Cafepress and XBOX LIVE team up to bring you your XBOX Avatar you can wear.

Have you ever wanted to show off your XBOX Avatar in the REAL world, Maybe on a T-Shirt or on a coffee mug? Well Cafepress and XBOX LIVE have teamed up to let you do just that. You can visit Cafepress and enter your gamertag and they will print your XBOX Avatar on to many different choices in T-Shirts to Sweatshirts in both male and Female or even on a Thermos Style coffee mug or Squirt bottles. With tons of posses to choose from you are sure to find a great T-Shirt you would love to wear. So get your best XBOX Avatar outfit on and check it out!


4 Responses to “Cafepress and XBOX LIVE team up to bring you your XBOX Avatar you can wear.”

  1. For better or worse I don’t think that your avatar can have any licensed material/clothing on for the picture. Maybe MS oriented items, like Halo, but I doubt it.

  2. Hige Bakudan Says:

    kinda cool…

  3. TheAccuser13 Says:

    It would be even cooler if you could buy or create any shirt on Cafe Press and have it wearable by your avatar…

  4. This service is no longer available. 😦

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