XBOX LIVE Rewards giving you Halo 4 Warrior Avatar Armor

Both Parties Can Agree, Xbox LIVE is the Place To Be!
There’s no debate! Xbox LIVE is the place for all your election coverage. Because when Xbox LIVE Rewards members watch three of four presidential or vice-presidential debates on Election 2012 on Xbox LIVE, they’ll get a free Halo 4 Warrior Avatar Armor. No matter your party, it’s always a party with Xbox LIVE Rewards. Tune in today and make your country proud!

Debate coverage on the following dates in real-time from 9-10:30pm ET (6-7:30pm PT) on Xbox LIVE:
Details Here

16 Responses to “XBOX LIVE Rewards giving you Halo 4 Warrior Avatar Armor”

  1. sporeboy100 Says:

    the UK better get this too or something similar to this

  2. the uk hav prime ministers but … but im irish born .. iwas in the country about 15years and i like to vote for republicans

  3. First event begins in 3 hours from now, also, please note that you only have to be there for *30 minutes* per event and attend 3 events.

    Be sure to let your friends and comrades know this good bit of info. 🙂

  4. Do I have to watch the entire debate to have it count? I’m having issues with connecting and staying connected when the debates air.

  5. i’ve now “watched” 3 of the 4. and i haven’t got anything yet. ideas?

  6. I’m guessing that I only watched 2, I won’t get it. ;(

  7. shotwaves Says:

    anyone wanna trade this for the dew armor or the pizza hut armor

  8. I got mine today

  9. CruelHeart Says:

    This offer wasn’t real. I just found out that I never got an e-mail with the redeem codes. The Gold Armor avatar wasn’t real. I was duped by Microsoft.

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