HALO 4 Master Chief Armor 4 Code Giveaway!

Halo 4 is still a while away.
BUT.. XAG has what you need to hold you over!

Today we start our NEW Contest.
The Halo 4 Master Chief Armor 4 Code Giveaway!
We will be giving away 4 Halo 4 Master Chief Armor codes to 4 lucky XAG Fans. 4 Different ways to enter. 4x the chances of winning! We are going to hold a contest on Facebook, Twitter, Forums, and our website all at the same time. Enter in one, or all four, the choice is yours. Good Luck to all and now time for the Rules!

Contest starts NOW and ends July 1st 2012 at Midnight EST

We are going to use RaffleCopter again since it worked so well last time.
Please follow this link to our Facebook App and complete all required challenges.


www.XBOXAvatarGEAR.com Contest rules:

  • Must post a comment on this page down at the bottom telling us why you would love on of these Halo 4 Master Chief Codes. No begging necessary, just tell us why you feel you are a Big enough HALO fan to deserve one. Please be creative, Just a simple “I am a Huge Fan” will not win it.
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  • Must sign up for our XAG Email list on the front page in the top right of the website.
  • 1 Entry per person ONLY Please
  • We will pick 1 person from the website to receive 1 Halo 4 Master Chief Armor Code

Facebook Contest Rules:

  • Must post on the Official Contest Picture your favorite Halo Game.
  • One Entry Per Person Please
  • We will pick 1 person from the Facebook Picture Page to receive 1 Halo 4 Master Chief Armor Code
  • Must be a Fan of XAG’s Facebook Page

Twitter Contest Rules:

  • Must Tweet this exactly ” Hey HALO Fan, Want to win a HALO 4 MASTER CHIEF ARMOR AVATAR CODE? @XBOXAvatarGEAR is giving away 4 CODES! Follow & RT http://wp.me/p1Hyno-NG
  • 1 Entry per day untill the contest ends, but may re-tweet as many times as you like.
  • Must Follow @XBOXAvatarGEAR to qualify to win.
  • Winner will be chosen at random and DM’d your code.

Forum Contest Rules:

  • Must post a comment on our Official Halo 4 Master Chief Armor Thread Telling us how YOU are the Biggest HALO Fan, Or a HALO related Story.
  • 1 Entry per person Please
  • Must be a member of our Forums
  • If you are a new member please say “Hi” in the Introduce Yourself Thread
  • We will pick 1 person from the Forum Comments to receive 1 Halo 4 Master Chief Armor Code

Good Luck to all. Contest rules subject to change at any time.

134 Responses to “HALO 4 Master Chief Armor 4 Code Giveaway!”

  1. i would love to have this avatar item beacose i have athe lamest avatar of my friend and i don’T have money to buy some of those please make me win

  2. I’n not a big HALO fan, but i really like this series of games. I really like Halo CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3. I must buy Haloe 3 ODST and Halo Reach 😀

  3. jpowell13 Says:

    i should win one of these codes cause master chief, cortana and chuck norris said so

  4. Miguel_Rojo Says:

    My favorite game is Halo: combat evolved as it was the first game I got for the original xbox and I stuck with it for years, Can’t beat the classics. I have subsequently played all of the Halo games since and I’m eagerly awaiting Halo 4, and if my avatar was rocking this armor he would look kick ass 😀

  5. My favorite game is Halo: combat evolved as it was the first game I got for the original xbox and I stuck with it for years, Can’t beat the classics. I have since played all the Halo games and I’m eagerly awaiting Halo 4. Also, my avatar would look pretty bad ass wearing this armor 😀

  6. I own and have completed every Halo game several times even on legendary (apart from Halo Wars can only manage hardcore on that) I think that shows how big a fan I am.

  7. I should win this because my very first game i had ever played was Halo: Combat Evolved and I absolutely loved it and I continued to play Halo 2 and so on and earned every achievement in Halo 3 and ODST, Reach (all the original achievements anyways), and Halo CEA.

  8. Ah! I’m too big of a Halo fan. I’ve spent the last month rounding up the final cheeves in all 6 games to get it done before Halo 4. I have just three to go and am at 99.11%. Own books, toys, every Legendary Edition, and other nonsense I really couldn’t afford : /

    (Been working 70 hours a week so I can afford this year’s L.E.)

