Gears of War 3 Green Liquid Gun “Jack In The Box” 3 Code Contest #2

XAG is doing it AGAIN! More Green Guns!
3 Times the chance to win!

Are you dying to get your hands on a Gears of War 3 Green Liquid Gun Pack? Did you miss the Jack In The Box Promotion? Do you not live near a Jack In The Box? Do you want to have a Limited Edition Gears of War 3 Gun skins so you can be the one on your team with GREEN GUNS? Here is your Chance!

XAG is giving away 3 codes to 3 lucky winners!

We will be giving away one code to one of our Facebook fans one code here on our website to one of our Fans, and one code to one of our Twitter Followers.
Contest Starts now and will run until 10-17-11 at Midnight EST.
Winners will be announced the following Tuesday.

Facebook Contest Rules:

  • Must be a fan of our Facebook Page
  • Must comment on the official Green Gun Contest Picture Here. Tell us your favorite weapon you like to use the most and why.
  • Must share the picture and info about the contest on your wall. Click “Share” and then Tell people that you entered to win a GOW3 Green Gun from
  • One Entry Per Person Please. But share the Contest info as much as you like.
  • Winner will be announced Tuesday 10-18-11
  • No purchase Necessary

Twitter Contest Rules:

  • Must Follow us on Twitter
  • Must Tweet This Exactly:
    Want GREEN #GOW3 GUNS? @XBOXAvatarGEAR is giving away 3 codes! Follow & RT this for entry.Details on other entries here
  • One entry per day per person, but may retweet as much as you like, in fact we encourage it and choose our winners sometimes on who helps us spread the word the most.
  • Winner will be announced Tuesday 10-18-11 and will be DM’d the code.
  • No Purchase Necessary

Website Contest Rules:

    • Must sign up for our email subscription on our front page on the right hand side near the top. –>
    • Must Rate and comment on THIS thread telling us your favorite character to use in multiplayer and why.
    • Please invite all your XBOX friends to our website. Either post about us on Facebook, Twitter, or send all your XBOX Friends a message telling them about Please click on the Facebook annd Twitter Link right below this thread.
    • One entry per person Please.
    • Winner will be announced Tuesday 10-18-11 and will be emailed the code.
    • No purchase Necessary

76 Responses to “Gears of War 3 Green Liquid Gun “Jack In The Box” 3 Code Contest #2”

  1. Entered on the site: Dizzy is my fav because he’s pretty funny to listen to. Posted on FB and RT’d on Twitter to get people on it.

  2. My Favorite Character to play as… Cole Train Baby!! WOOO! That is all that needs to be said… “WOOOO!” Especially Thrashball Cole. Some choose to play as fem chars, but only because they are afraid of bullets. “Bullets Bounce off the Cole Train Baby! WOOO!”

  3. I needs me some green skins for my Lancer! Great contest and great content!

  4. Favourite character has gotta be Savage Theron. All I played in G2 was Theron Guard and I love that snakey voice, Yesssssssssss.
    When I found out there was a new type of Theron in G3 I blitzed through Beast Mode to get it.

    (btw shared on Facebook and Twitter! =) )

  5. No purchase *Necessary 🙂 /grammarnazi

  6. My favorite weapon is the lancer because when i push the “b”, the noise of the chainsaw relaxes me and makes me feel the best!

  7. TwiztedCajun Says:

    I like using Sam. She is bad ass and just loves blasting the locusts! I mean she does go after Baird, but he even takes a back seat when the Lambent and Locust are prowin’ about.

  8. FunkyFreshB Says:

    My favorite character just HAS to be Cole Train! He’s so awesome. I mean, have you ever heard him roar? WHOOO! Also I like the way he is all-in-all, and he looks like a boss! Can’t say no to that!


    I like the lancer some say the green is life but in gears the green is deat 4 locust yea i want the green skin pack

  10. My favourite charetor is griffon because griffon is a beast ice t voices him

  11. My favourite is griffon because in multiplayer he sounds awsome and is hard to get so not much people have him

  12. MY gun is da lancer

  13. My favourite character is Adam Fenix because he is a Boss,

  14. George Smith Says:

    Cole Train BABY!!! WOOOO!

