Target Bullseye Avatar Prop XBOX Avatar Prop Dog Dashboard FREEBIE

Target Retail Stores has a Holiday gift for you! a FREE Target Spot Dog Avatar Prop! Just find the Target Advert on the US Dashboard and scroll to the right and download your very own Target Dog Avatar Prop!

14 Responses to “Target Bullseye Avatar Prop XBOX Avatar Prop Dog Dashboard FREEBIE”

  1. peroooon kiero esdte

  2. the only ads i can find are about cars

  3. sporeboy100 Says:

    anything for UK yet? im seeing a lack of UK dashboard ad rewards

  4. Says:

    I haven’t seen the Ad yet, I’d really like to have this item.

  5. I looked all last night for this Target ad but never saw it, (Bristol, PA US)

  6. I could help the dog like me but I do not understand what to do please!

  7. I had to go into my account and change my date of birth to 01-01-1994, and refresh the dashboard for about 10 minutes before I finally saw the Target ad, only once!!!…

  8. Yet again UK kept from receiving anything

  9. I got this

  10. I keep looking for the target advert for 3 hours, just refreshing, until last week I turned on my Xbox 360 so I could play Call of the Dead, and there was the god damn Target advert, I downloaded everything, the dog is great, the theme is beatiful, and now every time I turn on my Xbox there’s the F*** advert, really nice, BTW, I don’t live in the US, I’m from El Salvador and I got it, and the oddly part it’s that we don’t have Target stores here 🙂

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