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1 Lucky winner will win ALL 9 Codes to do what you want with them. As I am sure you are aware we have been putting together this collection of codes to give back to the fans. We hope you enjoy this contest and Good Luck to all Entrants. BIG Thanks go to the people who helped us get these codes by either donating them or trading with us.


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262 Responses to “XAG Gears of War 3 Ultimate Prize Pack – 7 Characters – 2 Gun Skins – 1 Winner”

  1. My best Gears moment was when I was plowing through the Campaign in Gears 3 on hardcore mode (I hadn’t unlocked Insane mode yet) alone when I was able to chainsaw 3, 4, 5 Locust in a row before being downed. I died, but it was still the best moment from any of the 3 games that I ever experienced.

  2. justin (@largondw) Says:

    best moment was in horde in gow 2 when i was playing it with my teacher was fun because he was more of a kid then me and raged more

  3. My best Gears of War moment was earning Seriously in the first game. It took me a year and a half to earn, playing nothing but Ranked matches. The frustation of hosts quitting mid-match killed quite a few controllers. Once it was done, I donned the gamerpic for about 3 months, showing to the world how awesome this moment was.

  4. My favorite moment has to be in Gears 3 when I got the “Hat Trick” medal with a Boomshot… That’s right, 3 (I actually got 4, but the medal only requires 3) headshots in a ROW with a Boomshot. I just stared in awe at my tv for a good 10 seconds afterwards. It was awesome!

  5. My greatest gears of war moment was when I pulled off a 1 v 5 in an execution game. Out of the 5 I killed that round 3 were using sawed off’s.. I rocked the gnasher lancer combo

  6. Best Gears moment, Gears 2, I kicked a ticker into a wall & blew myself up. Havent touched the game since 😛

  7. michael malik Says:

    Playing multiplayer with 7 of my best buds on a Friday night

  8. My best moment was when in Gears of War 3 King of the Hill when I ran up on some fools and got 4 kills with 1 sawed-off shotgun shot.

  9. My best Gears moment? Other than finally getting to play on equal host-turf with everyone and having a shot at shotguns battles? Definitely the very first time I played Gears 1. I chainsawed a Locust drone in half and knew I was in love.

  10. The best moment I have had was when I was playing horde with 5 other people. A MASSIVE Brumak appeared in the boss wave and absolutely annihilated the 4 other team mates, but me as a pro, just ran up behind that bad boy and blew up both its tanks on the back of its gun, and it exploded leaving me with about 5000 cash and the rest of my team in shock 😀

  11. Best gears of war moment was definitely being crushed by a falling car near the end of Gears 2. Came out of nowhere!

  12. Best moment would have to be Taking down RAAM on insane with my big bro, whose birthday is today coincidentally. Upon finally finishing him off we high fived and did a victory dance. Then got yelled at for waking the baby.

  13. Best Gears Moment, in gears 3 i was aiming with Torque bow and shot a teamate about 15ft away and the shot came back and stuck the ground under me and i blew myself and a guy that was about to Chainsaw me i didnt see 😀

  14. Best gears moment 1 v 9 clutch on mercy against a team of sawed off users

  15. Ryan Simmonds Says:

    My Favourite Part In The Gears Trilogy Is Near The End Of Gears 2 When Cole Gets The Microphone And Gives The Funniest Speech Ever.

  16. My favorite Gears of War moment is when i first got gears 3 i played for an hour then the next day i woke up at 3 oclock in the morning and played so long and got so into it i didnt know that i had played all day cause i had ppl telling me suppers ready and i thought it was morning

  17. hentei0009 Says:

    emotional moment of the best gears of war is when Dominic Santiago finds his wife Maria

  18. Chuck Linderman Says:

    I have had way too many to mention… I cant narrow down.. I love Gears and play em’ as much as I can.

  19. My best Gears of War moment was in Gears 1, where I had to go to the bathroom during a 19 round ranked game. I ended up winning the last round playing blind from the other room while on the toilet and chainsawed some guy for the win. Awesome.

  20. Sniping a locust in the head whilst he was in a chainsaw duel.
    Sweetest, Headshot, Ever.

  21. MY best gears f war moment, was Gw3 was when i shot a boomshat and it hit a some planted grenades and kill all of my team and the other team. so it was a WIN!!!!

  22. Best moment on gears was in the gears of war 3 campaign when u fight the lambent zerker

  23. My best gears of war moment was back like 5 years ago on gears of war 1 when my friend was crabwalking and I headshotted him with a sniper….i freaked out

  24. Best Moment was when i was playing the Campaign Gears of War 2 and this scene Came up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTAVTkQx72w Cole Train Baby… WooOOoo

  25. WHen Marcus said “Well, We’re not here to sell cookies” from the first game!

  26. My best momentos gears is when general RAAM die

  27. My best Gears moment actually turned out bad for me, but made me laugh for days on end. In GOW2 I was playing Guardian and I was the Leader. My entire team camped around me on Pavilion in our spawn building and set nades and stuff around so no one could get in. One guy figured out that you can shoot a mortar through the window and get kills. Needless to say one hot 5 kills. At first I was mad, but then I laughed because what is the chances we were all in one corner.

  28. I was playing gears of war 3 and I was last alive in execution and the whole other team was alive and I killed 3 of them with my sawed off in one shot then killed the others also with my sawed off

  29. I pulled a 7 v 1 clutch but I ended it with a Kaboom quad to win the match for my team 5/4

  30. my best moment in gears history was when on Gears 1, i got over 10000 kills and the seriously achivement did not unlocked, it was glitched, you would have to continue playing and it will unlock eventually, lucky for me , 2k kills later after a match it unlocked! and i screamed YEAH!!!! at my home at 3 am, my family asked what happened and i told them, they looked at me funny, but in my heart, i was the happiest gears gamer alive! long live seriously 1.0

  31. Tobias Dyka Says:

    my best gears moment was in gears 3 a triphle headshot with the torque bow 😛

  32. Btw this is the dude Mason that commented about the headshot….i signed into my twitter becaues I didn’t know it it would work as a guest….thanks!

  33. mario hvm Says:

    para mi mi mejor momento fua el mensaje de el padre de adam fenix dando un mensaje de que el no estaba muerto como se creia ….que unos 2 años despues mata a lambet y mueres el…. y tengo otra de el sacrifico de dom para destruir el tallo lambet en mercy salvando a marcus y el escuadron delta solo por querer estar con maria

  34. My favorite moment in Gears was when my wife got her first headshot with the Longshot…and she yelled “Boom Mother F***er”…that and when Dom finds Maria….I still tear up.