  15. my favorite character is prescott i like to play with it its totally badass and i like his spech

  16. Trevor (The Gnar Star) Says:

    My fave character is THE COLE TRAIN. YEAH BABY.

  17. entered the comp using all three choices my favourite character in gears 3 is baird as they finally focused some of the game on him and they fianlly beefed him up to look like a cog

  18. my favorite character is clayton carmine and weapon is sawed off shotgun

  19. My favourite character is Dizzy because he joined the COG to save his two little daughters and because i like his hat.

  20. My favorite character is unarmored marcus for cog and grenidier for locust because can never go wrong with a clasic and my use armor when i can down somebody and use them as the armor

  21. Freshs4ma Says:

    My favorite character is Baird because of his humor. Also, Mechanic Baird looks awesome. 🙂

  22. Mikey Reveliotis Says:

    My favorite character in multiplayer is Savage Grenadier Elite because he is beast and makes a great COG annihilator.

  23. My favourite character, or rather my default character, is Marcus. I haven’t had the time to play a whole lot, so I haven’t unlocked most other characters yet.

  24. Luis Vargas Says:

    my favorite character is clayton carmine because he is the beast of the acrmines and he remember his brothers to the end

  25. my favorite multiplayer skins are:
    COG- is either golden gear, or mechanic baird.
    LOCUST- is savage kantus, or savage theron.

    favorite weapon skins:
    onyx gnasher
    infected omen lancer or retro sometimes.

  26. Frank Szymakowski Says:

    My favorite character in multiplayer is definitely Griffin. Sending props out to Ice-T and Bodycount for making a song exclusively for Gears of War 3. I’m definitely impressed by Anya, I never would have thought that she would have stepped up and been such a badass.

    • Frank Szymakowski Says:

      by the way I posted the contest on facebook so all my friends can try to get their green gooey goodness too! Also sent out e-mails to let non facebook users know about the contest.

  27. my favorite character has to be Dom, because of his bad-ass beard and because of what he went threw out all the gears of war series

  28. My favorite character to use in multiplayer has to be Anthony Carmine, his cog mask looks bad-ass and I’ve been using him since Gears 1, he was my fav in Gears 2, and he is STILL my favorite. SAVE CARMINE ftw! I hope i win that Green skin, Carmine will look even more awesome holding a Green lancer!

  29. Jesus, tough enough rules? How desperate for Facebook likes are we?

  30. griffin all the way…ice-t was a great addition to the cog’s..i wonder who got the paul jr gears of war trike???

  31. Mine is Thrashball Cole. I earned him, you damn well bet I’m going to use him!

  32. My favorite is Commando Dom i just love it is like Dom with Rambo’s outfit and i miss so much Dom when he died i cryed 😦

  33. Favorite person to use in multiplayer is Sam for COGs and Myyrah for the Locust, only because when you’re going around destroying kids you always need something good to look at. Also since the character models of the females are smaller than the males people think their hit box is also smaller so its nice when people choose to shoot the guys over the girls and then i get up in their face with the Gnasher and wreck them.

  34. Mechanic Baird I definitely the best. Exclusive and rare. And… LABOTAMIZE

  35. Double9Tricks Says:

    Baird – His humor is matched by no one.

    “Hey Baird, do you have any wire cutters?”

    “Yeah, I do…” *holds up lancer with chainsaw on it*

  36. My favorite character is Mechanic Baird cause he’s the shiznet…

  37. My favorite character is Sam as she is harder to hit in MP, plus that accent is soooooooooooooooooooooo sexy.

  38. Please let me win, no jack in the bos in my country. xD

  39. Clayton Carmine…Just something about his attitude.

  40. DarthGalm Says:

    My favourite character is Civilian Anya. She’s sexy and she kicks asses!

  41. My fav. character to use in Multiplayer is the Locust Savage because of it’s sexy curves and gentle voice overs. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, and talking about my future plans over a romantic dinner and a glass of wine. Pick me 4 some GREEN GUNZ!!!

  42. My favorite character is definitely Aaron griffin First off he reminds me of a character off chronicles of Riddick which is one of my favorite movies of all time. Second i love the things he says when you play him like when you mess up an active reload he says “fucking noob” And last Hes the leader of the stranded in Char which makes me kind of get a mindset that hes like the king of nyc because that’s what char reminds me of.

