Halo 4 Premium Theme Contest

Welcome to our
Halo 4 Premium Theme Giveaway!

We have four Halo 4 Concept Art Premium Themes that were given to us by the fine folks at 343 Industires @HaloWaypoint and @bsangel and we have decided to celebrate the opening of our Themes Section on the XAG Forums we are going to give them to You The Fans!

4 ways to enter!

The contest is very simple you can enter up to four different ways or all four for your best chance to win.

:XAG Website Contest:
Please visit our website http://www.XBOXAvatarGEAR.com and sign up for our mailing list on the right hand side. Plus Comment and LIKE at the bottom of this thread telling us your most memorable HALO Moment from any of the games, Mutiplayer or campaign.

:XAGForums Contest:
All you have to do is comment here telling us you favorite Halo Multiplayer Map from Any of the Halo Franchise games. Must be a Registered “ACTIVE” member of the forums with more the 5 posts. We will not be accepting people who have only 1 post.
:FB Facebook Contest:
Must like and Comment on our Oficial Contest Picture telling us what you enjoy about XAG.
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HALO FANS @XBOXAvatarGEAR is giving away Four HALO 4 Premium Themes. 4 WAYS TO ENTER! RE-TWEET & FOLLOW. Details Here http://tinyurl.com/85xbrkv

 Contest starts NOW and will run till May 20th 2012 at Midnight EST
You can enter either way you want or ALL 4 ways for the best possible chances of winning. Good Luck and thanks for being an XAG Fan!

22 Responses to “Halo 4 Premium Theme Contest”

  1. My favorite Halo memory is the midnight release of Halo Reach. Two of my best friends and I had worked almost a year on our Halo suits to show up for the launch. As everyone was standing in line waiting, the three of us came walking up to an unbelievably loud cheer. Our armor was not perfect, but it looked damn good. We even had a few people want pics of us Tea-bagging them. lol

  2. My favorite Halo moment was when Bungie day 2010 i believe it was Bungie vs the World event i stayed up 24 hours trying to play against bungie to get Recon armor (this was when it was rare) and i had no luck at all and Bungie Day was over so i started playing custome games with a couple of friends and we were changing the map and while i was waiting for the game to start i was lucky enough to find the amazing Recon armor in my unlocks i must have done something special because my friends that i was playing with stayed up with me aswell but they didnt get recon i was so suprised that day and every game i got into was OMFG HE HAZ RECON!!! it felt really special to me…

  3. My favourite halo memory was finishing halo reach on legendary solo, I was so relieved after doing one of the most challenging things you can do on halo.

  4. Most memorable moment playing Halo, would have to be playing system link Halo 2 with my friends. It got crazy playing blood gulch and lockout. ToP on Ascension was amazing too.

  5. The most memorable scene in Halo was in Halo 3 Legendary Ending when MC says to Cortana “Wake me, when you need me” regardless if the UNSC would rescued them or die in the space because they were in an unkown location.

  6. First time I got a perfection in Halo 3 🙂

  7. eLTrucote Says:

    most memerable HALO moment was the midnight release got home and start playing the game see Master Chief at the beginning

  8. thiennguyen8199 Says:

    has got to be blood gulch where i was driving my warthog and accidentally my friend blew the ground in front of me and the vehicle flip like crazy XD

  9. thiennguyen8199 Says:

    just have to be blood gulch when i was driving my warthog and my friend blew the ground in front of me making the vehicle flip like crazy XD

  10. My favorite halo moment was basically when I added up all the time I’ve spent on playing halo games and somehow got a rough estimate of 3000 hours which is equivalent to 125 days of slaughter…Amen

  11. DarthGalm Says:

    Tank beats ghost, tank beats hunters, tank beats everything!!! What else to say???

  12. “The Silent Cartographer” was my favorite Halo level and an awesome gaming experience.

  13. My favorite moment was bungie day. me and my friends tried all day to get in a game with bungie employ’s but we weren’t lucky enough to.

  14. Keys and Johnson’s death, may they be remembered…

  15. OmgSkins Says:

    My favorite moment… Lets see i have alot of favorite moments in halo, I have one time in halo 3 when i found a bungie member. And so i was a kid 10-12 at the time i was so excited i tea bagged him everytime i killed him. Another time was just playing with my uncles and cousins we played halo 1 alot we would bring my xbox to my grandma’s house. Another is just picking up the controler for the first time and playing my family loves halo thats why it’s my favorite game in the world!

  16. Favorite memory was playing co-op campaign w/my nephew & brother-in-law – I was driving & our Warthog got hit so we flipped – I kept driving, not realizing that they were thrown from the vehicle until my nephew started yelling at me over Xbox Live to stop – well, I stopped & backed up…promptly running both of them over. Much laughter ensued.

  17. randomalec Says:

    Favorite Halo memory is definitely spending countless hours and days on multiplayer local splitscreen with friends on Blood Gulch having fun with the flying tanks and warthogs. 🙂 Hours and hours of non-stop laughter would ensue.

  18. Favorite memory of Halo was getting into the Scorpion for the first time ever on the original Halo. The Assault on the Control Room level was, and always will be, my favorite. Getting to play that level again in the Anniversary game was awesome in HD!

  19. sgt Nomnomnom Says:

    My most memorable halo moment. Thats hard to narrow down…. I’d have to go with playing halo reach online for 27 hours straight on Bungie Day 2011 trying to play with Bungie, no luck there. Or beating Anniversary, 3, and Reach campaigns on Legendary in one day.

  20. My favorite memory was in Halo 3 the first time I tried multiplayer. Me and some guy were running at each other shooting and then did a melee attack at the same time, both dropping back and dying at the same time. I laughed so hard, but then that kept happening all the time and it didnt feel so special anymore.

  21. thekarmaspy Says:

    My momorable moment is when i was exited when i got my limited edition Halo 3 Xbox 360. I loved it so much i played Halo 3 for hours and hours on campaign straight crying for its epicness. From present day i still have my Halo 3 Xbox 360 shelved for its beauty next to my Halo posters.

  22. I have been playing the Halo series since back when I was only 7 years old with my dad. I played the Original Halo with him and was really excited about the release of Halo 2. At this point in my life, my dad went off to war and I was alone with my mom. I played the game every day and thought about him. Halo 3 had come out and he still wasn’t back. I played Halo 2 and Halo Combat Evolved and even though I had finished both of them, I still liked them because they reminded me of him. One day, when I was sitting in my 7th grade class, 14 at this point, I was called down to the Principals office. I walked slowly and cautiously, thinking I was in trouble. I knocked on the door and when it opened, my dad was standing there, Halo 3 in his hand.

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