  35. Best Moment was playing Over 100 hours in gears on every gears weekend to finally attain the rank of Veteran Gear

  36. Best Moment team deathmatch on Hotel i was that last one on my team and they still had 5 responds when my last teammate died and i won

  37. Lukam Garcia Flores Says:

    One of my best moment is when defeat for first time in the PC version at the Brumak, only using your basic weapons, was very very awesome, and was OMG!!, defeat at brumal only with lancers in GOW1 was EPIC…

  38. My best gears of war moment was when i clutched a guardian game in gears 2 me alone versus the whole other team & i managed to take them all out my heart was pumping from the excitement & by the end of it after i won i had to go to the bathroom

  39. My best GoW3 Moment is sadly the worst as well. When Dominic died in Gears3 I cried so hard, the music and the scenes made it the most epic death of a game character ever. So sad but still I feel enlightened for Dom, he finally joined Maria.

  40. My best moment was when i was playing arcade with three friends and we unlocked the Cluckshot. We were all bursting out in a huge laugh when the chicken delivered the Cluckshots.

  41. well to be honest i cant stand gow but my son is an addict, as is im brother so if for some reason i win i would give whatever i win to my son or brother. i think the best i have seen my son do anyway is just compete the game (dont know difficulty) and ive seen him on live with my brother and (bearing in mind my son is 9 and bother is 18) my son kicked his ass

  42. My best Moment was when I was playing gears of war 2 level 99 and then 2 hours later level 100 never felt so good in my entire life 🙂

  43. best gears moment was when me and my friend was playing versus hardcore weekend. went through the opposing team with just the gnasher and won every round without dying. but the best gears moment was playing all three gears on insane.

  44. My best gears of war moment was when I first got the game (gears of war 1) in the mail, i putted in the xbox and played the first disc till it literally broke. So I played that game about 4 hours a day, and in the weekend till 4 in the night.

  45. My best moment in Gears is any time i have fun with my friends or i meet new people online. I also like to get the Hat Trick Medal and get headshots with the Longshot. That feeling has been good since Gears of War 1.

  46. DarthGalm Says:

    Best GoW moment? When you find the toaster easter egg in GoW 2! WHO WANTS TOAST? I LIKE ‘EM CRISPY!!!

  47. My best moment was in gears 3 i had a gnasher on checkout and i clutched a 1v4 on warzone

  48. Best moment its finish campain in insane

  49. Popogeejoe Says:

    Fighting a Beserker for the 1st time in GOW1

  50. The best GOW moment was when I played 4 hours (12:30AM-4:30AM) in a summer vacation with almost all my XBL friends for 3 days (the same players every night), then GOW turned into my favorite game.
    Also another epic moment was when I bought my first GOW book, since that moment my love for GOW change and I consider myself a true FAN of this game, and I hope that I can work at EPIC GAMES in the future and I would consider that as my 3rd best GOW moment.

  51. Best gears moment had to be one of my most recent times in gears 3 with the sniper, on sandbar. I was last man left in team death match, 6 lives left on the other team. kill first victim with a headshot snipe, then two quick kills with the gnasher, pickup one of their sawed offs up and kill one with that, snipe one about to pick up the boomshot and blindfire snipe over the rock cover to kill the last guy trying to sneak up on me on the ridge.

  52. When I played a 1V3 warzone match, and escaped near death and came back to win it for my team.

  53. quinn with a boomshot in old town TDM then a triple with a frag about 2 mins later was a good time 🙂

  54. My best gears moment was when I played with my job’s buddies when they were playing their first time. What a LOL! What a f*cking noobs!


  56. my best gears of war moment. well it has to be watching the cutscene in gears of war 2 Act 2 chapter 6 when ben carmine is eaten alive. i wasnt expecting him to die this way. it actually surprised me as i assumed it would be another quick boring death like in gears 1 when anthony gets sniped.

  57. My best Gow momento was when i learn to use the gnasher and reach the level 100 xD

  58. My best gow moment ever was when i won a beta code, and with that i could unlock wapons, cole train and beta tester xD happy because i never won other stuff for everything.

  59. My favorite Gears of War moment, was beating General RAAM in the first game, solo, on Insane. It was about a week after the first Gears had launched in 2006, and I had stayed up the entire night trying to finish my solo on insane mode in campaign. If I remember correctly, the majority of the game took me from 12 am- 7 am, with RAAM himself taking me from 7 am – 10 am, it was hell, but I did it. That is far and away my most proud Gears of War moment, and most proud gaming memory.

    May I also add, that I do not have any of the pre-order characyers etc, and this win would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  60. L.A. Stoddard Says:

    The best gears moment hands down was when I beat RAAM on Insane. I was playing solo and after 3 hours of retrys, that bad boy went down =) It was legendary.

  61. My bests Gears of war moment was surviving wave 37 of horde by myself to bring my team back to life the next round 🙂

  62. My favorite Gears of War moment was in Gears of War 2, with that toast easter egg, made me laugh like a madman.

  63. thekarmaspy Says:

    My best Gears of War moment is from Gears of War 2, my friends and I were playing guardian on Jacinto and we tied 2 to 2. I was the last one on my team, so I killed the leader and clutched the whole team by myself. 🙂

  64. My favorite moments was in gears 3 on thrashball when i punted a ticker it hit the wall and blew up and i turned around and there were 7 other tickers going grrrrrr i was like ahhhhh then i died they were the last 5 on wave 50 i was like come on

  65. Lachlan Arnold Says:

    My favourite gears of war 3 moment is when dom sacrifices himself to save marcus brothers to the end

  66. my best gears moment was when i reached level 100 en 2 days playing just horde with a lot of tickers on insane in the last event 10 min before the launch of gow 3 the sound of that achieve was EPIC!!!

  67. I think my favorite moment was in Gears 3, going up against the Lambent Berserker in campaign. for some Reason that seems like the most intense battle of the whole game, After defeating it My friend and I felt so accomplished. I love this game.

  68. Ive played every gears with the same guy one though three and we really did feel like brothers till the end. But my best moment would have to be my first chainsaw kill in Gears one. Hooked me from the start!