  43. my favorite character of all time and will be forever, the General RAAM, but now RAAM isnt rigth now in the game, so now im gonna wait until epic release him

  44. P.S. Registered on Twitter, Website and FB! Please pick me and save a Canadian!

  45. I love to use Civilian Anya because her character is a little smaller than the guys so its easier to see around her, and because i wana get the “Battle Goddess” medal cuz itd be hilarious to use ^_^

  46. My favorite character is griffin just because of the funny stuff that he says when I screw up a reload or get a head shot.

  47. Aaron Moore Says:

    Griffin! People forget that they gave away codes on Facebook for him and well… almost no one I see now has him. :]

  48. I like Sam because she’s snarky.

  49. I personally rather the kantus just cuz he looks so much cooler then the other locust. Picking up a gorgon pistol just feel so right!

  50. Favorite Character in Gears of War 3 Multiplayer: Savage Kantus [:
    He’s a limited edition character that looks really awesome. The coolest looking locust and he has spikes coming out of his head. (:

  51. griffin bad ass

  52. The retro lancer because it kills ANYTHING PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. My Fav character to play with on Gears 3 is Savage Kantus. For 1 he’s limited edition from Amazon so everyone doesn’t have it, plus he’s savage with the helmet spikes…need I say more?

  54. This game is sweet.. Need that green gun tho!!!

  55. Toby Heagerty Says:

    Got to be Dizzy. Been using him since GOW2. Makes me laugh when ever I fail an active reload

  56. 😀 good look all.

  57. Lee Carpenter Says:

    Favourite multiplayer character? Dizzy, hands down.
    Why? Well, he’s Dizzy, duh!!!

  58. Ignacio Téllez AKA John Romero Says:

    My favorite character is Cole Train!!! Hes the best COG character, I like the message this character give to the fans, this character really inspire me to follow my dreams.
    My favorite weapon is the Gnasher Shotgun because its a poweful weapon and I love when you do a headshot with it.

  59. My Favorite Character to play as… Cole Train Baby!! WOOO! That is all that needs to be said… “WOOOO!” Especially Thrashball Cole. Some choose to play as fem chars, but only because they are afraid of bullets. “Bullets Bounce off the Cole Train Baby! WOOO!”

  60. My favorite character is Cole, its the best chracter beacuse its athletic, big and your phrases are awesome. Trashball cole, superstar cole, cole classic are characters in multiplayer very awesomes.

  61. I love playing as Griffin, because he’s just hilarious to listen to when playing Horde. If they ever have the Stranded from Beast as DLC, they would all work well with Griffin. To the point where they should have a themed achievement where one person plays as Griffin, and the other people in your team play as Stranded character models.

    The things they say, along with the language they use to express the waves coming, or anything else just makes me laugh. Never a dull moment with Griffin, and not many people use him because of it. But I love every second of it.

  62. Braid of course, just because I like it and I used it for many years 🙂

  63. Steven Colbert Says:

    My favorite character is the Kantus because whenever he charges with the retro lancer he sounds like Dr. Zoidberg from futurama 😀

  64. Its always been a Carmine and in gears 3 its Clay. I think its cause ive always loved that helmet the cog sport. In gears two i used Ben cause well I just really liked him and Clay in Gears 3 well he is kinda like the legacy of the Carmine fully realized and ready to kick butt, He always felt like the analogue character, that guy in the squad you could be in the fight against the locust. I also voted to make sure he didnt die, Im going to rock the Clay Carmine skin in support of that charity even greatfull that many fans saved his butt. Short and simple always found the carmines kick ass they look good and they are funny, definatly my Fav character skin.

  65. Zak Robson Says:

    My favourite character to play as is Jace because he seems to be much younger than the other gears such as marcus and dom, and i don’t know why but i like playing as a person of a different race o.O I also like that hes a new character i mean i could be the majority of others on the other 2 games and I like it how he is a new member of the team.

  66. Abigail Robson Says:

    My favourite character is Sam well mainly because she is a girl >.> but she is also very badass 😀 I love her catch phrases when you miss an active reload and yeah she looks awesome 🙂

  67. Abigail Robson Says:

    My favourite character is baird because i just love his sarcarsm for example Baird talking to Sam “I know you want me to say I’ve always love you, but I dont, I really dont”

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