Ford Mustang XBOX Avatar Items Advert FREEBIES T-Shirt, Hat, Racing Suit, Shelby, & Boss Mustang

XBOX and Ford fans are going to be pretty excited about this one. Ford Advert has been spotted on the XBOX US Dashboard and you get FIVE… Yes, 5 FREE XBOX Avatar Items. T-shit, Hat, Two cars, a Blue Shelby Mustang and a Black Boss Mustang, and a Ford Racing suit. All for FREE!! Head over to the Dashboard and look for the Mustang Advert like posted below.
Let us know if you see it in your country or if the Two Controller Trick works.

27 Responses to “Ford Mustang XBOX Avatar Items Advert FREEBIES T-Shirt, Hat, Racing Suit, Shelby, & Boss Mustang”

  1. AWESOME items, Two controller trick does work.

  2. Yea, I saw this, got all 5 items, the car and shirt are SICK! The racer suit is also pretty neat. A great free find!

  3. Also, state farm with major nelson has free theme and gamer-pics, Intel processor advt has a free theme. And free 5 gum avatar items with the game you can get for free in the arcade.

  4. Sweet, finally some US love ^_^

  5. Sweet I love both cars. Thank you for the email updates.

  6. is there a way to downlad this on uk account?? pls replay

  7. second controller trick doesn`t work in NL.. Ofcours ><

  8. how to use this second controller trick??

  9. George Trow Says:

    Could you be so kind and tell me how the two controller trick works? Please

    Sent from Georgie via iPhone…

  10. I still dont know two controller method please instruct thanks

  11. How do you get it 😭

  12. two controller trick, controller 1, sign in a US account. Controller 2, sign in your main account. Load up advert, controller 1 logs off, you are free to roam US dash with controller 2

  13. two controller trick doesnt work for Canada

  14. Johnny Bravo Says:

    Would a DNS re-directing service work in Canada and/or other countries? Or is it strictly account based?

  15. Two Controller doesn’t work in the UK,will we ever get free stuff like this or are we only allowed the JCVD Mullet?

  16. Speccy48k Says:

    Can anyone confirm it works in uk as not im doing it right

  17. Got it. Thank you. =D

  18. How does the “Two Controller Trick” works?

  19. i can confirm the 2 controller trick works! 😀

  20. DrSpaceMonkey Says:

    2nd controller DOES NOT work in the U.K as usuall 😦 we never get anything decent for free

  21. Amirhossein Says:

    that was great!!!

  22. Do you have to be a gold member?

  23. BOBimus REX Says:

    Downloaded the app but I can’t get the avatar items to appear in my avatar customizer. Any suggestions?

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