  69. Richard tricky hudspeth Says:

    My best gow moment was cutting my way through the worm after being swallowed by it and at the end of it ripping it open to escape

  70. Omg my best part of gow3 was when I beat the campaign well and sad a little

  71. My favorite moments had to be going through all the insane campaigns along side my brother since GoW 1 all the way to GoW 3…it’s been a heck of an adventure, and hope to do more in the future…oh yeah, did I mention we’re old enough to be most of these kids’ dad…lol

  72. My best gears of war moment was when i was placed in the leader boards as #32 in the world on execution in gears of war 2 and my sister got the omen tattooed on her shoulder with a 32 on it!!! Original gears fan since 06…

  73. My favourite Gears of War moment 3 is when your Cole and have to play thrashball to plant the bomb on the lambent stalker

  74. For my the best moment in the gears series is in Gears Of War PC (WINDOWS) when you fight for the first time with a Brumak is really an awesome and unique (its not like fighting one on gears 3 its a lot funnier and tricky) just totally awesome!!!!!1

  75. My favorite moment in Gears of War 3 is one of my multiplayer accomplishments. 4 words: sudden death and chainsaws. There I was, behind a barrier, being the only one left on my team. I finished off the second-to-last locust wandering out into the open map of Mercy. From the words popping up on the screen “Sudden Death” and the timer starting to run, I was determined to make an epic kill with two or three teammates talking through their headsets. I didn’t see an enemy moving, but I did remember this: the location of the last teammate before he died. I went to the eerie building and met my challenger hiding behind a pillar. He read my mind and fired up his chainsaw from his lancer with great syncopation. We then engaged into a chainsaw battle. I continuously press the B button on my remote to reign over my enemy. Filled with excitement, I had cheered with my fellow teammates. This was truly a moment of “Epic”ness.

  76. The best part of GOW for me was the rolling Tunder Chapter of GOW 2, that epic Chorum making the beggining of the game make the best experience that I will never forget, just before the epic BGM protecting Betty from Nemasys and Reavers was the best part of the GOW series. Love it and always play the same chapter because of that part. That detail, that heroism part describes the desesperate emotion they tried to express in the game. =(

  77. Best gear Moment was in GOW3, picked up sniper on gridlock in a CTL match. got 8 headhsots, Awesome.

  78. I’m still relatively new to playing GOW.. my stepson loves the 1,2 and 3. Him and I have started playing GOW3 which I love and I’m hooked. As for my favorite moment?? I hope that’s yet to come when I give my son the XAG’s GOW3 Ultimate Prize Pack for Chrismas! 🙂 XAG 4 LIFE!

  79. Gunslinger989 Says:

    my Best Gears of War moment was the first time i played horde mode with my real life friends, it was amazing, i had such a great time with this games

  80. My best Gears of War Moment was when i played horde mode for the first time with my friends

  81. My favorite moment is when i was able to pull of a 1 vs 3 clutch on TDM, all my friends were screaming. it was really awesome

  82. Chris Hunter Says:

    My best Gears of War moment just happened a few days ago, that was defeating queen Myyrah on Insane. I wasn’t expecting it to be so SO difficult. But it was, it took many tries, for anyone who hasn’t tried it, you basically need to shoot at her while savage guards are shooting you in the back which is annoying! When i finally got the achievement (it was with only 2 people) i felt some sort of accomplishment, lol. Definitely a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve been happy all week 🙂

  83. Juan Sanchez Says:

    Definitely has got to be when I got the Seriously Achievement on Gears of War. Almost cried 😛


  84. My fav moment is in Horde mode surviving the first 10 waves without dying.

  85. luis ricardo rodriguez Says:

    my best moment was getting drunk playing gears of war 2 and i drop all the beer in my xbox and nothing happend,

  86. My best moment would be actually picking up the first Gears of War for the first time and just going through that game. Game’s amazing.

  87. My friend was in a 5 vs 5 match, all of his team mates were died. And using the gnasher, killed the whole enemy team……WTF!

  88. My favorite moment was the first time i put Gears 3 in my disc tray the game started to load and i saw all my unlocks from previous games pop up and at that awesome, spectacular moment i JIZZED IN MY PANTS!!!

  89. luis ricardo rodriguez Says:

    my best moment was getting drunk playing gears of war 2 and i drop all the beer in my xbox and nothing happend lol

  90. My best moment was at the ends of Gears of War 1, fighting General Raam. I had already died three times and was starting to get frustrated on killing him. I was on my fourth try, Dom was down and I was pretty sure I couldn’t get to him. To make matters worse General Raam was right on me so I decided to make a run for it. While I was running past Raam I noticed something…there was a turret situated right behind where General Raam summons at! I quickly made my way to the turret, used it on General Raam hoping for the best. I had maybe a sliver of health left when General Raam went down! I had beat Gears of War 1 on hardcore mode on my first playthrough. It was at that point that I became hooked on the Gears of War games.

  91. Best Moment would be mauling through every locust and lambent in the game. 🙂

  92. My best gears moment was playing the first game and being amazed at the very sight of the Hammer of Dawn.

  93. the best moment of my gameplay at gears of war is well the saddest moment from all the gamers is when Dom saves the life of all their gears friends and his only closest friend and brother to the end Marcus then when u see all the locust and lambent dying and the instrumental of Mad World start, seriously i cried is like loosing ur best friend in the hole life

  94. The moment when Tai takes his own life, my favourite character having to commit suicide…

  95. Mi best moment EVER is when DOM die is the finish of beutiful history 😀

  96. marcos perez Says:

    my best moment in gears of war 3 was playing team deathmatch and killing 4 people with one bullet with the one shot, and beating all of the gears games on insane

  97. Zackary Vidrio Says:

    my favorite gears moment is when you meet the cole train and since then he been my favorite character

  98. My best Gears moment was the first time I played a match and it went into 1v1 overtime and completely destroyed a level 100 with my gnasher. Even he admitted his faliure. That pure adrenaline rush gave me the addiction to gears and all gaming today.

  99. Aaron Mikel Says:

    My best gears moment is every moment. Seriously. I just frickin love the game. 🙂

  100. My best or favorite Gears moment would be playing Gears 2 for the first time, from beginning to end, with someone else. I have only had my Xbox since Xmas ’09, and this was one of the first Co-op campaign experiences i have ever had. The game was and still is amazing, and that carried over to Gears 3 with 4 per Co-op. It’s hard to pick out a favorite battle, on or off line, when things are still not all out and every time i play i get better or accomplish something else. Maybe that’s it, how long you can keep playing and keep learning and earning. Thanx for an amazing series!!!!

