The Official XAG WP7 App Is Here. Looking for Beta Testers!

XAG is looking for WP7 Users who would like to Beta Test our latest App for Windows Phones. Please email us your Name and Email address and why you would like to Beta test for us with the heading XAG APP and we will send you an email if approved to Beta Test our app before it goes live. Must obviously have a Windows Phone and be willing to test the app extensively and send us any questions or suggestions about the app. Thanks for your help!

The XAG App is for those who have a Windows phone and want to stay connected to XAG, all in one great app. You will have full access to our Facebook, Twitter, Website, YouTube, Ect.. Stay up to date on all the XBOX Avatar happenings, now right on your windows phone.

2 Responses to “The Official XAG WP7 App Is Here. Looking for Beta Testers!”

  1. houdrummer Says:

    I’ve sent an email asking to test this, please let me know if there are any requirements needed for me in order to test the app.

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