

    My avatar likes Halo, and this addition to her collection would just absolutely make her GLOW!
    I love to watch others play Halo, but I totally suck at first person shooters. So I am a big fan of collecting avatar merchandise. 🙂

  64. Well, to start off, I am a mega-fan of the Halo series, this is one of the first games I’ve played. I’ve only started playing video games about 6-7 years ago. Secondly, I have some of the most awesome memorabilia to show my fandom. Like the Halo 3 Legendary Game and Xbox 360! Also, I have every game including Halo Wars and a legendary edition Reach. I also have the SDCC exclusive Noble 7 action figure, and of course, the RC Warthog and Hornet. Along with a multitude of shirts, hats, etc. I didn’t get to go to Halofest, which broke my heart, so something from there would be awesome. Thanks.

  65. I have to at least play some Halo every day if I can get the opportunity. It would be awesome to have this Cortana Chip Prop with my whole Jorge outfit! I do have the Gravity Hammer at the time being and would love to change it to Cortana, she’s hot!

  66. I would love to get cortana for my avatar. i am defiantly a halo fan. I got my xbox to play halo. I have all the xbox 360 games except for wars even waypoint. I’m going to preorder anniversary too.
    I think i’m the ultimate halo fan.

  67. Mindy Fields Says:

    I was never much of a gamer until my boyfriend introduced me to Halo about 4 years ago. I began to be addicted to the game and would go to his house every day after school play– which is how we began dating. Since we were in high school and pretty broke, most of our first dates consisted of playing Halo 3. Halo is the reason that I am with the love of my life. Because of this, I am a major Halo fanatic. If it wasn’t for Halo I would never have gotten to know him as well as I did and who knows where we would be now.

  68. Simply put, I think it would work well with my avatar. I preordered Halo CE Anniversary, and I’m going to wear Master Chief’s Avatar gear as soon as I get my code for it. And not just that… But… Because at work, my friend gave me the Nickname “Master Cheeks”. Can’t get any more hardcore than that.

  69. Yeah, I’m a big Halo fan!

    I think the Cortana chip hologram is cool in so many ways & the fact the she has been in the series throughout makes this avatar prop even more desirable.

  70. Marcelo tobar Says:

    i would love the cortana prop because, even thought i live in south america- ecuador, i have become a huge halo fan, have bought all ‘original’ games, read almost all the book, have collecte a lot of figures and collectibles, i mean, i am really in to all halo things …
    and one thing i couldnt do, was go to pax- halo fest, and get the grunt plushy and of course, the cortana prop..:(
    thats why i would be sooo happy if i could get it…!

    ps: all things i mentioned i have, are really really hard to get in south america, and yes i know a lot of english, thats how i wrote this letter…

  71. I’d like to think I’m a pretty big fan of the Halo Universe. I enjoy the mythos behind a lot of the story. I shed a tear at the end of Reach because by that point I had become so gripped by the story being told not just in the games but the rest of the media related to it.It was the original Halo that got me to get an Xbox this also led to many hours logged on Halo 2. Halo 3 is the game that got me to get a 360, so in awe of Halo 3 was I that I specifically got the Legendary edition to put all my Halo discs in.Though I have run out of room now with ODST,Reach and Halo Wars also in my collection. l have read all the six books to expand my appreciation of the Halo story line aswell as getting the Halo Legends dvd. Though I have yet to acquire a copy of the graphic novel series.I look forward to many more hours being logged on the next set of games. I would love to show my dedication to all things Halo to all of my friends with a Cortana Hologram for my avatar. It would match the Cortana statue my lady bought me that sits on my shelf with my Halo Legendary Edition helmet. Thank you for reading.

  72. i would love a cortana chip because im a big halo fan

  73. not sure if i can clam to be the biggest fan but i do call myself a halo fan boy & in no way am i bragging about all the stuff i have.

    ive been a gamer all my life & i remember this game i seen screen shots of way back when or this game called halo. now it was first going to be a mac game, then a pc game i couldnt wait to get my greasy little hands on it, but sadly it was taken by microsoft and released on a new console the xbox. so i saved all the money i could to buy one & sold heaps of stuff to get it, i loved that game and every second i played it. got the collectors edition of halo 2 then bought the map pack disk and i felt like i needed more of this game not just game wise but collectables so i bought the original S-117 figure and the ODST figure.

