September 11th 2011 Ten Year Anniversary XAG Will Not Forget

XAG would like to take a minute to remember the fallen and families of 9-11. The world has not been the same since September 11th 2001 but we are stronger. On this day of remembrance, let’s try and think positively and try to stay strong for the families and the ones who were affected by the terrorist attacks. We all were affected in one way or another, so let’s be strong for each other on this day. We here at XAG Hope everyone has a GREAT day on this hard day for all.

2 Responses to “September 11th 2011 Ten Year Anniversary XAG Will Not Forget”

  1. I’m Italian, but I love USA and especially New York. Victims have my deepest sympathy for what happened. May they rest in peace. I still remember broadcasting talking about that event, it was evening and I was almost 8. I thought WWIII had started…

  2. beautifully done, god bless all the fallen ppl. your still in our hearts R.I.P. vin

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