CCM Hockey Avatar Stick XBOX Avatar Prop Canadian Dashboard FREEBIE!

There is a FREEBIE alert for the Canadian Dashboard. Grab yourself a CCM Hockey Stick just for watching a video and afterwards, you will be taken to the download page for this Avatar Prop.
We can confirm that the Two controller Trick DOES work!

Thanks to XBLMaximusNL for the animation and stuart2773 for the pics.

10 Responses to “CCM Hockey Avatar Stick XBOX Avatar Prop Canadian Dashboard FREEBIE!”

  1. PropCrazyGuy Says:

    I Want that prop so bad! is it only for Canadian People??
    Im from US , and i wanted to know if US people can also get it!

    • Yes you can, must do the two controller trick.
      Here’s how.

      Create a Canadian Account
      Sign in with Canadian Account
      Find Advert
      Go into the ad
      Use 2nd controller to sign in with your US account
      Sign out the 1st controller (Canadian Account)
      Then Download!!
      Then 🙂

  2. PropCrazyGuy Says:

    Thanks anyway , but i dont have a 2º controller!

  3. i miss hockey because of the lockout 😦

  4. I’m in the US and can also confirm that the two controller trick with Canadian account works as explained above. Nice prop!!

  5. Arkadian jedi Says:

    Just got to ask this but whenever I try the two controller trick all I get is the same error code. Any ideas on how to get past this???

  6. if only i had 2 controllers -____-

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