    then halo 3 was anouched, with a replica helmet i just had to have one, again i sold stuff to save up for it, i even got the halo 3 console with it & they both live happily next to each other, i got all the books, comics, & all figures that have been realeased to date, trading cards & a massive statue of chief himself, looks amazing, sadly missed out on getting the statue of cortana that goes with the set. found these realy funny guys called Rooster Teeth & they make this little show called RvB (they all are genuineness to me) ive made 6 orders from there store to buy heaps of merch.

    bought ODST & halo wars when they both came out. then the final game in the series reach. legendary version was a no brainer for me as well as the new xbox slim console, sadly its broken, got damaged in a fire so having to buy a new console now. but because i live in Australia its vary hard for me to get to events such as PAX, Halo Fest & well anything game related. the cortana avatar prop is something id just love to get for my collection since its harder for me to get to America to get these items. id vary much like one but i already have enough stuff to keep me happy. if im chosen to win it id the the luckiest person.

    thanks to the people that read all of this, hope it wasnt to boring

  74. I have thoroughly enjoyed the main story line of the Halo series. I am a computer tech and love the idea of having an A.I. companion to keep me entertained.

  75. To be honest i would like to get cortana for my son, he has cerebral palsy and ABSOLUTELY LOVES HALO he can sit there playing reach forever, im not doing a sob story, its just as a father its one of the few times i get to do something with my son where i dont have to worry if he is going to be ok. we are just a father and son sharing a mutual bond for a love of a game. thanks for the contest take care

  76. would like one to add to my avatar prop list. i would use it all the time.

  77. Elliott Welch Says:

    I totally would love to win this. I still play the original Halo all the time. I plan on getting the Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary when it comes out in October, I have it fully paid off and everything. I Have loved the Halo universe completely, though its ups (Halo 1) and downs (Halo 3). I think that whoever wins this avatar prop is truly lucky and hopefully it helps complete someones Halo Collection. I wont lie, I hope I beat everyone else though!

  78. I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia this past April. I was feeling down and out and just didn’t have the energy to do anything. When I felt strong enough to just watch TV and turn on my Xbox 360, my younger brother through Xbox Live told me to play Reach with him. He lives far away from me so Xbox Live is a great way for us to keep in touch.

    So during playing a campaign of Reach, I realize how much I love playing Halo games. The sounds, the music, the action of the game energizes me. I realize I can’t give up and must stay strong, because I love playing games especially playing games with my family. I love my family. So through the support of my family and with Halo games, I continue to get better from this illness. And I will fight this illness like Master Chief finishing the fight!

  79. It would be awesome if i won the prop because halo is the game that made me want to play video games, the story from all the halos are super amazing, the sound and music of them makes me go crazy, and the overall way the games are just makes me really happy. Its just they are those games i never get mad over or anything, its just perfection, and without them i wouldn’t be the gamer I am today 😀

  80. Please give one to me.Im a great fan of the Halo universe and I am a fan of Avatar Stuff,too.I play Halo Reach a lot of houers and was Mithic.Cortana is very cool and one of the most important Halo Characters and shes very cool.I have a Master Chief Avatar so please give it to me .Thanks

  81. I don’t really need it, it’s just another avatar award to the collection. I had the Halo Reach beta tester hoodie on my other account but it was unfairly banned forever… So now my new one doesn’t have the hoodie, and my friend who hops on halo waypoint and never played halo games since this summer randomly unlocks it. It would be nice to brag since Cortana is his favorite character, first thing he bought in Halo reach was her voice and he always screams oohhh yeahh when she talks in halo 3 campaign. Anyways I’m such a fan I bought the legendary edition of Reach just to support Bungie, I have the ODST controller, Reach controller, even the halo 3 xbox. Sadly enough that had the red rings and now I have a new slim…

  82. Come on guys I’m starting to lose faith in you guys. I follow since this project get started and I’ve never won anything. I’m not upset but I think it is time to let me win something. regards

  83. Why I need to Win… Becuase winning an awesome and hot prop would be the highlight of my year. mostly because i didn’t get into college. so i would love to win this. that way i’ll be like, so you made it into college, buuutttt… look at what i got insted

  84. I’ll be honest, at first, I was not a Halo fan. I had heard of the games, mostly because of my nephew, but I had never actually played them myself let alone had any interest in them. I only started to really know more about Halo when 3 came out, and soon after that I met my boyfriend, now fiance. He being the big Halo fan, got me hooked on the game when I visited him. The very first time I saw Cortana was in Halo 3, and I fell in love. Tears were shed at the tragic end, and soon after that, I found myself planning out a cosplay of her!

