FREE Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter XBOX Avatar Hat

Today we see the release of another Freebie, This time it is the Free Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Hat. Look for the advert on the Dashboard, watch the 10 second video and then it will take you to another screen then scroll over to the far right and it will say avatar item, click and download and here is what you will get! So far USA, let us know if you see it in your country. Remember sometimes you have to sign out and sign back in to get different ads.

15 Responses to “FREE Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter XBOX Avatar Hat”

  1. how many times would I have to log in and out to get it

  2. Thanks for the tip on logging in & out – another tip is check the games section of the dash – there are an additional 5-6 ads under that section.

  3. SEGA128DC Says:

    Hmm, I don’t see the ad for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter on the dashboard? Are they still giving away the avatar hat?…

  4. Is this freebie still available?

  5. Peter R Says:

    Which advert am I looking for exactly?

  6. is still gettable as of july 4th?

  7. Is it still going on?

  8. hey guys its july 14 2012 i manage to get over 7 free stuff for my avatar but that hat i cant find it and i cant also find the carsland ad help anyone

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