FREEBIE ALERT After Earth Movie XBOX Avatar Suit Advert

After Earth MaleAfter Earth FemaleKeep your eyes out on the dashboard for the After Earth Advertisement. You can score yourself an After Earth Avatar Suit when you enter the advert and scroll all the way to the end of the ad. It will say download Avatar Prop but it is a suit not a prop. Thanks goes out to @ilovemcyds for finding this one and letting us know.

17 Responses to “FREEBIE ALERT After Earth Movie XBOX Avatar Suit Advert”

  1. Deadlocked127 Says:


    UGH! the video wouldn’t load for me though! :*(

  2. USA/CA/EU where is it being shown?

  3. I get he trailer but It takes me to the Sony app.

    • We had the same thing happen. Just refresh again and find it again. There is two different ads.

      • Deadlocked127 Says:

        Yea, I’ve noticed there were two. Oh and I saw this add in the US so it DOES work here.

    • Janet Reitmeyer Says:

      It did that to me too! I don’t know why it did that? When I went to SONY app still nothing, but I did check out the trailer then back to where I saw it on the dashboard nothing it just took me back to the app. I saw nothing for Avatar Props just only themes & gamer pics. Several downloads I couldn’t find or see on dashboard like Halo 4 Spartan Ops Challenge XBOX Avatar T-Shirt & After
      Earth Movie XBOX Avatar Suit Advert avatar prop. I wish they could do something about that!

  4. Does it work with the “Two controlers trick”?

  5. prophunter Says:

    Has anyone seen this recently? I can’t find it.

  6. Got this today. The ad showed a clip of the trailer. Launching the ad I had to scroll all the way to the right by clicking arrows to claim.

  7. Never seen this ad ever…Is this in the states?

  8. Alessandro Says:

    Now also in Italy 😉

  9. I just saw this trailer in the UK today. It’s a nice looking suit too!

  10. Deadlocked127 Says:

    I cannot find this damn advert, is it still in the US?

  11. chamila Says:

    just found it and redeemed on UK dashboard

    • chamila Says:

      i tried the two controller trick, first controller US & second controller UK. but it didn’t work

  12. Deadlocked127 Says:

    Claimed. I found this in the US.

  13. any links

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