Wreck-It Ralph XBOX 360 Avatar Code Giveaway E3 2012 Exclusive

 Wreck-It Ralph XBOX Avatar Code Giveaway!!

Today we are proud to announce we are starting the next XAG Code Give away. We are giving away a Male and Female Wreck-It Ralph XBOX Avatar T-Shirt E3 2012 Exclusive to two lucky winners. These Avatar Shirts are VERY rare and were given out to people at E3 2012 to promote the new Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph.

Also BIG Thanks goes to www.WeTheGamerz.com for donating the codes. Please check them out!

We have decided to try and use the Rafflecopter so you will need to do a few things to enter. Please follow this link to the Facebook Raffle App.

Contest rules:

  • Must complete the Rafflecopter Entries Here
  • Follow @XBOXAvatarGEAR on Twitter
  • Tweet about the contest each day for more points to win.
    Want to WIN a Wreck-It Ralph XBOX Avatar T-Shirt? @XBOXAvatarGEAR is giving them away & I entered to WIN! Details Here http://wp.me/p1Hyno-Na
  • Like XBOXLIVEAvatarGear on Facebook
  • Join the XAG Forums
  • Like and leave a comment below telling us your favorite Disney Movie of all time.
  • Contest starts now and ends Sunday June 17th 2012 at 11:59pm EST

120 Responses to “Wreck-It Ralph XBOX 360 Avatar Code Giveaway E3 2012 Exclusive”

  1. Beauty and the Beast

  2. my favorite disney movie is the Game Plan

  3. Really looking forward to this movie so i’ll wear the shirt with pride :p

  4. Cartoon wise, Dumbo
    Live action : Old Yeller

  5. Favorite Disney Movie of all time…that’s a tough one…

    Guess I can’t say The Avengers right? =p

    I’ll go with Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl – best of the Pirate movies in my opinion (My second choice would be Fantasia)

  6. starkeee Says:

    Favorite Disney movie is Aladdin.

  7. I would say The Incredibles, and i like John Carter

  8. My favorite disney movie is The Lion King

  9. It’s my birthday and I feel a little bit lucky! I hope I win one! :3

  10. Pekin Duck Says:

    My favorite Disney movie is “The Million Dollar Duck”.

  11. mi favoryte disney movie is Toy Story 3

  12. my favorite disney movie is NEMO

  13. THiZZyesca Says:

    sick hope i can win

  14. i love the toy story series!!

  15. Andrew G Says:


  16. hentei McYerba Says:

    my favorite movie is Monster,Inc.

  17. my favorite disney movie is the lion kings

  18. My favourite is Monsters inc.

  19. My top favorite Disney movie is A Bug’s Life.

  20. Richard TRICKY Hudspeth Says:

    My favourite disney movie is UP

  21. My favorite Disney movie of all time is The Incredibles.

  22. rudeboy rick Says:

    Toy Story & Lion King

  23. OmgSkins Says:

    Theres alot of video game characters in this movie 😛

  24. You can never go wrong with Lion King!

  25. Favorite Disney movie is Toy Story

  26. Would love to win this the t-shirts look amazing and im a big fan of both PIXAR and Disney

  27. @wallyworld2_0 Says:

    Toy Story is my favorite.

  28. Mr Mutt Says:

    My favorite Disney movie is Fantasia! I just love the music!

  29. Favorite Disney Toy Story 3

  30. Disne havey many great Titles. THX 4 All You do in 36 Years.
    i love Bambi

  31. Sword in the Stone and The Great Mouse Detective are two of my favorites

  32. I guess my favorite Disney movie is The Jungle Book.

  33. Silence Says:

    My favorite Disney movie of all time is Toy Story 3. It was so intense, yet made me cry at the same time. A really great animated movie from the guys at Pixar/Disney.

  34. I Like Lilo & Stitch, but I may have to say….all of em lol

  35. This is a hard one…is most of them a good answer?

  36. My Favorite Is Ratotaille

  37. singa77 Says:

    my favourite is lion king

  38. Dominik Says:

    My favourite Disney Movie is Lion King

  39. adriano Says:

    my favorite movie disney is toy story

  40. Aunri James Says:

    The Fox and the Hound

  41. For me it’s gotta be Toy Story. I remember seeing it as a youngster and now my own kids watch it. Such a brilliant film!

  42. Glory Road. It’s technically a disney movie!

  43. Toy Story, hands down!

  44. Fav disney movie of all time is “The Lion King”

  45. The Lion King followed closely by Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Buena Vista, it counts!).

  46. Daniel Somoano Says:

    Toy Story. Get Real.

