The Man with the Iron Fists Toy Fists Prop XBOX Avatar Dashboard Advert FREEBIE!

Good news everyone! The Beta Dashboard now has Advertisements!! Now you can get all those FREEBIES that have come out during the Dashboard Beta. And here is the latest. The Man with the Iron Fists Toy Fists Prop, Just find the Movie Advert on the dashboard, and go to Avatar Download, and you will receive this Awesome Avatar Prop.

17 Responses to “The Man with the Iron Fists Toy Fists Prop XBOX Avatar Dashboard Advert FREEBIE!”

  1. sporeboy100 Says:

    cant find the ad for it, i only get playkinect, proofs, netflix, lovefilm, kinect sports season 2, forza 4, and multiple versions of the HALO waypoint ads (with that last one being the first real ad on the service that is actually advertising something people actually like)

  2. ty i got this on my xbox Beta Dashboard pretty cool.

  3. PropCrazyGuy Says:

    thanks a lot , Xboxavatargear!! btw, don`t you know when is coming out the next freebie of verizon? im really desperate to get the next free prop!

  4. Got it, cute!

  5. i hate beta dashboard unfair 😦

  6. i cannot find it ; /

  7. I have the Beta Dashboard and am in the US. I just got the ad to show up for the movie on the main dashboard under the “tv & movies” section. It took around 8-10 refreshes of the dashboard, but I got this along with the Slim Jim shirt and Verizon Hoverboard all within a few dashboard refreshes of each other.

  8. I found the advert but it’s just a trailer with a survey question. There isn’t a place to choose avatar downloads.

  9. ok thanks

  10. Just the trailer here to whats with that it looks like a pretty cool prop too 😦

  11. I think this is only on the BETA Dashboard I have two consoles and one of them is on beta and the other is on regular dashboard I searched and searched on regular and just came up with the trailer and survey went on my beta one and found it on the first trailer/ad I found

  12. I think I figured it out, there are two types of ads for this, only the larger ad (the ones on the games & music sections) have the avatar prop & contest – the smaller ads are only the video.

  13. ShadowParacut Says:

    found it! 😀

  14. I think the ad is gone now 😦

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