    Gamertag: Robomination

  9. Infinite_Evil98 Says:

    I feel that I should win one of these codes as I am a big fan of the series, having read all of the novels and owned each and every game, beating all of them on heroic or legendary, and I plan on buying all of the future games and any novels. I can tell you the names of the species easily(Sangheili, Jiralhaenae, Unggoy, kig-yar, san ‘shyuum, etc. don’t think I got those names off of halopedia, i refuse to use those sources. I speak a litle bit of sangheili as well (wort wort wort) That is why I feel I should earn a code, thank you for your time reading this.

  10. I would love to add this to my avatar collection. I’ve missed out on all chances to get any halo armor so this would be awesome

  11. Halo is my fav game of all time played them all and give credit to them for all the games that are out now (with them inventing regn health) cant wait to see mor halo games coming out.

  12. To be honest, I’m not really -that- huge of a Halo fan. I do own the novels, graphic novels/comics, play the games (Halo 3 daily), etc though. Just not gonna exaggerate or anything just to win. Lol. However… The main reason I do want to win is because I’d love to have the Halo 4 Master Chief Armor for my avatar because I’d -most likely- use it for as long as I own a Xbox. I absolutely love the look of it. *crosses fingers* 😀

  13. Well, I want to win the item because only I am cool enough to handle Master Chief’s apparel. All of you are fakers! x3

  14. i would like one of theese im a huge fan of halo i ware it with pride

  15. one crazy idiot Says:

    Ever since I got the three best games in the series (Halo 3, ODST, and Reach) my eyes have opened and I thoroughly enjoy the series.

  16. I would like one because Master Chief Armor is so cool that I’ll ditch my closet just for his Armor.

  17. orochinagis Says:

    It was love at first sight, when I visited a friend in his house, he just put a random game on his xbox, the consoles I never liked then the opening theme sounds ann it wast fantastic, the vibe, the epicness of Halo 1 opening just….wow, I was charmed by that game.

    It was only when I get my 360 when I fully follow the series with Halo 2 and his magistral opening with hight charity and the Halo ring destroyed when I decided to get inmerse in this universe of Halo.

  18. DarthGalm Says:

    I’m the biggest Halo fan because I am Master Chief himself, but I’ve lost my suit so I thought you could send me a code so that I can fight the Covenant and the Prometheans. Thanks in advance. John 117, Master Chief.

  19. I would love to win this HALO avatar armor because I have been a pretty big HALO fan from back in the day. I own every HALO game to date. I even own two sets of HALO cups(one for use and one to keep). My avatar would look pretty beast in that armor as it would be a fantastic addition to my HALO avatar gear!

  20. Halo has been in my life since it was born, Master Chief and I are bros. I have a Halo tattoo and plan to get more. Also I collect every variant of every Halo game case.

  21. I’ve been playing the Halo games from day one, and have read all the books. Last year I flew out to attend HaloFest 2011.

  22. I would love to win this because it would match my avatar energy sword!

  23. I would like to win because I got all previous halo avatar items but no this one yet

  24. OkamiDaemon Says:

    I love Halo series, what can i say, i played every single halo game and each one it´s an awesome experience, the story is awesome, love the soundtrack, and the multiplayer is so addictive. Halo is the game.

  25. i have every halo known to man i even have sa master chief armor outfit plus i have all sorts of pictures im a plus

  26. Halo is the only game series that has never let me down in terms of gameplay, balance, storytelling, and overall experience and enjoyment. I would just like to have the armor code for the sole reason that it is a piece of the Halo franchise. Plus it looks awesome!

  27. My first FPS was Halo 2 in a friends house…never ever played online before…I sucked so bad!! but didn’t care cuz I was having so much fun…even if I didn’t kill anyone online lol. My friend laughed at me back then…he’s now proud of me for loving Halo series and actually killing something 🙂 haha Halo is definitely one of the best series out there! ♥

  28. Ever since 2001, i’ve been a fan of the Halo series. Besides from playing most of the games, I’ve also watched the movie HALO: LEGENDS which showed 7 fantastic stories set in the universe of Halo. Both the story and visual graphics in the movie and in the games are stunning and awesome.

