Free Slim Jim Avatar T-shirt Xbox 360 Dashboard FREEBIE

There’s an ad on the US Non-Beta Dashboard for a free “Slim Jim” avatar shirt. Find and click on the “Slim Jim Steakhouse” advertisement, then scroll over to the ‘Avatar’ tab, and that’s it, just download the T-Shirt. Enjoy!
As far as we know right now, this is in the US and Male. Please let us know if it is in your country and if you are female and found it in the comments below.

14 Responses to “Free Slim Jim Avatar T-shirt Xbox 360 Dashboard FREEBIE”

  1. Dang you beta dashboard. Worst decision I ever made 😛

  2. Charles97ifyx Says:

    cant find the advery!

  3. Charles97ifyx Says:

    I Believe that the advery is true ,but i keep refreshing , and it doesnt show up!

  4. ayuda soy de mexico me pueden decir si tambien yo puedo consegruir estas camisas y como??

  5. I’m from mexico aid can I tell if I can also consegruir these shirts and how??

  6. Shadowparacut Says:

    could you show a picture of the advertisment or a video please because i am starting to doubt this. but im not saying its not real like radiant zadiant (or whatever his name is) . you could also post a video how to get it. as of now i am doubting that i will find it.

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