Pizza Hut Halo 4 Red Warrior Armor Suit Promotion FREEBIE!

E3 2012: Halo 4 Gameplay Trailer


Yep you read that right, Pizza Hut (UK only) are doing a special Halo 4 Stuffed
crust Red Halo 4 Warrior Armor Suit.
Every pizza not only allows you to download a red Halo 4 Avatar
armor but also allows access to their legendary prizes website to win awesome
prizes, Pizza ahoy people!!
What’s that? You don’t live in the UK? Well here is a little secret from XAG!


Fill in the details on our competition page and grab yourself a free Halo Avatar. But, you might get a female or a male. It is random.

116 Responses to “Pizza Hut Halo 4 Red Warrior Armor Suit Promotion FREEBIE!”

  1. I got one!! Ifmu dont live in UK doesnt matter just choice UK and u be fine,… Thismis great i never was in able to grab a gold or green suit… Thanks for posting XAG ur the best

  2. aww i got the female one 😦 anyone want to trade?

  3. PropCrazyGuy Says:

    Thanks a lot! im not from UK but i filled the coupon, and now… Free Halo Armor !!! BTW the Armor is Awesome!!

  4. George Trow Says:

    If get two pizzas soon I’ll send u code for red armor just think of me when you have codes. Sil3nc3r78

    Sent from Georgie via iPhone…

  5. i got a female one also looking to trade for a male 😑

  6. Packers4Life Says:

    i got a male but would trade for a female plz

  7. Avatar FEMALE: I putted i think 2 female on FB So i put here one to.. Sorry it isnt female guys! :

  8. Correction: Sorry it isnt MALE guys.. Its a FEMALE one

  9. Packers4Life Says:

    thanks stefan i appreciated for that could

  10. Packers4Life Says:

    sorry code not could lol

  11. Packers4Life Says:

    heres a male code: 2WH3V-3C64H-QDP96-D673W-M4YPZ

  12. Female one ready for a trade

  13. munkiebonez Says:


  14. Firefox user Says:

    Lol somethings up with their browser detection, it’s telling me that the site doesn’t work in Safari…

  15. sporeboy100 Says:

    trading a female code for the male one, message me on the forums for a deal

  16. Cannot get the site to work in ie or safari

  17. i have a female. open for any trade

  18. Hey, if you go to another browser and enter another email address you get a second chance. I had two male codes before getting a female. Just a tip. If my friends don’t claim them I’ll post them here for you guys.

  19. chris silva Says:

    i have one if anyone wants it. first person to enter it gets it.
    its male btw


  20. IT WORKS! as many as you want.. Just delete ur browsing history and u can do it again..

  21. I have a female and will trade for a male. any takers?

  22. Scott Clifford Says:

    i keep get a female code

  23. If ur interested in two FEMALE code`s here you go ;D



  24. Thanks Stefan! I grabbed the second code.

  25. I keep getting female avatar items not male >_<

  26. someone want to trade a female for a male please??

  27. boogaloo jones Says:

    o if you get an armor u don’t want just clear ur cookies or use another browser and try again I got female on 1st…..9XF7F-W24M9-6M3P4-MY63P-Y9HDZ and got male second…….used already


  29. anyone have any spare codes please i missed out on the green suit but this one looks better.

  30. pablo ayala Says:

    someone want to trade a female for a male please??

  31. mason stappen Says:

    i use a female code

  32. You now have the option to choose the gender. Wish I would of known they were gonna fix this before wasting 2 hours to get 2 male codes, lol.

  33. noctislcaelum777 Says:

    wannttttt onneeee does anyone know of a way to get it iof you have a US live account

  34. shotwaves Says:

    got a code for trade if anyone want to trade massge me on xbox names my tag also have the dew armor

  35. patrizl001 Says:

    i dont think its random anymore. at the beginning it now asks for your gender. so i got male πŸ˜€

  36. i got a female code, anypne want to trade??

  37. i was able to to pick a male code if your not loged in on facebook it will let you pick your code it did on mine and im in the usa

  38. i got to pick either male or female. no randomness for me

  39. I have a code for a female code if anyone wants to trade for something else as i already have the male code.

  40. StupidRetards Says:

    Why the fuck are people trying to trade free shit, that ANYONE else can get? Morons

  41. got a female one …..anyone wants to trade

  42. Aww was too late no more avatar armor left.. Anyone have a male spare to email me. Thanks.

  43. When I tried to get a male code it said “Sorry but all the avatars have gone! But don’t worry, you can still get one with every purchase of the Halo4 Stuffed Crust Pizza!” I got a female code and would trade if someone has a male code.

  44. iam sure their is a thousand out their already i got a female code looking for a male one

  45. I have a female code willing to trade it for any avatar items.

  46. shotwaves Says:

    i have male code

  47. i have two female codes if some one wants to trade for a male one ill give them both to you.

  48. Grim eyes Says:

    I want a male code someone pass me one,shotwaves you still have that code?

  49. shotwaves Says:

    message me what you got to trade
    shotwaves is my tag

  50. Grim eyes Says:

    Pff i send you i request

  51. Grim eyes Says:

    im not gold!

  52. Grim eyes Says:

    my tag EliteSlayer072

  53. eLTrucote Says:

    they send me a Female code :/ im willing to trade for a male one Please

  54. I got a male code I’m willing to trade for a account with 1 month free of xbox live or a 24hr xbox live code or 1 month.

  55. Hey ^_^ I would really appreciate a spare female avatar code. Gamertag is Nebet Het.

  56. i have a female code any one willing to trade?

  57. I have a female code if anyone is willing to trade for a male one!

  58. i have a male code looking for a green one or a blue one


    Female one.

    Don’t think male armor is able to be claimed any more.

  60. I have a female code here for swap.

    Will trade for a male code. Thanks

  61. i have a 14 day live code i will trade for a male code.

  62. guys…i have a female avatar…but i want a male one….and ill giveaway 2 female codes in return….so pls send me the code to

  63. can u sum1 plz give me a red suit code for male willing to trade 4 a 2 day trial code email me @

  64. Hello to all females i have a code i want to trade for a male code email me

  65. Hello to all females reading this i want to trade a female code for a male code email me if interested

  66. send me code please

  67. Says:

    iTz J0niBreaKeR Y xuzz49

  68. zebulnatram Says:

    Hi! someone have a female code please? Thanks!

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