Hyundai Veloster XBOX Avatar T-Shirt

As far as we have heard this is a USA ONLY Promotion, But they will be emailing codes so cross your fingers they are not region locked and you can try to find one.

Hyundai and XBOX have teamed up to give you a chance to win a Hyundai Veloster XBOX Avatar T-Shirt.

Simply go to your XBOX Dashboard and look for the “Meet Veloster. Engineered for Whatever.” Tab

Check the Enter box and click on “Enter Now”. You will either Win or it will tell you to try tomorrow. When you do win it says a code will be emailed to you soon. Be sure you have your current email address on file with XBOX.

12 Responses to “Hyundai Veloster XBOX Avatar T-Shirt”

  1. L.A. Stoddard Says:

    It says that the time of day and gender of avatar will determine whether you are a winner or not. When would be the best time to do this?

  2. I won but no email yet

  3. TheAccuser13 Says:

    I won this, but I have not received an email about it…

    Anyone know how long it will take?

  4. roy jones jr Says:

    More than likely no one will get this. It says it takes about 3weeks and I’ve won twice and that was more than 3 weeks ago and no email showed up.

  5. I too won this when it first showed up on the Dashboard, and have yet received an e-mail with the code. Pretty lame

  6. TheAccuser13 Says:

    Got my code via email today, FINALLY!

  7. L.A. Stoddard Says:

    I got my code via email but when I try to download it says, “There is a problem with the offer associated with this code.”

  8. hentei0009 Says:

    i can’t download my avatar t-shirt T_T

  9. TheAccuser13 Says:

    My code finally worked yesterday! Try your codes again, folks.

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