  29. I’ve got every single halo game to date including halo wars. I’ve beat halo reach on legendary solo which is quite a challenge. I’ve got halo combat evolved for PC, xbox and the anniversary edition. I’ve bought halo gear to kit up my xbox avatar so I can fully cloth him in halo gear if I wish. Halo is one of my favourite shooters and is the reason why people should buy an xbox instead of a playstation.

  30. I went on a trip from Minnesota to Washington and my friend and I went inside Bungie studios. Best trip ever. Proof https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=158276284194317&amp%3Bset=t.505818611&amp%3Btype=3&amp%3Btheater

  31. Jack Sweet Says:

    Halo 3 for the win can’t wait for the next halo game

  32. need need need kkthxbb 😉

  33. I would like one because Halo make me a xbox fan for life. it made me the big shooter fan for consoles. and I remember the first time talking the first halo and just loving all of it. and then all the LAN parties we had with multiple xboxs and tv all split screen. it single handlely made me a “xbox fanboy for life”, i have the novels, read them all. and I even have the action figures UNOPENED in my room hanging on my wall. and ofcourse i have every Halo since the orignal.l and I have completed every halo 1000GS except halo wars. but come on that game was hard. and i wasnt the biggest RTS fan. just saying. 😉 I even have the halo avatar awards and suit for halo CE aniversary edition. and I even have the code for the very limited Halo Reach spartan helmet and suit. and this would only complete my collection. Id have blue armor, the halo ce armor and the new bad @$$ Halo 4 armor.

  34. Love collecting exculsive avatar stuff would be awesome to have

  35. Jakob Main Says:

    I love being able to have a chance to win these codes because I like having a chance to win something nice to wear for my avatar.

  36. I deserve this Halo 4 avatar suit because ever since I played Halo 3, (my first Halo) I have been hooked onto this game series. I wish I played Halo 2, (I got CEA to make up for the first released title in the series) but I was a wee little child who was banned from violence :(. If I did play Halo 2, I would’ve enjoyed it! Moving on, my avatar is dressed in full Halo avatar gear (excluding shoes)! I keep my hunt going for all Halo avatar items. I also already pre-ordered the limited edition of Halo 4. I’ve been waiting for Halo 4 since the trailer at E3 2011! It’s just a few months away! And multiplayer: It’s been my favorite mode in the Halo series ever! I’ve probably added up to 500 hours of multiplayer gameplay. The introduction of Firefight also got me going into this series. Killing elites is my Halo paradise.

    With all of this information, you can tell I really need this avatar suit. It would be an excellent addition to my digital collection of Halo.

  37. I am def. a huge halo fan since the original on plain xbox, the day my friend let me borrow his xbox an copy of halo i had to have it my friend would beg for it back saying comment’s like my box is starting to smell like you… lol i had to have it went out an bought my own box an copy of halo, even used a program called xboxconnect through my computer to play multiplayer over the internet before there was an xbox live an the pc version which i also bought an still have. Since my first experience with halo i have acquired all the legendary edition’s collecting the helmet, statues, etc… When the anniversary edition came out was like i was a teenager again reliving so many memories of long nights playing such a phenomenal game. This war master chief has taken on i wish for it to never end. I’ve never settled for less then a legendary win when it comes to difficulty. The multiplayer experience is a must an paved the way for all shooters. I brand the halo avatar gear all the time and would love the chance to show off the new digg’s.

  38. Sean Ewing Says:

    I would love one of these codes because I am an avid Halo collector. I have been collecting Halo “stuff” since Combat Evolved when it changed the landscape of multiplayer and FPS games. My collection has gotten larger as the years have passed, and I would love to add this into my collection and wear it with pride! Spartan 117 (John) is most definitely the coolest super hero figure that I can think of to date (in my opinion of course). I am so glad that they are continuing his saga.

  39. I own every Halo game minus two, have bought Reach and ODST on day one, and I’m lacking in Halo gear. My brother took the Chief code from Halo: CEA 😦

  40. because i cant afford to keep wasting my money and you are awesome people and i would sureley appreciate if you give me a halo 4 master chief suit thank you!!!

  41. Obviously I am a pretty big Halo fan, so I would love to have a code for the Halo 4 Armor – It will make my nephew very jealous!

