Voice Studio App XBOX Avatar Awards & Achievements

Image from Voice Studio

Do you remember when Xbox Live Labs gave you achievements and awards just for helping out Microsoft. Well it is happening again with the Kinect Voice Studio App.

The app will have you saying various sentences to help improve Kinect’s voice functionality. The download itself is a little over 600 MB but the app requires you so have 1 GB of free space to continue once you start it up. You can earn five avatar awards and four achievements which are detailed below. The app appeared a few weeks ago and then vanish off the marketplace, the ones that managed to download it were not given the awards and achievements because of a glitch but it has now been fixed. At the moment it is a US only app but I would think like Xbox Live Labs it will show up in other regions soon.


Baby Babbler- 10G- Complete the second track in Voice Studio

Massive Mumbler- 10G- Complete the fourth track in Voice Studio

Fast Talker- 10G- Complete the sixth track in Voice Stuido

Golden Voice- 20G- Complete all eight tracks in Voice Studio


Tin Can- Complete the first track in Voice Studio

Vinyl Glasses- Complete the third track in Voice Studio

VU Meter Shirt- M/F- Complete the fifth track in Voice Studio

Speakers- Complete the seventh track in Voice Studio

One Response to “Voice Studio App XBOX Avatar Awards & Achievements”

  1. mikeyenglish75@yahoo.com Says:

    u cant like record yoself n make your own beats

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