Halo 4 Achievements Released! (SPOILER ALERT)



In the latest Halo bulletin 343 Industries has revealed the official Achievement
list for Halo 4, that’s right Achievement hunters, feast your eyes on these

“Gamerscore, and collecting the breadcrumb-like achievements
that augment that magical number, has evolved into an integral part of gaming.
Developing and designing these game-specific challenges might seem simple but is
quite a bit more complex once you begin digging into the psychology of a game,”
the developer said.

“Our primary goal when creating Halo 4’s achievements
was to reward milestones and increase replay value while balancing both
difficulty and the breadth of game modes. Our secondary goal was to live up to
Halo tradition with weird ass names for some of them (hello, The

Be warned that there are spoilers in the list below:


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