  42. Halo is more then a game to me. It’s a part of me…

  43. I THINK IM ONE OF THE BIGGEST HALO FANS OUT THERE im not kidding when i say this i have been playing halo since i was 2 and ever since then i have been hooked on this game i have bought every halo that has a legendary edition and even though there were some bad HALO’S like halo wars and reach i still kept them because i absolutely love halo i have tons of halo clothes costumes and collectibles around my house i have played halo non stop and i cant wait for halo 4 i will be getting Special edition again i would love this halo 4 suit (male) because i never get to go to E3 or any special conventions because of financial issues but i still love and play my halo so i hope i win!!

  44. I Love halo since i was a little boy, I would beat the story anytime i like the fact that your a super soldier saving the world like your the only hope. I like storys that way so master chief became one of my favorite characters of all games. I would love to win one of these suits so i can show my pride of being a halo fan. I’ve been to Halo fest back in 2011 got my hands on some pretty nice swag like the cortana chip= my favorite prop even though its not rare anymore.
    I wish best of luck to all of you guys!

  45. Caleb C Says:

    I love the Halo series with a passion. seriously my favorite game series that got me to buy an xbox in the first place. My favorite game of the series would have to be Halo 3. I love reach and all the innovations, but Halo 3 would have to be the best game thus far story wise. not to mention it included the CHIEF!! Very much looking forward to Halo 4 🙂

  46. my favorite was the halo one of the first games I finished the house of a boy’s childhood friend, we played until dark that was the best! after we played Halo 2 until you finish all season and spent time when Halo 3 came out I already had bought a console and I finished the whole campaign, then play Halo ODST and it caught my devoted nowadays that is no longer used a spartan and now finally reach the halo game I really like this game I have almost all the achievements I have 67/69, I have some posters of almost all the halo and for that reason I think I’m a fan of halo!! 😀

  47. Nikius89 Says:

    I’d like to win because one halo armor is a must have for xbox players, and I still miss it. this could be a good opportunity to repair 🙂

  48. I’m not a halo fan at all! I’m a massive halo fan it was and still is one of my fav game out

  49. I want to win cause I haven’t had an awesome costume Foreeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrrr

  50. I will normally wear the outfit of the game I am playing if I can. Being the Halo Fan that I am, I would love the new MC armour.

  51. As I said on the Facebook page I loved me some Halo 3, but a very close second would be ODST. Shame I didn’t get to have nearly as much fun in coop or firefight like I did Halo 3, but when I did it was fantastic. The visuals were stunning, the music was spot on with emotional depth, and the new silenced weapons kicked all sorts of ass. It even came with a separate disc with every Halo 3 multiplayer map released and new ones with achievements to boot that allowed you to finally grab the coveted Recon armor.

  52. nymphonomicon Says:

    I’m not really the biggest Halo fan, but I do enjoy shinies. I suppose my Avatar would look pretty good in that outfit and it would hide his hair until mine grows out again…

  53. Really hope i get this.. I am a huge fan of Halo since i was little.. I hope i ca pimp my avatar withh this.. I dont have much avatar gear so XDD BTW Halo 4 will be the best game of the year i know it!!! ;D

  54. Grant L. Says:

    I want a code because my avatar looks like crap and I need a new outfit to wear. I also happen to be a fan of the Halo series.

  55. ENTRY: Why I want the code?
    I want the code cause it looks awesome!
    Plus, I was a halo fan since I was 6.
    You probably won’t pick me, but I would really love to have that code.
    And I’m excited for Halo 4.

  56. I am a huge fan of Halo and have been since I first played it. I own Halo Combat Evolved for the PC and original Xbox. I bought the limited version of Halo 2, the Legendary version of Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, the Legendary version of Halo Reach, and even the Limited Edition Halo Wars. I intend to purchase the Limited Edition of Halo 4 as well. As one can see, I am huge Halo fan. The reason I even got an Xbox was because of Halo and Halo 2.

  57. I’ve been a Halo fan since Halo 2. I got Xbox live to play it and have for the past 7 or so years been playing every version of Halo I can get my hands on. I want to get this armor because I especially love collecting rare and interesting things pertaining to Halo.

