Paranorman XBOX Avatar Prop Spotted on the US Dashboard FREEBIE!

Be on the look out for the Paranorman Advert on the US Dashboard. When you click on it you can grab this Parnorman XBOX Avatar Prop Dog for your Avatar. Free XBOX Avatar Goodies is always a PLUS!

22 Responses to “Paranorman XBOX Avatar Prop Spotted on the US Dashboard FREEBIE!”

  1. I got one today

  2. haven’t seen it yet

  3. iamalosthobo Says:

    is this on the new public beta dashboard ? i also cannot find it 😦

    • No we think it is not on the new dashboard. We had to switch to an older Xbox to find it.

      • iamalosthobo Says:

        can i go back to original dash so i can get this avatar item then switch back to the dash beta ? I love free avatar items !! please HELP me xboxavatargear !!!

      • Sorry to tell you, but no you can not go back to the old dashboard. Sorry. Best way is to find a friend who has an un-upgraded XBOX and put your account on there. Or maybe over the next few weeks the adverts will start changing on the new dashboard.

  4. Thanks You Guys, Thanks to you I’ve won tons of free goodies from XBL

    On the contrary did the Verizon Advert only gave one avatar item? It said more were on the way

  5. Steadiedpluto4 Says:

    Is this avatar prop available to Canadian Xbox LIVE users?

  6. It’s been a few days, has anyone in the Beta been able to get this or see the ad pop up?

    • We still have yet to see it on the Beta dashboard.

      • kirbyrocket Says:

        I just saw the advert 3 times today. So it is still up!

      • helpmeguys Says:

        can u give me the birth year of the profile u got the paranorman prop ? i made a new canadian account with 1991 birthyear and skittles ads are everywhere, so maybe i can create a new account preferably canadian since it just popped up on those dahsboards but i need a birthyear HELP

  7. Still haven’t seen an ad for ParaNorman.

  8. Is this advert still there, Ive tried for the last 3 days to find it and cant see it

  9. Warren Riparip Says:

    I can confirm that is available on the Canadian accounts. You should be able to to see an ad to watch the trailer on the dashboard.

    • helpmeguys Says:

      what birth year is on ur console ,im asking because i created an account and put 1991 and its giving me skittles avatar prop. Anyone who has got this paranorman avatar prop please share the birth year u have on ur account please !

  10. Big Chill Says:

    It’s still there. I just got it this morning.

    • helpmeguys Says:

      on american or canadian dash ? and also what birth year is on ur account ? please respond xboxavatargear can u help me with ur birthyear on ur console cuz i know u have it 🙂

  11. helpmeguys Says:

    ok i figured it out, make a canadian account then go to Tom Hardy Lawless Advert then it should be inside with other Alliance films movie adverts !! ENJOY PEOPLE 🙂

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