Silent Hill Revelation 3D Canada Advert XBOX Avatar Prop Pyramid Head FREEBIE

Canadian XBOX Gamers get a special treat! Silent Hill Revelation 3D Movie Advertisement is up on the Dashboard *working* and you can get this AWESOME Pyramid Head XBOX Avatar item. Just Find the Advert on the dashboard and it will take you to the download page. There is two different Adverts, one for the Prop, and one for the movie trailer. It will say Silent Hill Avatar Prop. Even though it is a Head Gear. Canada ONLY, and two Controller Trick does NOT work.

5 Responses to “Silent Hill Revelation 3D Canada Advert XBOX Avatar Prop Pyramid Head FREEBIE”

  1. i got this reward already 4 days ago

  2. one crazy idiot Says:

    I’d really love to have that here in the States.

  3. thedea1er Says:

    Man this sucks,the States get all the cool stuff from their adverts and now Canada are following suit. We in the UK have had one thing since we got stuck with adverts and thats the Van Damme mullet and we’re still getting that advert it hasn’t changed. Beyond that its just Netflix and faster broadband adverts. When do we get cool free avatar downloads, who do I write to about it…argh!!!

  4. Why would you want to wear a pyramid on your head?

  5. PropCrazyGuy Says:

    cool post! too bad that is only for Canada! 😦

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