  58. i dont believe im the biggest halo fan, i KNOW i am the biggest fan deserving of a code. i enjoy the halo stories and love to immerse myself into the universe. oh and i am trying to get 343i to designate all its fans with there own unique spartan number like John being 117 and carter as S259. so to be part of the group of people to have a halo4 spartan armourfor my avatar would be a great honour!
    XAG & halo FTW!

  59. Faheem123 Says:

    I deserve it because i have bought every Halo game ever released.Now i am also buying Halo 4.But could get Halo 4 armor since it is not released in marketplace.

  60. i really want that code because i am tying to collect every rare avatar code but so far i have nothing and this would be a very great way to start

  61. cloakedonyx Says:

    I started my Halo career when I was 8 years old and now I am 19. I have all the games including Halo PC and Halo 2 PC. I also have all the achievements for every game from Halo Wars to Halo 3 (In chronological order. My gamertag is Cloaked Onyx if you don’t believe me). I have participated in 2 Halo Fests. One after Halo 3 and one before Halo: Reach. I’ve competed in MLG competitions in my area, won a first place a few times. Right now, it is my mission to have every collectors edition of ever Halo game. So far I have Halo: Reach Legendary Edition, Halo: CE Anniversary and I pre-ordered and bought off the Halo 4 Limited Edition. My ultimate goal is to get the first collectors edition of Halo Combat Evolved that came with the Halo themed Xbox released in 2001. I wanted that when I first saw it when I was 8 years old. I will get it and that’s a promise.

  62. I like Halo series after playing halo 3 (this was my first Halo), and then i couldn´t stop playing this games. I really love Halo wars, one of my favourite RTS games. I think wearing this suit should be the best to let people know how i like them and how nice they are.

    I know i´m not the biggest fan here, but this is because i don´t have all the time i want to play them.

  63. The sole purpose i even bought the xbox was to play Halo. I Still have the original LE green halo Xbox. (Would Gladly post a picture of it) I have use the odst armor on my avatar since i got my hands on it. I already pre-orders Halo 4 so looking for a great way to get an extra boost into the next chapter of the Legendary halo Chapter.

  64. Giving this to the kiddo. Very cool.

  65. Been Playing these games from these guys since the First marathon game came out and went with them Playing Halo which i really enjoyed 🙂 Now even passing on the fun to my Son who loves halo and hope very many good things too continue with 343 Taking over 🙂 Thanks for all the years of fun 🙂

  66. I’m a Halo fan since first and haven’t missed a single title and love the halo world although I’m nothing compared to pure halo fanatics as my MP skills are terrible but still I love Halo

  67. This is gonna be sweet to have on my avatar. 😀

  68. Niko Bellic Says:

    I would love an armor code because i really like the halo games, i have played all of them extensively, and have gotten all of the achievements for halo 3, halo wars, odst, and reach(except for some dlc cheevos.)

  69. I would really love one of these codes because Halo is my favorite video game franchise of all time. I own all of the games and follow the story. The gameplay of Halo is so amazing and the plot is great! I love not only the games but the universe itself; the books, the stories, the motion comics, even the machinimas like Arby n the Chief and Red vs. Blue. The only reason I bought an Xbox 360, even though it was greatly discouraged by my friends, was because of Halo. In fact, I shake my head at my friends that told me to exchange my 360 for a ps3 because they just don’t understand. It is my dream to study video game design and one day work at 343 Industries to work on one of the future Halo games. It would be my own personal way of giving back to Halo and the Halo community for everything that Halo has given to me.

  70. Scott Hansen Says:

    I have been a Halo fan for the better half of my life. I love all of them and cannot really pick a favorite because they are all awesome! I played all of them through and through, and cannot wait for Halo 4. In fact I had a dream last night about microsoft announcing a Halo 4 console and I went right in to preorder it! Could the wait be any longer?

  71. Hey, I have been a massive halo fan since 2001 and I own all of the games in the series (CE, 2, 3 ODST, Reach, Wars, CEA) it was the first video game I ever had and I loved it got me into game development and i’m still learning. I am getting the lilited edition of Halo 4 in November.

    Thank you.

  72. Because… my Avatar is a huge fan? And not a ceiling fan or something like that. He’s like… he really likes Master Chief 😛

  73. Mandafeet Says:

    I played Halo for almost 9 years sence Halo 1 came out.and i realy want a code.