  101. MaxI PachecO Says:

    mi momento favorito fue cuando compre gears of war y lo puse en la T.V nunca olvidare ese momento, desde eso he comprado todos los gears y muero por tener esos codigos soy un gran fan de la saga.

  102. My best Gears of War 3 Moment: Being chased down by an enemy on TDM, and on the map Sand Bar. I attempted a Sawed-Off kill and failed so I ran to reload. He followed me all the way to the spawn and even still he kept at me, I reloaded in time and he seen I had successfully reloaded, so he flipped to avoid it, and in doing so, left himself open. He seen his mistake, and attempted to flip again to get out of range of my shot, but he failed in his attempt and I finally caught him with my Sawed-Off shot. Blew him away with it instantly. Best play EVER!

  103. When Cole grabs the mic and yells at the Queen in GOW 2….

  104. My Best moments was the easter egg in Gears of War 2 ( who wants toast )

  105. I was playing Team death match and I was last one vs 5. I was camping and all 4 surrounds me and I missed and wall bounce and kill one. Then another and the rest, but there is still one and I see him and he has a retro out so I stay back and I try to scare him by going around a pole and turning around. It didnt go out as I planned, he didn’t notice me go so he stayed there and while I turned around I went up and he threw a smoke at me and I was stunned and he took out his gnasher and blew me up…

  106. JamieGillis Says:

    The moment that really makes me damn happy when i achieve it is when playing on Thrashball and squishing someone with the score board!

  107. christian miller Says:

    playing gears of war 2 randomly getting matched up with take notes and jbiggs clutching a 3 v 1 and getting added to their list and have been playing with them ever since and learning from them as well really has improved my game play

  108. part i prefer was when i kill RAAM and all the Crills and I Finish the Game in the dificult Insane

  109. One of my favorite moments was in a Gears 2 Wingman match playing with my nephew. He usually carries our team (I’m not that good), but he had gotten killed.

    There was one team left besides me with both of them bearing down on me…so my nephew says to me, “You’re done!” Such confidence.

    Two quick shots & they were both dead.

    At least it shut my nephew up for a few minutes…

    Twitter: @ilRadd
    Facebook: Mark Monzo

  110. I enjoy the chasing gameplay in Gears 2 and Gears 3.

  111. Defiantly the Insane difficulty part where you have to drive across the highway while being bombarded by Kryll. Beating that with my friend Lala was exhilarating and by far a bigger accomplishment then beating Ramm the first time.

  112. Joe Knowlton Says:

    Best Gears moment was getting a legit Double Torque Bow Headshot in Gears 2.

  113. My favorite moment of gears is when Dom discovers Marias decomposed body and sees her as her former beautiful self. It is heartbreaking, yet provides him with a sense of purpose. She will not be forgotten and eventually they’ll be together.

  114. best gears of wars 3 moment was me and 4 of my freinds dominated insane horde without mutator’s it took us 7 hours to do any many deaths and when we beat wave 50 we all screamed at the same time.

  115. Best Gears Moment is like a 3 part series….Part 1 Dom Freeing Marcus, Par 2 Marcus Sticking with Dom to find Maria, Part 3 Dom Sacrificing Himself for the TEAM!!!! Brothers Till The END!

  116. my favorite gears moment was in gears 3 is the Easter egg in the market when you play as cole he said the funnest thing ever

  117. My best moment was in the gears of war 3 when marcus takes first a knife and kills the queen of the Locust

  118. My best moment was when I was playing Gears of War3 I got three kills with one shot with t0he Gnasher

  119. This is ridiculous. All you’ve done is assemble a fan base of thousands of scrubs that only participate when you’re giving them something free.

    The worst part is that you do great work, but still have no real community. A 3000 person community is nothing if the only time that they can be bothered to participate is when they can hork your free codes.

  120. The best moment across all 3 games is definitely the Mad World cutscene.
    So incredibly epic and emotional.
    Won’t say why, spoilers…

  121. My favorite Gears moment, killing Raam on Insane co-op on the original Gears of War! So intense!

  122. Zak Robson Says:

    My best Gears of War moment was in Gears 1, That satisfying moment when i killed ram for the first time, after he killed me so many times then i killed him and it was the best feeling ever ^.^

  123. My best gears moment out of many was winning a gears3 beta code.
    I unlocked all the beta unlocks (except for the hammerburst 😦 )
    Then i spend every moment i could playing gears3.
    Now It is here i have 4 friends to play horde, beast and coop with and it is awesome 😀

  124. anytime i hear a head pop

  125. My best moment was recently, playing the campaign in arcade mode with my boyfriend. Us competing for the highest score made everything much for fun and enjoyable.

  126. My favorite part in gears 2 was when dom found his wife and it was very sad to watch that, but its the most rememberial part, in the whole series. after that dom became a badass!

  127. In the gears 3 beta I joined a game with no respawns when the other team had 5 I ended up last man standing but went on to win the round

  128. In the gears 3 beta I joined a game where my team had no respawns opposing team had 5 I was last man standing and won happy I was using the gnasher

  129. jeff kimsey Says:

    best gears moment got downed by and was being humped by the other team and had a grenade in my hand and took them all with me

  130. Best Gears moment ever was the full 1750g on Gears 2 😀

  131. I think my favorite moment in Gears was in GoW3 when I was playing KOTH and I got 1st on the leaderboard (which isn’t always the case), and I beat my BF and his friends who has played Gears since the first one. I don’t think that they could believe I could do it since I am usually the one with the most deaths, but I was tired of hearing their mouths and decided to shut them up. ^.^ I had lots of fun that night, and gained a lot of respect from some vets. 😀

  132. Rajiv Bisseru Says:

    My best Gears moment was when I got a triple head shot kill with the torque-bow in gears 3 mulitplayer

  133. Playing gears of war 1,2,3 campaign with my brother

  134. My best and emotive moment, was wen the past year play for first time Gears of war 2, and, when Dom finds Maria… that, make me feel sad… 😦

    But, was the best moment, after mw2 cinematic space…

  135. My best moment so far in 3 was an 8 man clutch on gridlock. The other team was split up so i divided and conqured. narrowed it down to 5, grabbed the boomshot and the rest was history.

