Ghost Recon: Future Soldier™ Closed Beta FREE Code Giveaway

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier™

XAG Is giving away 4 Beta codes to our fans. As you may or may not know, today the Beta opened for everyone. If you have a copy of Splinter Cell Conviction then you are already in, just put that game into your XBOX and wait for it to tell you to download the Beta of Ghost Recon. If you do not have that game, here is your chance to grab on of 4 Beta codes we are giving away. 4 different ways to enter, 4 different chances to win, enter all 4 ways or just 1 the choice is yours.

We will be choosing the winners tomorrow 4/20/2012 at 7:00PM EST

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier™

Heres how to enter to win!


Like and comment this post below, Leave a comment telling us why you want a code. Must be signed up to our mailing list on our website to win. Sign up is on the right hand side of the main page.


Post a comment on our facebook page it will be the TOP post by us! Must be a fan of us on Facebook to win.


Just follow us on Twitter and Re-Tweet this exactly…

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta codes being given away by @XBOXAvatarGEAR here Follow and RT for your chance to win!


Must be a registered member and comment on this thread HERE telling us what your favorite Tom Clancy Game of all time is.

Good Luck!

Image from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier™

Image from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier™

Image from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier™

14 Responses to “Ghost Recon: Future Soldier™ Closed Beta FREE Code Giveaway”

  1. I would love to be one of the four people to win this closed beta! I love shooting and fighting things and I also love the tactics involved! Since I normally can’t just go out and buy the games I wish I had, this would allow me to have a new game that I am pretty sure I would enjoy a bunch! If I could, I would buy it when it comes out, but I am pretty sure that will not happen so…. I really would love getting this beta for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier!!! Thank you and keep posting stuff!

  2. Emmanuel Diaz Says:

    i really want to play GRFS is one of my favorite shooting games,

  3. Milton Varela Says:

    I really want this code. All my friends are playing it and it will finally let me decide if I should buy the game

  4. Jonathan Lehmann Says:

    I want this code for 360 cuz i havent played it and by the looks of it i would buy it but trying the beta would make my day. i have tryed so many other websites and none worked so i was hoping this would work! u guys rock if i get this!!!!!!

  5. i want a code because i’D love to try out the game play ofLi GRFS……keep posting stuff and thanxx so much !!!

  6. i want a code because i’D love to try out the game play of GRFS……keep posting stuff and thanxx so much !!!

  7. i would like the code so i would like to expand my knowledge on the ghost recon series and get to grips with the new system.

  8. I love to play… And I like Ghost Recon!

  9. Ssfpatricio Says:

    I appreciate it that xbox avatar gear give me a code for the beta, because I want to play seriously in the beta, because I have planned to buy but I would like to know if I like the game before buying it, so people from xbox avatar gear, I hope you give me the opportunity to play

  10. i want the beta cause i have played the other ghost recon in my life but this looks likes the greatest game I’ve seen in my life i would play this game everyday this game would be amazing i really hope i get to play the beta of ghost recon future

  11. John Mcmartin Says:

    I would like to win the beta code because I haven’t played none of the games and I am thinking for buying this game but I want to try it at first to see if it’s good or not

  12. All I play is Call of Duty and would like the chance to play something that I think actually might top it.

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