  74. Mitchell Says:

    I love halo it’s my favorite video game. It was the first Xbox game I got and I pre ordered halo 3 before I even bought an Xbox 360. I own all the halo games and I’ve already pre ordered the halo 4 collectors edition. I also love customizing my avatar to make it look cool and this would be perfect! Thanks for having a contest like this!

  75. I’m a rare avatar prop/clothes collector and if you’re giving me the chance to own one of these sweet Halo 4 MC armors, I must try to win it. Plus Halo 4 looks really cool, I feel it’s going to be a little different than Bungie’s Halo but I think that is a good “different”.

  76. I believe I should win one of these halo 4 master chiefs because I have halo 1,2,3,3odst,reach, and wars and anniversary. also preordered halo for limited edition and I have halo reach limited edition. I have almost all halo related achievement. And have all of the armor from halo waypoint for halo reach. Also I check everyday for new vids on halo waypoint. Also u know that guy that got smashed by the flying blown up warthog. That was his christmas present from me:)

  77. I really want this avatar armor, 2 of my friends already have it and feel cool with it, i wanna show them that they arent the only ones that can get it, plus every avatar costume on the marketplace looks lame compared to this! this is somthing new and fresh!

  78. I would want the code because I was not able to go to the E3 and it would be nice to have something that’s halo related.

  79. Federico Says:

    I want this gear 😀

  80. i believe i should win because i beat halo3 on legendary by not doing a single thing. i joined a clan and was terrible at halo 3, so durring the campaign on legendary i just hung out in a safe place and let my team spawn from me, i beat the entire game from a nice safe cosy corner- i should be able to win this armor out of cheekiness alone 🙂

  81. SuperWoody64 Says:

    Halo is the best and I own the CE for every game except the first of course.

  82. I want to the code because I don’t have one.

  83. great game no doubt .. halo rocks…
    Halo 3 master chief and every other spartan are awesome…..

  84. Double9Tricks Says:

    I deserve this code because ive gotten tons of hours stacked up playing halo 2, 3, odst, reach, and anniversary. And because I batman people on reach. (Falling Assassinations) Sgt Lipton says Ive earned it.

  85. maxim1248 Says:

    I play HALO from there 1st release and will be playing all my life also i have hallo t-shirts and my xbox is hallo 4!!

  86. Halo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. i love the halo series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. I shouldwin the male code because i have hundreds of hours in Halo 2. ToP all the way

  89. I Would Love a Code cuz it would help me take over the world, With my Normandy Ship & Cortana A.I, all i need is this Armour to make me unstoppable ^_^ and if i get the Armour i will take over the world under the name XAG…. THE WORLD WILL BE OURS WHAAHAHAH!!!!…… plz note im not going to take over the world really this is a jk LoL XD

  90. I’ve read the books. I own every single video game and add on they have ever made. I even have 100% of the achievements on a couple of them. I have a Halo original Xbox and a Halo Reach Xbox 360, both in working condition. I have figures, posters, two complete sets of trading cards including the rare Comic Con cards and flyers promoting them. I have tshirts, legos, stickers, keychains, action figures, 8 store standees, and the list goes on. Last but not least, I have a super big crush on the man of few words AND his beautiful AI Cortana. If they were real… the things I would do to them. It would be legen….. wait for it……. dary!!!!!!!!! LEGENDARY!

  91. ryan pagel Says:

    I deserve this because the chief made me the man I am today and I would like to honour him by taking on his uniform much the same as goku did with king kais symbol after completeting his training in the other world

  92. I Deserve this avatar item because the chief made me the man i am today and i would like to honour him by sporting his uniform much the same as goku did with king kais symbol after he had finished his training in the other world

  93. i like all the halo games, each one different, i dont compare one to the next, thats y the r all different nd hav gotten better over the yaers

  94. sporeboy100 Says:

    hope i win because i have been dedicated to HALO on the 360 since the REACH days, it proved that modern console shooters were not all cheap black and white regurgitations of the previous year’s shooter (im looking at YOU CoD!)

