Gears of War 3 Green Liquid Gun “Jack In The Box” 2 Code Contest

Are you dying to get your hands on a Gears of War 3 Green Liquid Gun Pack? Did you miss the Jack In The Box Promotion? Do you not live near a Jack In The Box? Do you want to have a Limited Edition Gears of War 3 Gun skins so you can be the one on your team with GREEN GUNS? Here is your Chance!

XAG is giving away 2 codes to 2 lucky winners!

We will be giving away one code to one of our Facebook fans and one code to one of our Twitter Followers.
Contest Starts now and will run until 10-10-11 at Midnight EST.
Winners will be announced Tuesday.

Facebook Contest Rules:

  • Must be a fan of our Facebook Page
  • Must comment on the official Green Gun Contest Picture Here. Tell us your opinion of Gears of War 3 and what your favorite part about the game is.
  • Must share the picture and info about the contest on your wall. Click “Share” and then Tell people that you entered to win a GOW3 Green Gun from
  • One Entry Per Person Please. But share the Contest info as much as you like.
  • Winner will be announced Tuesday 10-11-11
  • No purchase Nessicary

Twitter Contest Rules:

    • Must Follow us on Twitter
    • Must Tweet This Exactly:
      Want GREEN #GOW3 GUNS? @XBOXAvatarGEAR is giving away 2 codes! Follow & RT this for your entry. 2nd Chance Entry here
    • One entry per day per person, but may retweet as much as you like, in fact we encourage it and choose our winners sometimes on who helps us spread the word the most.
    • Winner will be announced Tuesday 10-11-11 and will be DM’d the code.
    • No Purchase Nessicary

42 Responses to “Gears of War 3 Green Liquid Gun “Jack In The Box” 2 Code Contest”

  1. Osman Alan Perez Delgado Says:

    por favor quiero ese codigo la verdad soy muy fan y m gusto mucho el color verde es mi color favorito por favor enviame un codigo te lo ruego

  2. The must part i love of GOW3 was when Dom die because like the escencial part of the game that was missing in the others gears i cry when dom die but later i knew that you have to sacriface your live to rescue other people who you love it

  3. Lachlan arnold Says:

    Cabt wait this pic looks mad

  4. It’s a bit odd that you have codes to give away but don’t do so on your actual site (the one that your twitter and facebook accounts promote).

  5. The best part of the Gears of war 3 was the campiagn, it was epic,it was sadly, like dom dies for his brothers(COG).I Think That Gears Of War 3 Was balanced and perfect game by EPIC GAMES. ❤

  6. jschnitzxboxstuff Says:

    @george…please don’t post spoilers

  7. What’s with all the spoilers. People, you all know that’s not cool.

  8. This pic looks awesome cant wait too see if i won

  9. Robert Reedy Says:

    In my opinion the the ending to the gears gears of war saga was epic and badass. from the moment i popped the disc in and saw the amazing graphics to the compelling story line that made me never want top put he controller down, i knew this game was evrythingit was made to be. epic has done a tremendousjob and i hope they continue to make more games as equally great as GoW3. as far as my favorite part of the game, there were far to many to name off but sine i have to pick on favorite part i would have to say it was the ending level. when it all wen down, after cole and baird caught up to you and they foun out dom di not mak it, yes when dom died it brought a tear to my eye, but at this particular part, if you are a big enouh fan like me, you feel compelld to avenge dom and you kind of have a personal effect on the game. when you finlly stab that ugly annoyin b**** of a queen and its over i flt like jutice had been done. but at that point i was at a crossroads like marcus was “what now?” after the years of fighting the horde an ending the lambent and emultion problem. what is there do do now? the war i over but i a still takedown dozens of them still in horde mode and i reall woul like these weapon skins. i am not lucky enough to live nar a jack in the box but this chance alows m to possibly get themand to top it off green i my fav color so i am even more stoked.

  10. Right now i loved act 4 because you saw all the destruction by the Hammer of Dawn and all those people burned but still like an old picture.So sad,many innocent people die by humans.It was 1 of the best moments in the game(Personally).

    • Make sure you post this in the proper place. Lots of people are posting here for the contest but you need to post on our Facebook page. Read the rules carefully. Thanks.

  11. gears of war 3 I like it for its gameplay is amazing its violence, its history is one of the best I would say is the best game that came out this year ……. not good is incredible compared to another game IS THE BEST

  12. The Best part I like about gears of war 3 is the Skins that you could put in your weapons.I have Imulsion and Team Metal right now.I would love to have This green liquid skin.Another thing I like about gears 3 is the campaign.Dom shouldn’t have died.And I like how Carmine Survived.Finally A Carmine Lives.Gears of War 3 is the Best Game that is out for Xbox 360

  13. mathew rodriguez Says:

    Love the game its awesome

  14. I love everything about Gears of war. Each game has been amazing. Gears of war 3 is the best game on xbox and I love how it is only on xbox. It has the best game storyline and the best characters. I have bought every DLC for all of the Gears of wars and the season pass for gears of war 3. I am in the uk so I never got a chance to get this but I hope I do. I am not a cod fan and think that Gears of war is the best game ever!!!

  15. Thanks for the contest!

  16. Thanks for this awesome contest guys. Always giving back to the community and it’s always a pleasure to help you guys out! =]

  17. Facebook. Ramon Garcia (Reimans)

    Please the code PLEASE !!!

  18. the game is all about loss and forgiveness to me. the saddest part is when marcus looses all that he holds so dearly. first dom and then his father. he has given everything to humanity and in athose few precious seconds everything he holds dear is lost. I beleive the hidden message in the story is not to rely on greed. in the pendulum wars everyone wanted imulsion and so fought over it. Now they realised the imulsion was killing them and there greed had got the better of them.

  19. green looks awesome

  20. Adrian DelAngel Says:

    Thank you I was looking forward to this

  21. i like gears of war 3 horde because they improved it from gears 2 by adding fortifications its like nazi zombies

  22. jesus antonio Says:

    green skin pliss !!
    saludos hermano

  23. Sweet, I hope to be able to get this weapon skin. I have most of the others that came out right away. I did what I could to get as many promo ones as possible, this is the only one I am missing I believe. Most I love about the game is the campaign of Gears. Crazy how personable the characters are to real life. Epic did a great job, thanks again EPIC!!!

  24. SiltyBadge7117 Says:

    Mi parte favorita fue cuando muro Dom les juro q llore al ver esa imagen me marco perfecto final para una gran saga.
    Por favor es mi color favorito

  25. please I want that green liquid gun pack code… =3 with them my multiplayer profile will have looks very powerful… =D

  26. please I want that green liquid gun pack code… =3 with them my multiplayer profile will have looks very powerful… =D

  27. Hello my name is Thomas Chaney and I really want the green skins I don’t have jack in a box and alabama and I have been a gears fan since 2007 and I would really like this I never won anything in my life. Please think of me

  28. Jesus Mendoza Says:

    The most favorite part on GOW3 for me was at the end. When you defeated Myrrah and everything went back to normal. Epic Games made an amazing game! You will never be forgotten 🙂

  29. sam boult Says:

    Yeah boi it looks beast

  30. i love gears so much but its the little screw ups that make me mad like making a skin that u have to live in america to get or enter some contest that i wont win but still gears is 10 out of 10 brothers to the end

  31. Love gears and graphics R.i.P Dom

  32. me the part i loved about GoW3 is the weapon skins and how GoW3 has new characters of old ones like unarmored Marcus whats yours?


  34. please I want that green liquid gun pack code


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