Skittles Candy Pack XBOX Avatar Prop FREEBIE US Dashboard

A new advert for Skittles has been spotted on the US Dashboard. A decent little flash pinball game as well as downloads
for a Theme and Skittles Candy Pack Avatar Prop. Let us know if you see it on your countries dashboard.

The Advert has been giving a lot of people trouble, us included in finding it. For some reason it is not showing up very often at all, but many people have assured us that it is on the US Dashboard. Many fans have said they got it.

Here is Proof that it does exist.

Photo Credit: XBLMaximusNL

48 Responses to “Skittles Candy Pack XBOX Avatar Prop FREEBIE US Dashboard”

  1. SuperWoody64 Says:

    Good looking out. I hate the ad ones though since they never seem to show the ad you’re looking for. It took forever for my dash to show me the paranorman one.

  2. Radiant Zetagun Says:

    This prop is not real. Skittles never sponsored Xbox 360. The Skittles ads will not appear so plz don’t fall for this scam. You’ve been warned!

    • Do you think we make this up for the fun of it? Check your Gamer Pics and Themes, you will see Skittles. We agree it is not popping up in fact we have not seen it yet. But LOTS of others have and have the Skittles Prop, made videos of it, plus the image of the Skittles is from XBOX website.
      All that aside, we are NOT gonna post fake stuff. We benefit nothing by doing that.

  3. lilrick1101 Says:

    I got the ad for skittles once and only once so far but i didn’t know it had an avatar item if i had known that i would have looked for the item in the ad itself. The ad does involve a mini game. It has a pinball game in the ad. The main one I’ve been seeing today was an Obama ad. Why I don’t know. It starting to bother me because i keep seeing it constantly its getting annoying.

  4. shut up loser it is real just go to hell

  5. Meeeehhhhhhh Says:

    Why do people even bother with avatar props anymore??
    No one can see them animate anyway

  6. Radiant Zetagun Says:

    The Skittles prop is a scam. Seriously, nothing you guys say will ever convince me to change my mind to believing that it’s real. Skittles prop is not real and the ads never has those. Anyone who says they have it needs to see a doctor.

  7. Radiant Zetagun Says:

    This has gone far enough! I am going to have this post about this fake Skittles prop deleted. You just indiscriminately disclosed false information when these ads never existed!

    • You ain’t to bright is ya!?

      And I know, that’s you that is even posting on the video. Not sure why you keep insisting this is all a scam, maybe you hate Skittles and prefer M&M’s or something, but you are about to be banned from here. No one cares if you think it’s fake, you are only making yourself look even more stupid.
      Good luck.

      • thank you xboxavatargear your awesome

      • Can you give us some more info? What dashboard version are you using? I ask because I have refreshed my dash at least 200 times and have yet to even see the Dark Knight Rises IMAX ad, much less the Skittles.

        Most of my ads have been the same, Nokia and the Army…even sometimes playing on multiple pages. US Gold Member here.

  8. Mikey Reveliotis Says:

    Can’t find it 😦 I’m in the US and have a handy trick for the dashboard beta, but it still doesn’t show up 😦

  9. What is the trick by the way

  10. Been trying to get the ad to pop, but no luck so far.

  11. GateKeeper_A Says:

    Finally got it! One of my friends had the advertisement pop up on his profile, so I logged myself in on a second controller (Had to log him out of the first controller after that so it would read on my profile), then downloaded it! Four hours of my life wasted when my friend got it on the first try, . . .

    • Can you tell us, is your friend young? Trying to figure out why some people get it right away.

      • GateKeeper_A Says:

        He’s 18. I’m in my 30’s.

        I dont know why it was popping up for him. Every time we loaded the home page, the ad was on 2-3 pages.

      • Crazy, we have tried 4 different times and still yet to see it on our XBOX.

      • GateKeeper_A Says:

        The funny thing is, I was trying to show him now to nab a few of the other freebies (The Tablet & Dr. Peper Theme to be specific) when it showed up.

        I cant get the ad to show up on either my wife’s account, or either of my boy’s accounts either.

      • I’ve refreshed my dashboard like 20 times already and it still hasn’t shown up. I’m gonna go ahead and try this on my Xbox 😀

    • Yup. Just tried it. Showed up on the first try. o_O

  12. kirbyrocket Says:

    may you mark this as not rare because i got this ad 15 times today and i already have it. >.<

  13. this is real i looked it up on and i tried to download it from there and it told me it was not for my region and i live in the USA

  14. i still haven’t seen this ad show up 😦

    • Try signing in on your account and a friend’s account (the friend’s account on another controller) and odds are that the ad may show up on the second player’s dashboard. Then you can go into the ad and log out of your friend’s account and it will download to your account.

  15. I Created a silver account for a visiting family member and as soon as it singed on, there it was!! I have been looking for this prop since the first day it posted.It’s not the greatest idea, but try to make a new silver account and maybe you will get lucky too. I live in Louisiana,and i used 1991 as his birth year. Hope this can help you.

  16. Well, I had to change my date of birth, from my Windows Live account to finally see the Skittles ad on the Xbox dashboard! This is how to get the Skittles and Slim Jim ads…

    “Skittles and Slim Jim avatar item:

    Go to this link and log in with your US account:…=1043&id=38936

    Change your age to 01-01-1994 to get the Skittles pack advertisement. Change your gender to male, country to United States and the state to Florida to get the Slim Jim T-shirt advertisement.”

    i got this tip from a member of…

    it took about 1 minute for the Skittles ad to appear after refreshing the dashboard 4 times. This still won’t work for everyone, but it will for some…

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