FREEBIE ALERT! Windows Phone 8 XBOX 360 Avatar Prop Advert

Windows Phone 8 Avatar Prop

Thanks to Kuula for noticing the new Windows Phone 8 Avatar Prop on the Dashboard. Just look for the Windows 8 Phone Advert on the dashboard and watch the short video and it will let you download your very own Windows Phone 8 Avatar Prop. So far we have noticed it is up almost every time on our dashboard in the US, so it looks like an easy one to find. Please comment below if you see this advert in your country.

Windows 8 Phone Ad

32 Responses to “FREEBIE ALERT! Windows Phone 8 XBOX 360 Avatar Prop Advert”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    Hi i live in the US and i dont see the ad

  2. I’m italian, trying on my US account, nothing for now (free account)

  3. I can’t see this … I live in Brazil 😦

  4. i already have three cell phones i don’t need a fourth one

  5. David Brown Says:

    I don’t see the ad

  6. Deadlocked127 Says:

    This is going to be epic

    • Xbox Head Says:

      This is a trap-advertisement. I get thrown out of the ad each time I enter. Don’t fall for this ad. It’s a booby trap.

  7. I’ve seen the ad on the dashboard, but it won’t allow me to download the item. It keeps backing me out once I click the icon on the dashboard.

  8. Xbox Head Says:

    Plus, you need a Windows Phone 8 and a SmartGlass to access this ad.

  9. Xbox Head Says:

    Don’t access this ad. You’ll be denied access.

  10. jancoby2 Says:

    I see the ad but I get thrown out of the ad all the time,no idea y.US

  11. jancoby2 Says:

    This never happend to me before maybe they will fix it

  12. Matthew.S Says:

    Nah didnt work in my area: Melbourne Australia 😦 is there any other way i can get it?

  13. If you are having trouble activating this add to download the WP8 avatar prop, make sure you have opted in for Partner Marketing. You can do this by going to your privacy settings on the 360 dashboard and clicking OPT IN under Partner Marketing. If you OPT OUT, you will not be able to use this add. Hope this helps.

  14. Deadlocked127 Says:

    I can confirm via my friend, whom does not have xbox smartglass and has opted in for partner marketing that he did obtain this freebie.

    • Before I opted in for the marketing options, I would be kicked out of the ad myself. SmartGlass is NOT required for a simple ad. At least not yet as awful as that sounds…

  15. jancoby2 Says:

    Worked for me now 🙂

  16. Deadlocked127 Says:

    Has anyone seen this still? I never found it.

  17. nic0nline Says:

    Try every day, never find it with a silver US account and the partner marketing option in.

  18. Raymond Says:

    Still cant find it and tried on multiple accounts just getting one for ATT for Windows phone 😦

  19. Deadlocked127 Says:

    All I continue to see are the ATT versions of this, I know I will find it eventually. Claimed all other props.

  20. ZaniteKnuckles Says:

    Hey, I live in Russia and I didn’t find that?

  21. kubakwak123 Says:

    I’ve tried pressing dashboard-y like 40 times. No ad! BUT maybe it’s becayse im on a us account in the uk.

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