FREEBIE Spotted on US Dashboard Verizon 4G Hover Board Avatar Prop

There is an ad on the Xbox dashboard for Verizon called “Visit The Fasterpiece Theatre” it has a free avatar prop for a Verizon 4G Hover Board right now (looks like there will be a total of 5 avatar items), You need to watch a video in the “Fasterp…iece Theatre” first to be able to unlock the prop, after that click on “The Velocity shop” and scroll to the left for the prop.

9 Responses to “FREEBIE Spotted on US Dashboard Verizon 4G Hover Board Avatar Prop”

  1. How do i get from the beta dashboard?

    • As of right now you can’t. Unless you can get on another NON-Beta XBOX, such as a friends or something, you will just have to wait.

      • GateKeeper_A Says:

        Hopefully it will still be available when the beta ends. After all, if their advertisement has space for an additional three items, odds are its going to be around for a while.

  2. now do i fix a problem i am having on my us account my props never show up after i click on them from avatar marketplace. my on canada account i have no problem.

  3. tigolbitties Says:


  4. Charles97ifyx Says:

    got it! thanks a lot for uploading videos and information about freebies of the xbox live dashboard! thanks to you im getting a lot of props for my avatar! ( i love props! ) 😉

  5. I have a problem with the app. When I hit B to exit back to the main verizon app from Supersonic Park, it exits me from the app completely. Preventing me from being able to download the prop.

  6. Shadowparacut Says:

    got it! what do you think will come out next? what do you hope to come out next? reply in my comment below! (youtube joke)

  7. do you know if its still available?

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