  95. Big fan!

  96. I should win because I want to win and I deserve to win and this is a run-on sentence and ohmygodtherearenomorespacesbetweenmywordsexclamationmark

  97. Jeancarlo Says:

    Halo was my first game, my best moments were spent in halo and halo ce reach … is the best fps

  98. CruelHeart Says:

    I can get this on eBay. Any contest is phony stuff. End of story.

  99. my favorite was the halo one of the first games I finished the house of a boy’s childhood friend, we played until dark that was the best! after we played Halo 2 until you finish all season and spent time when Halo 3 came out I already had bought a console and I finished the whole campaign, then play Halo ODST and it caught my devoted nowadays that is no longer used a spartan and now finally reach the halo game I really like this game I have almost all the achievements I have 67/69, I have some posters of almost all the halo and for that reason I think I’m a fan of halo.

  100. Anthony Says:

    My Favorite Halo was Halo Reach i Think bungie made halo truly popular because of reach

  101. Kila Duncan Says:

    I’d like this avatar armor because I am a great/huge halo fan, and kill for it! (Not literally XD ) I do have a pretty lame avatar and I’d love to show it off to my friends for once

  102. icedragon01 Says:

    The reason I am the biggest Halo fan is because I’ve been following the game since the first launch of the trailer. When Master Chief still had a robot voice. I’ve gotten every Halo 3 poster there is to get. I’ve gotten every Limited or Legendary edition of Halo that has come out. I’m a diehard fan that loves the series and even have the logo tattooed on my shoulder. This avatar armor would be perfect for my collection and I would definitely love to win it.

  103. codester Says:

    well good luck to everyone i might be missing this since don’t want to try my luck since mostly never wins anythings since i think contest are conisders unfair and Disadvantages since it really true.

  104. I would love one of the Halo 4 suits because Halo is my favorite gaming series of all time. Even though I have had an played every single Halo game ever released even Halo Wars. My Favorite would have to be Halo Reach. I would make my life if I were to win one of these amazing Halo 4 suits. I can’t wait til Halo 4 it seems like a lifetime before I will have it in my hands. I have Halo on my phone background, my computer desktop background, Halo Clothing. My girlfriend thinks I love Halo more than her lol.

  105. I have been looking for halo avatar gear for ages now and I still haven’t found any good ones. Now I finally found one on this site and it is free so why not try it.

  106. I should get this armor cause I love halo. I have every game in limited addition. Like halo 3 master cheif helmit, halo anniversary, the map packs for halo reach and the grunt gernade head shot explosion. Halo reach book. And more. I deserve this cause I love halo I even no everthing about it. So please I really want this.

  107. I have played all the halo games and I also also have the halo banshee avatar prop. also I was looking for some more and I found this site for the props. thanks for everything xbox avatar gear

  108. Mitchell Says:

    I am a Huge fan of Halo. Halo CE is the first game I ever got for my Xbox and the reason I got an Xbox 360 was for Halo 3. I even pre ordered Halo 3 before I bought an Xbox 360 (only because I knew my dad was going to buy me the next week). I have gotten every Halo on there release dates, even Halo CE, and all of them are special editions (except for Halo CE and Halo CE anniversary because they didn’t have any) and have beaten them multiple times, even on legendary. I have already pre ordered halo 4 collectors edition. I have gotten a few of the Halo mega blox sets and I was even an ODST for Halloween 2 years ago.I am also obsessed with making my avatar look cool, you can ask my friends…well I guess you can’t but still. I would love one of these codes. Thank you so much for having a contest like this!

  109. mathijs Says:

    when grow up I wanna be just like master chief

  110. halo is a great series mean I still pick them up and play it for days . It introduces a nice strait forward playing field as well as a nice flow of enemies instead of groups of tangos that pop out and its screen flow is nice because it doesn’t through things and obstacles so fast your brain can’t respond and you died. it is great it has plot twists and not only is it a story engrossing game its also is an artistic game. I’ve been a halo fan from the time I got my Xbox my 4th birthday March 27 ( the same birthday as Nathon Fillion) and my brother got CE on opening night and seance then I have fallowed Master Chief and will continue to fallow him to the end

  111. I have always loved the Halo series Halo,Halo 2,Halo 3,Halo 3 ODST,and Halo reach there all beast and i have never had a chance to get halo armor because i could never afford microsoft points to get the Halo armor i like having a unique avatar to show off to my friends i only gotten microsoft points once in my entire life. I have beatin every halo on every diffuculty and gotten every achivment on xbox and xbox 360 for every halo im the highest level that you could possibly be in halo.

