Saints Row ®: The Third ™ XBOX Avatar Marketplace Items Coming Soon

Saints Row®: The Third™
Coming next Thursday, October 13th, the XBL Marketplace will be home to our newest line of virtual clothing items and props for Saints Row: The Third, to get all of you ready for our official release in November! Here’s a small list of some of the items that will be on sale, but we’ll reveal all of them on the 13th!

  • Various Luchador Masks (Killbane’s, Angel’s, and a Luchador Lieutenant)
  • Decker Outfits
  • STAG Uniform
  • Furry Outfit
  • Genki Time Shirt
  • Professor Genki’s Super Ballistic Manapult RC Car!
  • and many more outfits, shirts, caps, and props!

On the 13th, I’ll have the full list of items available here for all of you to view, along with links for purchasing each item, but hopefully this little teaser will get you excited for next Thursday.

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