FREE Gears of War: Judgment Baird’s Goggles


Gears of War Facebook page is giving away the NEW Baird’s Googles for sharing the New Gears of War: Judgment Video on your page. Just go to their facebook page and click on the Judgement E3 2012 Announcment and it will ask you to share the video and you will recieve these Baird’s Goggles.


13 Responses to “FREE Gears of War: Judgment Baird’s Goggles”

  1. SEGA128DC Says:

    Hmm, I can’t figure out how to get Baird’s goggles!!!…

  2. It keeps taking me to my home page D:

  3. th code that was given 2 me says its already been used… was this 4 real or was another hype/scam?

  4. i have tried but haven’t got the code i don’t really understand what to do. Please help me

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