There has been a new ad spotted today on the USA dashboard for the Cadillac ATS that is giving away a FREE Avatar Prop. So far it seems to be US Only, as we have seen reports of people from UK getting Error messages. Let us know if you see it in your country and we will update this.

Thanks XBLMaximusNL as always for the Animation!

12 Responses to “FREEBIE ALERT Cadillac ATS Avatar Prop (US DASHBOARD AD)”

  1. this ad is not showing up on my us ACCOUNT

  2. It’s not available anymore. I checked all possibilites for it, the ads never had that.

  3. Yea mine either it would always show and I though it was annoying & now that I want it it wont come up lol xD

  4. It’s still there but truly hard to find.Ones you’ll in the Ad , just see whole video , click on a first of a pictures (Patagonia I guess),scroll down to Donwloads and click on Avatar prop

  5. Must go to Cadillac ad watch one minute movie then select explore and go to Downloads at bottom of screen. Prop and themese are there

  6. SuperWoody64 Says:

    Like M said. Also I bing searched on the dashboard for Cadillac and the ad popped up first try.

  7. PropCrazyGuy Says:

    Thanks!! Got it , after refreshing the dashboard a lot of times!
    BTW: Does anybody knows when its coming out the last prop from verizon?

  8. A FREE AVATAR ITEM ON XBOX DASHBOARD! Look for liquid advertisement.

  9. Deadlocked127 Says:

    is it still there?

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