  136. Playing Horde in Gears 2 and then invited 2 friends. I was playing wave 1 when I see Carmine and Baird walking in the distance… odd my reticule shows red when I point them. They arive where I was and seems Carmine saw the same thing because he decided to CHAINSAW ME!!!
    Carmine chainsawed Marcus, WTF???!!!
    After that the game paused and had to restart my Xbox. AWESOME.

  137. Having a chainsaw battle that lasted like 30secs until someone else chainsawed me from behind.

  138. first time putting my chainsaw up in a locus. what a beutaifull sound

  139. my best gears monment was in GOW3. I was last alive in team deathmatch, and the other team still had 5 lives left. I just got out my gnasher and went beast mode.

  140. My best gears of war moment was when i killed 4 guys in the last round to win the game, the last kill was a headshot with the longshot

  141. Luis Vargas Says:

    The best moment in gears 3 is when a bouth gears 3 at mingh nigth of semtember 20 and when i kill all the team with a granade that was very cool the bodies was flying and all the floor with blood :p

  142. My best Gears of War moment was when me and my friend were playing TeamDeath Match and we were the last ones alive and they still had 5 spawns left and we clutched it. But the best partwas when i was getting rushed by 3 people and i said just run save yourself bro then he came in and yelled FOR SPARTTAAA!!! and we killed the three guys and clutched it to win the game 🙂 ❤

  143. During gears of war 3’s torque bow tag, I shot an arrow and got a head shot on the person. The arrow continued on to stick another player, this player luckily walked by a planted frag grenade that when the arrow exploded it killed the other three players camping near by.

  144. My best moment and funny was at the moment of open gears 3 😀

  145. brenden f Says:

    My favorite moment was finally beating wave 50 on gow 2 horde on the all boomer weekend.

  146. My best gears moment is sitting back playing with my friends on versus. Nothing more satisfying then hearing a bunch of sawed-off users cry about getting ranged by retro lancers.

  147. Sergeantc738 Says:

    Anytime I get a headshot on gears 1, 2 or 3!

  148. Best moment was getting Seriously in Gears 1. The grind of 19 rnds games all on RANK with all the lag and bad maps like rooftops. So to me the greatest thrill in Gears was seeing “Seriously” pop on the bottom of the screen. 10 weeks of 100 kills at day was all worth it.

  149. my best moment was playing MP in GoW and my teammates were dead and it was me against 3. I killed 2 of them and almost killed the third with seconds left

  150. My best gears moment wud prob have to be the killing of the queen and then the seeing the cutscene of clay carmine still alive. being a carmine fan this makes playing as him in multiplayer much much better

  151. Best Gears moment was the first time through Horde with all 4 siblings. The family that slays together, stays together. 😉

  152. gears 2 1v 5 with the sniper

  153. My best moment was in gears 1 when it was a 1 v 5 and I gnashered the whole team in a epic fight on gridlock on the top of the stairs in the middle. everyone was freaking out

  154. Ben D. Halloway Says:

    ******************************************************************************My BEST!!! Gears of war moment was when the game came out that night, met some guys in line at the midnight release. By the time i got home i had an invite to play. We played till 5 am and i hadnt even touched the campaign. Thats when i knew GOW3 was gonna be the BEST game i have ever owned and i would be spending LOTS of time playing it. Since then i have beat the campaign and still am climbing the leaderboard. If i win i will be using ONLY a few of the codes that i need and will be giving the rest back to XAG for doing such an awesome job! I have donated many times before, but to get a hold of ALL the Rare codes will be amazing!
    Thanks for the Oppraatunity XAG!

  155. my best moment was when i saw the golden chicken in the campaign it was nice and cuddly at first but then rarrrrrrwith fire its lambant ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……..

  156. JD Hensley Says:

    i rember on the gnashes only playlist when i killed the whole team with only head shots

  157. My best Gears moment was when I was plowing through the Campaign in Gears 3 on hardcore mode (I hadn’t unlocked Insane mode yet) alone when I was able to chainsaw 3, 4, 5 Locust in a row before being downed. I died, but it was still the best moment from any of the 3 games that I ever experienced.

  158. My favourite part of gears of war was dom risking his life to save his brother (marcus) life. 😀

  159. Gaining seriously in gears of war 1. After 5000 extra kills on top of the required amount, it was a top moment.

  160. My favorite gears moment had to be when I was playing horde on the 40th wave all my friends had died to a gunker, leaving me by myself to take on 3 total gunkers and win the round I racked up like 10,000 buck for it!

  161. my best moment was when my friend chris let me play the original GoW for the first time. (I didn’t have my own xbox back then) since that Gears has been my favorite shooter > CoD etc…

  162. the best gears moment (and also the sadest) for me was the cutscene where *spoiler alert!* dom sacrifices himself for the team. i was so close to crying. after all those years i knew dom, that moment i was really really sad.
    combined with the piano version of mad world justs makes this scene a masterwork of storywriting.
    no movie could be that emotional for me.
    this scene also made me learn to play the song on piano 🙂

  163. My best Gears of war moment was in #2 when I was running marathon style laps on the Security map while it was all tickers!!! They were chasing me all around and blowing up… I was playing on Insane and the best I got up to was 4 complete laps! lol so much fun!!!

  164. my best gears moment when i did a 13 man clutch

  165. My best moment in recent Gears history is fighting the Lambent Beserker on 4 player co-op on insane. There was so much fail involved. There was a point where 2-3 of us were spawn killed about 5 times in a row. I was also quite happy that I successfully survived 3 out of 4 grenade tags on the zerker. Good times.

  166. My best moment was playing the campaign of gears 3

  167. My best moment of gow, was on gow 3, i was playing online, the other team was so good, we had only two lives left. My teammate was sniping the other team (They had another 9 lives left). But another opposing player was sniping too….

    My teammate was gone, i was the only hope.
    When i died, they had 3 lives left.


  168. david peeples Says:

    I was playing gears 1 a while back and everybody was glitching ouut of gridlock. I jumped in a ranked match and killed two out four people but couldnt find the last two. I finally turned up my beaches and heard them outside of spawn. I ninja flipped out of the map and they were waiting on me. I wall bounced immediately and got one with the last thrree gnasher bullets i had and ended pulling out my pistol and wall bouncing the other while beating him with the pistol in between wall bounces. I had to teach them a lesson that cheating is retarded and you can still die!!!

  169. My best Gears moment was when, My cousin showed me the game when i was about 7 or 8 and I had the chance to enjoy games with my cousin who i only saw every other year. Now im playing GOW3 and I am now in the xUKx clan along with my friends from school and my cousin, I guess i just love playing with my friends and family when ever i get the chance.

