Turtle Beach XBOX Avatar Gear UK & US Dashboard Advert FREEBIE

Today there is an Advert on the UK & US Dashboard for Turtle beach, you can grab your XBOX Avatar 4 FREE Items, Turtle Beach T-Shirt, Turtle Beach Hat, Turtle Beach Headset, and a Turtle Beach Palm Tree. Two controller trick has been confirmed to work in the US.

Just find the Advert on a UK or US Account, go into the advert, select avatar Downloads, then use a second controller and sign in with the account you want the items for. then sign out of the first controller (UK or US Account) and then download all items.

40 Responses to “Turtle Beach XBOX Avatar Gear UK & US Dashboard Advert FREEBIE”

  1. how do u get a UK account?

  2. This might be a stupid question, but how do I make a UK account? It’s been years since I made a new xbox account, just wondering if it’s an easy thing to do. Thanks for the help!

  3. I wish I could see the adverts – all I ever get a the same Lovefilm ads!

  4. have a usa acc but find nothing

  5. This DOES NOT require a UK account…I literally saw this advert about 30 minutes ago on my only (US) account. Downloaded everything fine.

  6. It was in the US account last night just for one appearance.

  7. thelittlemoa Says:

    Can’t see it on the UK dashboard :/

  8. sherman120 Says:

    just wondering what is the two controller trick

  9. Sherman120 Says:

    Wow didn’t notice them explaining double controller trick at the top

  10. Arkadian Jedi Says:

    I’ve been trying to find this advert. But all I ever get is Halo 4, BLOPS 2 or stinking Lovefilm :-/

  11. I don’t see it on the American dashboard, but heard it was there.

  12. I just bought Turtle Beach headset for 350$ yesterday

  13. find it in canada dashboard
    everything was good
    but give me error on the t-shirt
    2 controller trick work with it …..

  14. I got the all the things but I couldn’t do the controller trick would you please help me out in giving me steps please?

  15. I can’t c it on my dashboard and I live the uk! What do u mean keep refreshing how do u do it. And I’m DUM lol

  16. This ad is appearing on the Canadian dash as well.

  17. NnuttHowzeT9X Says:

    just did the 2 controller trick, downloaded the items, then signed out of both and when i goto change my avatar none of the items appear.

  18. refreshed a million times all i get is lovefilm. can anyone confirm its still showing?

  19. i found it on my canada account i can’t find it at all on my usa account.

  20. How do you refresh??

  21. calilo alcazar Says:

    quiero hacerles una pregunta yo tengo dos cuentas una de eeuu y una de reino unido como hago para compartir los premios entre las dos cuentas

  22. Glad to know its on us dashies. Downloaded it as soon as I saw it.

  23. just got it thanks its on U.S. dashboard

  24. Done the refresh 11 times ( I counted ) and walllaa it appears! Thanks guys. Best freebie site going

  25. how do you refresh

  26. i got mine i live in us and it was on my us acct when i got it

  27. Is there any way to still get the headset??

  28. is this still avaliable?

    • Deadlocked127 Says:

      Not sure. I saw the Honda Advert, for the first honda shirt, chase liquid avatar outfit advert and iron fist advert YESTERDAY, I am hunting for the turtle beach advert. typically they are on for at least 5 months after their original impression unless replaced with a new advert.

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