FREEBIE ALERT Oblivion Movie XBOX Avatar T-Shirt

Here is something for you guys in the UK, Australia, Germany, and France. Find the Oblivian Advert on the dashboard and watch the trailer to get your very own Oblivian XBOX Avatar T-Shirt. Let us know if you see it in your country in the comment section down below.

The Advert has been seen on the following dashboards so far

  • UK
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France

9 Responses to “FREEBIE ALERT Oblivion Movie XBOX Avatar T-Shirt”

  1. Does the 2 controllers/changing country in system settings trick work?

  2. Deadlocked127 Says:

    Is it in the U.S.?

  3. Deadlocked127 Says:

    True but I wanted to know if anyone saw it yet. The turtle beach DL was in the UK, but showed up 3 days later in the US. HOPEFULLY they will make it available to us! 😀

  4. fired up this arvo and saw it in the AU dashboard, tshirt and an exclusive theme..

  5. On which screen does it come up on, on the Aus dash

  6. Francisco O. Says:

    Seen and worked un Mexico.

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