  170. Best moment is Gears 2 campaign.. we all know it, I’m just going to say.. Maria.

  171. getting ramm stuck in a corner and killing him in 3 headshots

  172. best moment. that time i got more than 15 kills in a game. omfg *superstar

  173. My favorite gears moment was when i was playing KOTH and got 2 kaboom ribbons with 2 shots from the sawed off. One from inside the circle and the second from outside the circle killed the whole team one kaboom took out 3 and the second took out the final 2.

  174. my best moment, my team was about to lose in capture the leader so i shot a digger in to the bathroom where they were hiding, triple kill! xD

  175. My best, and most favorite, Gears of War moment was when I was playing Gears of War 2 with one of my friends. I was the last one a alive on my team, taking it slow, trying to win the round. I started creeping up towards an enemy when BOOM! My head was shot off by a boltok pistol from across the map. At the time, I had my Turtlebeach headset on and was turned up all the way and I flipped backwards in my chair at that time and got stuck in that position for the remainder of the match of me having tears of laughter due to how funny, scarry, etc it was.

    It is one moment I will never forget due to me slamming my head against the wall from flipping backwards. lol

  176. mi favorite moment, its when i reach the level 100 on gears 2, after amost 2 years i reach the level, after houres and houres of games, and a lot of exp, got mi wings 2 weeks before gears 3 launched
    face: ricardo meza

  177. I think it would have to be nearly winning the MLG bracket in gears 1. But this is the only shooter that has had me playing for years on end.

  178. My Best Gears of War 3 Momment was When i entered an Online match and i had 32 Kills! and just 10 deaths , i had 5250 on Score and i gave the smashing victory to my team , thats a match ill always remember as the best ive ever had!

  179. My best gears moment, is when i clutched a tdm match, and it was me vs 4 spawns!
    They each rushed one by one!

    I crushed em with gnasher and retro!

  180. Best moments, actually, have to be when I play the games with my bro. Simple, I know, but alot of fun things happen when playing split-screen, like when playing Horde 2.0 in the third game, and see a Grinder kill a Gunker, or kill a Berserker on wave 50 on Insane 😀

  181. My best Gears of War moment is the moment I met my boyfriend on there.

  182. My best Gears moment was Dom sacrificing all!

  183. i love gears its a game that made xbox apart from halo i never played online gears 1and 2 but gears 3 i love and learnt how to play online with my friends my best moment came wen my friends all died i was alone vs 3players being the noob i am i hid and sawed all 3in turns lol won the match 8) now im getting better and better

  184. my favorite gears moment was when Dom sacrificed his life!

  185. My favorite moment is when I tagged a frag grenade to the left entrance of the church on the map of Mercy. 3 guys ran in there through the left entrance and they all of destroyed on by my frag grenade tagged on the wall. It was my proudest moment.

  186. For me the best part gears of war is when Dominic finds his wife Maria.. and Devastated, Dom decides to euthanize her, telling Maria how sorry he is that he couldn’t find her in time and how much he loves her. 😦

  187. Stick 636 Says:

    My best moment from Gears 3 was when I was playing horde and managed to kill a brumak with 1 shot as soon as it spawned on Trenches. I was speechless, especially when another spawned directly in its place.

  188. Playing Horde in Gears 2 with my mates in an attempt to encourage team building. Every time you died you had to drink and every round we finished we all drank. It’s neither exciting or original but it’s my favourite memory.

  189. my best gears moment was when in beast i was the boomer and well the silverback killed me but before he killed me i shot one boom shot out and when i died truns out that shot for me 5 hail marys cuz most of em where just nomral cogs and like 3 of em i was like omg!!!!!

  190. My best Gears of War moment was in Gears of War 2, when Cole saved Carmine, aArcus and Dom from an ambush. He was so cool and epic, killing every locust in his way. It’s the Cole Train Baby!

  191. my best gears molment was when i was playing wingman with my friends and we plowed through all of the enemy teams in like 2 mins and we had a rush on checkout because we tied with other players so many times and we ended up winning at 25 it was so fun and exciting

  192. my deff all time gears of war moment in gears of war 3 was when i was watching rod fergusson live stream an he said that only 1% have completed the campaign on insane and i was apart of that 1% i felt so achieved in myself so i tried to do beast on my own an it was a totally different story =D

  193. TonyDaPwny Says:

    My best moment? Easily the first time I used the Silverback Mech in Horde mode with my buddies. SO MANY LOCUSTS LOST THEIR LIVES THAT DAY!!! >:D

  194. My Favorite Gears Moment Was When A Couple Of Friends And I Were Bored,So We Went To Play Campaign.Stupidly Enough,We Played On Insane With Only Snub Pistols And Our Fists.4-7 Hours Later We Finally Finished Act 1.

  195. My best gears of war moment was when I played the gears 3 beta…
    After noticing all the flaws that had gears 2 I just loose all the hope in the game at such grade that I returned to gears 1 and seeing that gears 3 was coming out my exactly thought was: “Oh great! Another Glitch of Lag 3! How wonderful! I wasn’t even supposed to buy gears 3 until you announced the private beta test, thats when I said to my friends: If this “beta test” can actually change my mind of the game, I will buy it with no objection.
    5 months later I was in the middle of a videogame store waiting to finish the fight alongside Marcus…

  196. My best gears moment was in the end of Gears of war 2 when Jacint got sink and all e members of delta squad are alright and flying away in ravens then Marcus thinks Anya didn’t make it but then Anya comes out from behind of cole and them Marc’s feels alright…… I GOT GOOSEBUMBS IN THAT MOMENT WITH THE GEARS 2 THEME SONG IN THE BACKGROUND

  197. My best epic moment was when:

    When Cole remembers his past. and it is believed a player again Trashball. I liked how it all ends and then pulling the pump PRO. But the atmosphere was spectacular.

  198. Derek Fleming Says:

    My best Gears of War 3 moment would be when I went Twenty-Three and Ten on Mercy just by using the Retro charge. Best match of my life

  199. well my fav. gears moment would have to be when i got a quinn on sand bar while playing tdm man i couldnt belive it i wish i was recording that day because that would have been on you tube for sure

  200. Colin Mathews Says:

    best moment would be on Gears 2, was playing horde with my bro and just as i was chainsawing some Locust, the blood and guts flying at the screen, my 79 year old auntie walks in. Oh dear lol

  201. Best Gears moment was hitting 100 on Gears 2, took 18 months of playing. A close second was winning a 6v1 cluch in Guardian – sorely miss that gametype

  202. mi mejor momento es ….apreciar EL SACRIFICIO DE DOM…Dom sacrificing all…….