  47. My favourite Disney movie has to be Treasure Planet.

  48. Finding Nemo and Toy Story are kind of tied for me 🙂

  49. Toy Story 😀

  50. pinoquio 😉

  51. bueno

  52. Toy Story 1 by far!

  53. Thomas Ramsey Says:


  54. Toy Story 1 and the Lion King are the best Disney movies of all time.

  55. charis! Says:

    omg. prolly the lion king. first movie i ever saw in theaters too. loveeee it.

  56. Stifler4Life Says:

    A Goofy Movie has to be my all time favorite. I still watch it with my Dad to this day.

  57. The Incredibles

  58. My favourite Disney movie has to be Aladdin. Robin Williams as the Genie makes it a classic!!

  59. my favorite is Tangled

  60. Tangled (new one) but old time fav was Beauty and Beast (we need a remake)

  61. Jared Christian Says:

    A Goofy Movie Is the best

  62. tictac76 Says:

    The Lion King

  63. i like it, i want it.. 🙂 thx

  64. i like it , i want it.. 🙂 Thx

  65. Romping Cat Says:

    Sword in the stone!!!!! At 33 its the only disney film i can watch and enjoy all the way through!!!

  66. isaac D. Says:

    Favorite Disney movie has to be monsters inc

  67. Blake Weldon Says:

    My favorite Disney movie was Finding Nemo. That is, until I saw the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph. Bowser in a Disney movie FTW!

  68. Jerrod Alsip Says:

    Yes Please 😀

  69. TheGnarStar Says:

    My favorite Disney movie has got to be Finding Nemo or Toy Story

  70. Wall-E

  71. my favorite disney movie is “TRON” 😉

  72. GENxMURDAFACEx Says:

    Favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast

  73. I’d have to say either Finding Nemo or The Lion King

  74. Hmm, I think I gotta say: Favorite Disney movie has to be Lilo & Stitch. With that said: Can’t wait to watch Wreck-It Ralph!

  75. marioa64 Says:

    I want this

  76. My favorite Disney movie is Lion King

  77. I’m down for this.

  78. Oops, forgot to say my favorite movie was the A Bug’s Life. An underappreciated classic, I think.

  79. my favorite disney movie is Tron (1982)

  80. my favorite Disney movie is Cinderella.

  81. I may have a updated fave, wreck it ralph, another fave is, mousetrap, i loved that show!

  82. Eudy Calleja Says:

    My Favorite Disney Movie is Finding Nemo and my daughter loves Pooh.

  83. Toy Story 🙂

  84. Grant L. Says:

    My favorite is The Lion King.

  85. SuperWoody64 Says:

    Toy Story

  86. Toy Story!

  87. spectral jester Says:

    Favourite Disney movie is Lion King, Ive watched that so many times

  88. sporeboy100 Says:

    toy story

  89. Yeah!

  90. one crazy idiot Says:

    My favorite Disney movie would have to be Black Hole. Kinda got lost in the shadow of some other lesser know movie. Something about Warring Stars with an Aluminum Falcon.

  91. SEGA128DC Says:

    My favorite is The Lion King…

  92. Lion King, definitely!

  93. I want one so bad. :[

  94. Eli Eck Says:

    I’d say my favorite movie was Finding Nemo<3

  95. My favorite would have to be Cars

  96. Nikius89 Says:

    my favourite is The Fox and the Hound 🙂

  97. My favorite has always been Aladdin

  98. I will always love Beauty and The Beast and Alladin!

  99. First of all it was Dumbo. When it was released i changed to The Lion King but since a couple of years ago i changed my favourite Disney Movie to UP… its first 10 minutes has stolen my heart.

  100. The 1951 Alice In Wonderland.

  101. My favorite is Sucker Punch

  102. marcelacatalan Says:

    My favorite is Sucker Punch 🙂

  103. blueamcat Says:

    Favorite Disney movie by far is The Lion King.

  104. I’d say the Lion King but Disney-Pixar’s The Incredibles just blows my mind.

  105. AwwwYeah Says:

    looks good 🙂

  106. I’d say Monster & Co.

  107. jpowell13 Says:

    gonna have to go with the toy story movies

  108. Michael Says:

    finding nemo….disney pixar so i hope that counts, if not then it has to be aladin

  109. my favorite is cars

  110. Ena Cooper Says:

    the little mermaid

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