XBOX Avatar Marketplace Release 5-15-12 Zumba Fitness: Rush & Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier™

Ghost T-shirtGhost T-shirtGhost Hoodie

30K Ghost CostumeBodark costumeRed Beret Costume

Kozak Ghost CostumeGhost HeadgearGhost Beanie

Ghost Drone

Hat & tees – 80 Hoodie & Helmet – 160
Prop – 240 Outfits – 320 & 400

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Avatar Marketplace

Zumba Fitness: Rush

UK Mod Crew NeckExhilarate VestZumba Team Track Jacket
Glam V-neck TeeVibe LeggingsVibe Racerback
Vibe V-neckPeace Bubble TankElectro Cargo Pants
Zumba Fedora

Tees – 80 Hat, Hoodie & pants – 160

ZumbaFitness: Rush Avatar Marketplace

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