XBOX Avatar T-Shirts Spotted. Employee Only? XBOX Avatar T-Shirts have been spotted.
As of right now these are Machinima Employee ONLY T-Shirts.

We had a quick chat with @adamkovic on Twitter about these.
Here is what he had to say.


 @adamkovic We hope we can get our hands on those Machinima XBOX Avatar T-Shirts some time soon. We would love to pass some out to our fans.
@XBOXAvatarGEAR news on that very soon

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@adamkovic sounds good. Hope you don’t mind. We are gonna do a little article about them on our website with links to and pics
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@XBOXAvatarGEAR for sure, my GT “The Dead Pixel” should be getting one later today
Feel free to add him on Twitter, But PLEASE do not bug him about these Avatar Shirts. As soon as XAG knows we will let you know. No need to ask him.

5 Responses to “ XBOX Avatar T-Shirts Spotted. Employee Only?”

  1. jschnitzxboxstuff Says:

    Hopefully My avatar can wear that in the future

  2. Hello
    I love this shirt.
    as I can get it?

  3. hey do you know where i can get the tshirt from or do i have to join them

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