Free Hotel Transylvania Avatar T-shirt Xbox 360 Dashboard FREEBIE

There’s an ad on the US Non-Beta Dashboard for a free “Hotel Transylvania” avatar shirt. Find and click on the “Hotel Transylvania” advertisement, then scroll over to the left and look for Downloads then you will see it says Avatar, and that’s it, just download the T-Shirt. Enjoy!
As far as we know right now, this is in the US Dashboard only. Please let us know if it is in your country in the comments below.

8 Responses to “Free Hotel Transylvania Avatar T-shirt Xbox 360 Dashboard FREEBIE”

  1. Charles97ifyx Says:

    Got it! thanx! i have to refresh my dashboard, like sixty times , but its worth it!

  2. cool i got the slim jim shirt i will try to get this one later 😀

  3. CruelHeartless Says:

    Secured one along with the SlimJim shirt.

  4. I’m from mexico aid can I tell if I can also consegruir these shirts and how??
    soy de mexico ayudenme a conseguir estoas camisas diganme como porfavor

  5. Don’t take me wrong, I love free shirts BUT why the hell they are always black

  6. Shadowparacut Says:

    wow i found the hotel transylvania shirt first but after refreshing 100 times i didnt find the slim jim avatar shirt.

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