McDonald’s & Dr. Pepper Minecraft Pig Head and Cow Head XBOX Avatar Helmets Text Promo FREEBIE

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Today a new Texting promotion has been spotted.


Text MCD to 737737 it will reply with.
DP: R u at least 13 yrs old AND live in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho? Text YEP or NOPE

Reply YEP and then it will send you a code for the Minecraft Pig Head

Type MCD again and reply with YEP again and it will send you a second code for the Minecraft Cow Head.

56 Responses to “McDonald’s & Dr. Pepper Minecraft Pig Head and Cow Head XBOX Avatar Helmets Text Promo FREEBIE”

  1. Warren Riparip Says:

    Do yuo have to be from Oregon, Washington, or Idaho?

  2. Got them both, thanks for the info!

  3. Anyone wanna send me the codes? would be a great help

  4. I guess its not a requirement…I just answered “YES” and got the codes even though my phone number is not from any of those states.

  5. phatcracka57 Says:

    Got them both!

  6. Im in the Netherlands could someone be so kind to send me a code over email?

  7. I cant get them it says: Message Failed. Shortcode may have expired or shortcode texting may be blocked on your account. Msg 1051

  8. Thanks for the tip! Just got both.

  9. Thaddeus Sharpe Says:

    Want me that pigs head! I’m in the UK anyone fancy lending me a hand?

  10. TheIronBiirth Says:

    Any Extra Charges? I am from the Uk, and I’m not 100% sure.. :/

  11. Could someone help me? Sometimes I really hate liviing in the UK -.-, thanks! 🙂

  12. The promotion says its over here in Canada. I don’t think it ever started in Canada. Or maybe they can tell that I’m not an American resident?

  13. Would love to get the pig mask, but belgium…. AARgh
    Anyone wanna help me get the code?


  14. Does anyone want to send 1 or 2 codes for the heads? I am a real great fan of Minecraft and it would be awesome to get 1 ;D

  15. HyperBloodSword Says:

    Just secured my avatar headwear from Minecraft of Pig and Cow kind.

  16. Have 6 extra codes. 3 per each helmet…now what should I do with them…

  17. im from Ameriica and i got it.

  18. Anyone want to help a uk guy out?

    I’ll repay the favour.

  19. I would be very appreciative if I could have a code, as my cell phone is currently out of service, so I didn’t get to try it.

    Thanks! ❤ (

  20. jasedakota Says:

    It’s 8:30 pm EST and I just tried and I got both items. I don’t think the promotion is over. I’m in the US, Ohio to be exact.

    • Thanks to you, I tried it out. I live in Florida, in the U.S., and I was still able to redeem these codes. (Roughly 8:45pm EST.)

    • Thanks to you, I tried, even though others had said that it was over. 🙂 I live in Florida, in the U.S., and I was able to redeem them. (Roughly 8:45pm EST when I messaged.)

  21. can some 1 please share whit me the codes? im from mexico >_< please??

  22. 11:37 PM EST and the codes still work. Thanks for the heads up XAG.

  23. I wanna get the codes but i live in mexico, someone can help me please?

  24. Unfortunately I’m not eligible 😦

  25. i guess i will never get them sucks not having a cell phone 😦

  26. some good Samaritan to send me a code, I’m from mexico I have not the opportunity and I really want one, thank you very much

  27. Joseph Lopez Says:

    Can someone help out, can’t send text message from Mexico, would really appreciate your help. Email:

  28. does this still work please message my gamertag:darkblader7 the code if u have an extra

  29. can someone give me one? i live in the UK

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