  203. mi mejor momento es ….apreciar EL SACRIFICIO DE DOM…Dom sacrificing all…….

  204. my best gears moment is when dom deove drove off in the truck in gears 3 we thought he was ditching them xD lol

  205. best moments are when I am alone at home playing gears in the dark room only I, LCD, xbox and sofa.. and locost jump in front of my display and i am terrifeid an i need about 1 minut to calm down…

  206. Ryan Wilson Says:

    My favourite moment in the entire gears series was seeing some of the amazing destroyed beauty that makes up Sera. Will never forget those fabulous environments.

  207. My favorite Gears moment was back when I was visiting my friend from college, his roommate had just bought Gears of War. They were telling me how much fun it was and I was like psssh whatever PS2 all the way. I let them talk me into playing and the first person I saw I chainsawed in half… I put the controller down and went straight to the nearest Best Buy bought a 360 and Gears of War!

  208. my best gow moment would have to be on gow2 when i finally beat with my bro and thats what started us playing video games together

  209. en gears of war lo que me gusto fue la historia pero cuendu jugue en multijugador no.. genial
    en el gow2 en modo guardia fue mi favorito y en gow3 es modo bestia es genial y desdes entonses soy adicto a gow

  210. My fav GoW moment isn’t actually while playing… a local female dj has a GoW tricked out bike, It’s flippin’ suh-weet! Her name is Shelley on she’s on FM99 in Hampton Roads!

  211. My best moment would be on Gears of War 3, was playing Arcade Camping whit my friends in madness. I embodied the character of Dominic and when all were dead, I did the brothers to the end. I ran and killed them all to die. It was very funny.

  212. Mine was in gears 3 getting a triple kill when i shot a boomshot and got a headshot then it hit a guy behind him and blew up a tagged frag grenade killing the last guy playing Warzone as the last man standing 😀

  213. First time I beat Horde 2.0 on insane. We had wiped two or three times on wave 50 and it wasn’t looking good. Most of my team died in the first couple of minutes and it was just me an my fiancee. We ran like crazy taking out whatever we could while being chased by a Lambent Bezerker. Finally go it down to just the Berserker and we’re low on ammo. Bezerker chargers my fiancee and she goes down. I couldn’t get through the immulsion before she bled out but I grabbed the ammo from her Lancer and finished the job.

  214. My best moment was when I shot a BoomShot bullet at a group of Lambent drones they all exploded and killed a grinder in the process

  215. Playing beast on Gears 3 and using the centipede to just bash your way though the Cogs base and killing most of them while they are running around in circles trying to kill me.

  216. my best moment in gears of war history was on gears 1 when i first connected my xbox to xboxlive and played my first match of any online game and it was execution on gridlock i did decent and i was 7-5 for my first ever match and when my allways remember your first achievment came out it started my whole online gaming craze : )

  217. Gage koyciak Says:

    my best Gears moment is when i was pwning all these people on hardcore weekend in gears 3 i was the last man out they still had 2 respawns and I owned this guy wit my shotty another another and another then i ran out of ammo “crap” then i died i got so mad

  218. Just yesterday buddy had 2v1 he was flanking, our other teammate got downed he goes to body him from behind totally misses and catches the enemy’s complete hard aim shot right to his dome! For the game winning round can anyone say CHOKE! Lol

  219. Ok follow me, its wave 50 on horde 2.0, all our fortifications are gone wrecked by the lambent berserker. Locust and horde surround us on the thrashball court, me and my battle bro run into the stands when I notice the Lambent Berserker is plowing right through all locust for us. I yell out to my team let’s use the berserker to take them out. So we guide it into our enemies and one by one they go down till its just to two of us and the berserker. I pick up a downed boomshot and as the last man of the team standing I fire my last shot from across the field right into its chest finally bringing down the wave 50 boss and completing horde 2.0 after hours of gameplay. Me and my battle bros rejoiced as we saw that lambent berserker explode in its yellow glory as we are awarded our horde medals.

    On twitter Im MrMauve49.

  220. por que pero x q tenia q morir domx q

  221. mi mejor momento fue cuando me junte con mis amigos nos pusimos a jugar en el modo horda en dificultad locura para despues lograr sobrevivir o ser uno de los mejores matando a varios berserkers (normales) para despues morir y revivir para seguir peleando

  222. lo mejor de gears es que en los personajes de multijugador ya toman en cuenta a las chicas..
    eso esta muy bien siii!!!

  223. Alex Gray Says:

    My best moment in gears is when baird always makes a funny remark about characters in the game like hoffman and sam.
    Facebook: Alex Gray

  224. My best Gears of War moment well…is probaly Gears 3 with my friends on Versus it was recent actually yesterday… but i was on Boom Snipes and i was sniping one by one with quickscopes and no scopes while dodging boomshots and other shots i was owning them but a boomshot came right at my face and killed me in a near headshot! but not quite i was laughing and my friend saw it and started laughing it was good after that i kept getting sniped XD

  225. Best Gears moment, Gears 3. Had to go clutch on Old Town in a game of TD with 8 people on their team left. Picked up the sniper, 5 domes, 3 shotgun rapes. Gnasher, sniper all day, everday.

  226. Dillon Kings Says:

    My best Gears moment was when me, my buddy, and a bot clutched a 3 v 16 on Sandbar in TDM! Most epic thing I have ever experienced!

  227. Being confused by all Tickers on Gears 2 before Gears 3 was released, and swearing off hoard.. Martintyler29@yahoo.com

  228. MightyMidgit11 Says:

    The best moment in the gear of war series, for me, was dom’s death. The whole plot leading up to his death was amazing. And it was the most memorable time of the series, as I was watching someone die who I new from the start of the series.

  229. Zachary Ponder Says:

    My best Gears moment, was on Wave 50 of Horde 2.0 on insane difficulty on Overpass. My buddies had all died around, and it was intense moment as I had just finished off a Lambent Berserker that we had been pumping bullets in the whole time it felt like. Finally I killed it as LMO for the round. No one could buy back in, and the Enemy Counter dropped to 3. A ticker exploded somewhere on the map dropping to 2, and I chainsawed a Drone to go down to 1. But thankfully my party forget to warn me the last thing on the round was another L Berserker. So the last intense moments of the round was a cat and mouse game around the map as I sprayed him with bullets and ran, rinse and repeat. Finally, Berserker down. Round won. Match won. Onyx metal won!

