Toyota Yaris YDMD Free XBOX Avatar Prop Promotion

Your Dungeon My Dragon

Toyota wants to lure the sneaker head faction by turning its new 2012 Yaris into an avatar available for download on Xbox Live. The avatar is part of a larger promotional campaign that includes a Microsoft-exclusive miniseries called “Your Dungeon My Dragon,” written and directed by comedian Adam de la Pena.

Your Dungeon My Dragon is also available on the web and mobile devices. Within the miniseries are two games developed in HTML5 that help unlock the Yaris avatar.  After they download the avatar, players can use it with their own avatars on Xbox Live, within games, on their Windows phones, or on

XAG will just tell you how to get it for FREE
Just Text “TOYOTA YARIS” To 32774

 Not sure how long this will last, so do it quick!

15 Responses to “Toyota Yaris YDMD Free XBOX Avatar Prop Promotion”

  1. hentei0009 Says:

    how do I get if my account is Mexican?
    or I have to get a U.S. account?
    greetings and thanks for the warning

  2. Hmm…wonder if this is considered a premium sms service. Sure you get the code for free but will your carrier charge you a ridiculous amount to receive a sms from that number?

    And is this a US only offer?


  4. If you try to download the Gamerpics or theme in the UK it says the offer is not valid in your region.

  5. Only US

  6. I played the games on that are on the site and didn’t received anything. What do I have to do exactly?

  7. but i can have the code by the web? If yes how?

  8. Richard TRICKY Hudspeth Says:

    Another US only promo yet again!!!

  9. TheAccuser13 Says:

    Got my code via email today, FINALLY!

  10. TheAccuser13 Says:

    Woops, wrong thread..

  11. I just found the show last weekand love it! I live in the US but the code won’t work on my XBOX did it expire?

  12. Ended i do believe now:

    “There is a problem with the offer associated with this code.”

    Thats what i got when submitting the code

  13. I’m getting the same message as Nico. The advertisement just showed up on my Xbox. I completed the game, texted and got my code….sigh.

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