  112. j ai toujours aime halo et je ne pourrai vivre sans car ceci et ma source de vie et halo pour moi et ma vie donc je merite d avoir l accesoir d avatar halo

  113. Jonathan Says:

    I’d like a code please because it’s rare and I want it.

  114. I absolutely love your blog and find a lot of your post’s to be exactly what I’m looking for.
    Do you offer guest writers to write content for you? I wouldn’t mind producing a post or elaborating on many of the subjects you write concerning here. Again, awesome blog!

  115. I love halo so much that I am really good at the game and I know everything about the halo universe.

  116. I would Love Them Because Ive Played HAlo All My life and i wouldnt be albe to afford one because the only person that works is my dad.if i get one of the code i would be so gratfull.

  117. I know Everything About HAlo I could Take a test about any subject about halo and pass it with Flying colors!

  118. ive Also Never Won Anything in my life and if i won i would be suprised because that would be the first

  119. Well I just fond this website looking up on google on the upcomeing halo 4 I am a huge halo fan I’ve played all of tgek read thw books my favoritw was halo 1 and I thought id be pretty cool to be rocken that halo 4 armor

  120. I would love to have it because almost everyone has halo costumes, or at least stuff like helmet, shirt, etc. But still I have none ( exept the avatar awards). Also all my Halo games don’t work (a amount of almost $150) . Good luck to the others and thanks (even that I won’t win) .

  121. Da Mike Man Says:

    Mikhail Chekhov Halo was the reason I bought an Xbox. Not going to lie, it gave the console a meaning. I have been a fan of the Halo series since the beginning, killing Covenant and Flood for over a decade now. When someone (such as myself) looks at Master Chief, we look at not only the ultimate bada**, we see the iconic Space Marine. The man who single-handedly stopped entire armies over and over.

    I have been with him since the time the Pillar of Autumn was boarded. I took down the first Halo, I defeated the prophets, I was at installation 000, I was the ODST, I blew up the shield world.
    I have played and replayed every single Halo game over and over.
    They are still as fun as they were the first time.

    Halo is a game that will not die and one that I shall be showing to my children (if I have any). I may not have a lot of money, so I only have a little amount of Halo gear.

    What Halo is it is no longer just a game, it is an entire universe. People get MARRIED with it. Proposals, weddings, so much more. So many things are founded on the Halo series, and I wish to connect myself with it more (with the little money I have).

    Thank you for taking the time to read this comment.

  122. SithLordGREVIOUS Says:

    i would die to be the one to get the male master chief armor i love halo i have been playing it since i was five (no joke) i pre order all of them and have every one even even combat evolved and anniversary and obsess over anything to do with it like im a huge red vs blue fan. halo has been my Favorite game from the start!!!!!!

  123. I remember playing halo AT&T friends house when I was little and always wanted the game I remember killing merines when board halo was and still is my favorite game ever it is the only reason I got an Xbox and I can’t wait for halo 4 it’s Guna be epic. I would l love the armor it would make me so happy I love halo. I love everything about halo. Halo is my life!

  124. i need a halo 4 code becasues i an a halo fan and has bought all the halos even halo 4 and plus i never win any thing plus that eletion thing riped me off so please choice me

  125. legostarwarstt Says:

    I what the Halo Master Chief Avatar, because I bought my x box 360 because of halo. I would of got an ps3, but i knew that without Halo, there is just no point of playing. Halo has beautiful graphics. The game I like the best is Halo Reach and Halo 4. They both have good campaign. I just started playing about a month ago. I dont have any avatar so, if I get the Master Chief Avatar, then I would be really really happy 🙂

  126. I don’t have any gear in my avatar and i want one in my avatar

  127. I absolutely LOVE Halo! It is sooo amazing but my parents refuse to by me Microsoft points so i can get stuff on the xbox 😦
    but I would like to win something since i never won something in my life and i at least would like to win this.

    Thank You for your time in reading this.

    Halo Fan,

    Daniil Akerberg

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