    It was quite the task; between creating the bodysuit from scratch, having my boyfriend paint me while in said suit, and gluing a latex chest piece into the darned thing, I didn’t think I would ever finish! But through everything, I finally finished it, and have debuted it at 3 events so far: Halo Wars and Halo: Reach midnight releases at our local GameStop; as well as Indy GenCon 2009/2010, winning two hall costume contest ribbons in the process! Here are the photos of myself in costume:


    I cannot begin to describe just how much I wanted this since I first caught wind of it. I’ve been waiting for so long for something Cortana related to come to the Avatar Marketplace, and this is probably the coolest thing I could hope for. You know, aside from an actual Cortana skin for my avatar. 😉

    I’m not going to say I deserve it, but I would love to have it. ❤

  85. Gazmaster3D Says:

    While im not the biggest Halo fan in the world even though I have played and own all Halo games apart from the first (which I have pre-ordered) my daughter is and plays Halo Reach almost every day. She even has the books to read as part of her homework. If that isnt proof of how big a fan she is I dont know what is.

  86. If you know me, you know I am a gamer, across all platforms, but lets be honest, this ex-playstation fanboy switched allegiance to Xbox because of a random encounter with Halo CE nearly 10 years ago which has resulted in between 5-10 LANs a year ranging from 4 people to 30 people (I have hired halls). Halo has caused my wife to refer to my Xbox as my mistress and even got my daughter recognising my Spartan multiplayer characters as ‘Daddy’…

  87. As a fan of the series since the beginning, Cortana holds a special place in my heart, thanks for the shot

  88. I deserve the code, because the wife and I used the gift cards for our wedding (back in the day) to buy the original xbox and Halo. 🙂

  89. I believe I deserve one as I latched onto the Halo bandwagon a tad late (2009) and haven’t stopped since with ODST and Reach being day ones. Halo Anniversary will also be a day one. I understand the Halo universe more than some of my friends who have played form the beginning and can easily explain what is going on to them. Unlike most I believe Halo is in the right hands moving from Bungie to 343 whilst remaining an Xbox exclusive

  90. It would be awesome If I could win the code, because I’m a big fan of Halo. I’m from Poland and I have my own site about Halo Universe. I work really hard to connect polish fans and make Halo more popular. You can check it by yourself: So please give me one code. Thanks

  91. When i first heard about Halo i dident like it at all but 2008 i got my self a Xbox 360 and the first game i got was Halo 3 just to try it out again and i loved it. So after that i have not mist out on any new halo game and i have even got Halo CE and Halo 2. Just love the game for every thing that its have to offer. The story true all games the multiplayer, the forge every thing. So if i could i would have went to pax and gamescon E3 all of thes just to see and play Halo and maybe get a code like this for my self. but i live in sweden and im not 18 yet so i can not go ther and i woudelt aford it.

  92. Jordan Simpson (Metorva) Says:

    I have fought covenant throughout the ages, and taken down other Spartans with many names and faces. A cortana chip would be a nice scene against the sea of halo merchandise you’d see that I already have including whats on the walls, pre release and tournament posters to amaze them all. Something, a gift or blessing of course, to make everything ready for the return of halo combat anniversary’s turn; a welcomed inclusion all thanks to you. My greatest mistake was not making it to pax this year, but this would be redemption and fortitude for whats to come next season

  93. huge fan please & thanks

  94. I have been ranked among the Top 10 players in the world for 3 seasons. In High School, I went to a regular school day dressed as Master Chief:

    I got my job at GameStop from standing in line for 6 hours for Halo 3. I travel around to MLG tournaments around the US. I am a Senior Mythic Member on I run a tip and trick video series for Halo on YouTube. I have 2 Halo standees beside my gaming station. Best of all? I got my girlfriend into Halo, and we play side by side… naked. 😉

  95. In all honestly I don’t like the Halo series. I do have Halo: ODST but that’s only because i got it for free. But, with saying that, i would love a cortana chip code just to have one to display with my avatar and let my friends who do LOVE Halo be jealous of me for having one! hahaha!

  96. While I cannot compete with Halo fans whose talents allow them to harness their obsession into creative fires that result in costumes, weapon props, and so forth, I have used my writing ability to draft Halo short stories. While not published or famous like other Halo creations, they are dear to my heart as is their inspiration: Halo.

