Official PES 2013 XBOX Avatar T-Shirt (RARE)

PES 2013

Official PES 2013 XBOX Avatar Shirt Spotted

We have secured a few of these codes from @PESFannews We will be doing our own giveaway VERY soon but If you would like to try and win one from them, be sure to follow them on Twitter and look for their giveaways. Be sure you say XAG sent you in the tweet!

16 Responses to “Official PES 2013 XBOX Avatar T-Shirt (RARE)”

  1. I will give a Kinect Sensor avatar prop and and Xbox ♥ You red shirt (I have male and female versions) to whoever will give me one of these shirts.

  2. I wants that! I love PES 🙂

  3. Can I get one of these?

  4. How do you get it what do i Tweet?

  5. Wildchild0369 Says:

    Love pes take me a avatar t-shirt please 🙂

  6. uno para mi!!

  7. i really want this xag i hope you guys can give me one

  8. i always play PES . it’s the better. Can you send me one XAG

  9. hello, one code male for me please XAG

  10. Can I have on please thanks

  11. legostarwarstt Says:

    Can i Have one…Please

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