  230. Surfiction Says:

    When I was playing the campaign for the first time with my little brother and he started to cry in the mission brothers to the end lol

  231. Best GOW moment to me was when I achieved 10 executions (chainsaw) in one match without being killed. I have never been able to come close to this again. lol

  232. Andrew Schneider Says:

    my best Gears moment was waiting at midnight at GameStop for my copy of Gears 3. it’s the only game i’ve gotten at a midnight launch and will be the only one (at least until the next Gears game comes out). i stayed up all night playing the entire campaign and am now trying to get my “wings” in multiplayer.

  233. My favorite moment in Gears has to be in Gears 3 when I got a triple kill after shooting someone in the head with an active reloaded Torque Bow sticking Baird hugging a Coletrain quite closely on Old town. Awesomeness for reals.

  234. My favorite moment in Gears has to be in Gears 3 when I got a triple kill after shooting someone in the head with an active reloaded Torque Bow sticking Baird hugging a Coletrain quite closely on Old town. Awesomeness for reals.

  235. My most memorable gears moment was this past weekend. WE had a large group of friends play horde for 24 hours and we raised over 3 thousand dollars for charity! Such a great memory!

  236. my favorite gears of war memory was this past weekend when i took part in a charity event. we played horde for 24 straight hours and we raised over 3000 dollars for a great cause! met and played with new people it was just a great weekend over all!

  237. My favourite moment in all 3 Gears games story wise was when Baird started talking. Gameplay wise the best part would have to be shutting down the maelstrom and fighting all the armored kantus in Gears 3 on insane arcade. Grenade tagging like no tomorrow

  238. Jasen Berger Says:

    My favorite moment was in the 1st gears game in Clock Tower map I was up top as a Locust and I seen a COG running by so I had the Sniper and I free shot without using the scope while COG was running and got a head shot and won the match.

  239. My best moment thus far; Was killing 5 of the enemy team with one sawed off blast, whilst defending the ring in King Of The Hill. Rage was to be had afterwards & the ingame chat lit up like my house at christmas.

  240. Gears 1 playing on Rooftops I was the last man standing against a full team, I was running around trying to run out the clock I grabbed the Hammer of Dawn and blind fired the other side of the map and took out the whole team in one shot pure luck but awesome

  241. I was playing KOTH on pavilion, the ring and the while other team was at mortor and I threw a nade and killed there whole team

  242. Best Gears moment? Has to be the first time I ever played Gears 1 MP! I got my butt handed to me all night long. Didnt get a kill my first 5 matches. Then FINALLY, I chainsawed a guy, and blood sprayed EVERYWHERE.

    Needless to say i was HOOKED.

    Months later I was learning all teh staple mechanics, and now to this day, i am GOOD at Gears. 5 yrs and still going strong.

    Thank you Epic

  243. Best Gears 3 moment was 5 minutes after firing up the Beta and getting the reassurance Gear 3 was going to be a great game.

  244. Josh massey Says:

    ‘the triple’ with a crimson omen sawed off shotty (:

  245. my fav gears moment is probablythe fight with raam as it was pretty challenging.. cant wait for the Raam’s Shadow DLC in December.

  246. Pedro Olguin Says:

    my best gears of war moment is when i was trying to get the serious 2.0 achievment it was so hard to get i played countless hours trying to get it it was awesome even tho i didnt get it i still had fun gnashing and tearing up people online while trying to get the achievement lol even tho i still dont have it hahahaha

  247. What can I say that already hasn’t been said? I’ve been playing Gears since Gears started. I first obtained the game believe it or not at a local Dave N’ Busters where my best friend actually decided to win it with her tickets. The game was just fantastic. I played it all the time, got every achievement and beat the campaign easily over 10 times for the sheer pleasure. GoW2 came around, I went to the midnight release. I had a Gears shirt, some Cog tags on, the whole fanboy thing going on! Picked it up, boom. Love happened all over again. Same treatment as the first. Every achievement, played online, y’know what I mean. Never the less, GoW3 is the best of the three, I’ve been playing it on and off (college first, gaming second) and I loved the trilogy. So, there you have it! My quick history of the game. Thanks for the opportunity XboxAvatarGear.

    Twitter: @LawlPwned

  248. When I went godlike with my buddy in capture the leader and I it it all with a gnarled, yeah I ain’t no sawed off biotch

  249. My best moment in Gears 3 was actually during the Beta, my first game to be exact. I spawned, found an enemy and chainsawed him, got shot, went down and self revived twice (I know right!!) and then proceeded to get another 9 kills in the round, to which our team won with me as the MVP – Getting 10 kills – No deaths in my first game ever!

    I remember it, I was Marcus and it was on Old Town xD

  250. on gears of war 2 was doing gamebattles and my team was tied for last round was up to win and all my team had died. we was on the map pavilion i had grabbed torque bow previous of them dieing but still had 1 v 3 left. i gnasher 2 people first was headshot and second got bodied. came down to a stand down with like 15 seconds left he hid in the cazebo thing where torque spawed at blind fired the torque while he was behind cover movin side to side tryin get out of my view and popped his dome off for the win

  251. Best Gears moment? Playing Gears 2 Horde. The first time I did all 50 waves it was 6:45am been playing for hours the excitement and happiness I felt was amazing.
    Plus the fact I still had to go to work with no sleep, I didn’t care id done all 50 waves

  252. AdmiredLemon Says:

    My best GOW moment was when i was playing gears of war 2 and pulled off a perfect score (no deaths) it was amazing, because there was people alot higher level than me 🙂

  253. Dont know, never played it.

  254. My best gears moment was in gears of war 3 on map mercy I had the torque bow in standard multi player shot at someone and got a head shot followed buy a tag and every one was near the one where I tag with the arrow and killed the whole team with 1 arrow I was amazed!

  255. l am happy to be in this giveaway I am a boy a I really want thrashball cole and the others characters like commando dom and the savage kantus that is my favorite characters in gears of war 3. I love gears of war 3 its my only favorite game and thank you XAG for puting the ultimate prize pack for gears of war 3 and my best moment when I was the last guy in the macth in team death macth and the other team have a last lives to and I kill the whole team with heads shots and I feel very beast.

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