  97. Lucy Shinigami Says:

    “I was there. Since the best Spartan’s awake, helped by the Noble sacrifice, until a Prophet’s death. I kill a general and condemn a warrior. I pass from the alliance with my enemy, a Spark’s madness, the death of my comrade, the almost end of my people, and a the loss of a friend.
    I was there. Im not Cortana, but I wish one, to stay with me in the times 4 come. The battle is not over yet.”

  98. I think i deserve the chip because i was going to go to halofest and visit the panels, check out everything having to do with halo anniversary but was unable to because of financial complications. I’ve been a fan of halo since the introduction of it at macworld (oh yeah) and have been an avid halo gamer since

  99. Halo is off the hee-zay fo shee-zay! Oh that sweet swwet feeling of adrenaline when you ‘stick’ somebody just before you Jose Canseco their butt into UNSC airspace so that when they die they have the gift of watching their body suffer unneccesary but oh so wonderful OVERKILL! XLAG and Halo, bringing my dreams to life one Killtacular code at a time…. What more could one ask for? Oh yeah… I know!

  100. ever since microsoft released the MK.6 (masterchief) armour on the marketplace, I immediately bought the green one representing MC but have not find a suitable prop to go along with it and finding out (very late) that xboxavatargear have such a lovely prop to go along with the avatar armour I guess I would give it a shot. Been a HALO game series fan follower since Halo combat evolved on the first xbox.. Yes there a more and better huge HALO fans out there in the world and beyond than me but able to get the cortana avatar prop will allow me to stand against them and make all my xboxlive friends and halo gamers (huge fans) drool and show them I indeed is a HUGE HALO FAN too. Halo CE anniversary and Halo 4 is the best yet from the series and mind I say MC and cortana look spanking cool in the HALO 4 Teaser :). Thank you.

  101. La serie halo es de las mejores que hay y me gustaria ser uno de los favorecidos con ese item raro

  102. Beth'n'Stef Says:

    My wife and I are massive fans, she even gets excited on seeing a new trailer! which is cool 😀

    We have been playing since Halo CE and sooooo looking forward
    to reminiscing our epic 9hr Halo nights till 3am! I’ve even promised not to call her a Donkey again if she climbs out of the banshee over a ledge to her death so we have redo the last hours worth 🙄

    343 PLEASE keep local split-screen co-op. Not only is it fun to play with your wife (ooer) but it brings so many memories over the past 10 years! Here’s to 10 more!

  103. im playing halo since Halo Combat evolved
    i have enjoy Halo 2 , love halo 3 struggle in ODST, get tactical in Halo Wars and my mind blow with Reach
    i may not be the best Spantan, but im pretty sure i am one that dont give up…
    i really want a cortana prop…

  104. Kevin Luong Says:

    Hi ive been a halo fan since i was at least 4 years old , i loved bringing my xbox to my Grandma’s house we have a big family my Grandma had alot of kids about 8, this is why im a huge halo fan
    i love to draw halo stuff i draw every day almost i remember that cortana was super wierd looking other than the call of duty freaks i love playing halo im so pro at it i get mvp almost every game. My freinds and i love playing halo we just jump on the couch and sit there at least forging or matchmaking i remember those days when we would just sit there all day all day trying so hard and hearing kids yelling in there mics i really miss those days when we where young
    10 years ago so long ago yet so memorable now where grown up but that does not take us away from playing halo happy 10th anniversary everybody

  105. Mitchel Ford Says:

    Hi I believe I should have a cortana chip avatar prop because I have all the halo megablocks sets all the halo video games on the xbox and i LOVE halo and the mystery of master chiefs face also i have made a cortana and masterchief lego figure and would love to have to have the code so i can upload it onto my green spartan xbox PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME ONE I WILL PUT IT TO GOOD USE hope you send me the codes thx

  106. well i think its a cool lookin prop but im not gonna beg for i think all of us real fans deserve it after all the time and money weve put into the franchise im not gonna lie i became an XBOX fan because of halo and ive loved it since day one like many others i have every game down to the not so great one i aint saying no names but im sure the sales numbers will tell you which ones that is lol but all an all i would love to add cortana to the list of halo memorabila items you should see my game room its a little disturbing how much halo stuff cover the walls hahaha but anyways thanks for your time

  107. I want it becuse my birthday is in a couple days.

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