FREEBIE ALERT! Wendy’s XBOX Avatar Shirt and Hair Advert on Dashboard

wwwXBOXAvatarGEARcom Wendy's® Avatar Prop wwwXBOXAvatarGEARcom Wendy's® Avatar T-Shirt MalewwwXBOXAvatarGEARcom Wendy's® Avatar T-Shirt Female

Thanks to Dakota Hackett for spotting the Wendy’s Advert which will give you access to 2 XBOX Avatar items, a Wendy’s “Where’s The Beef” T-Shirt and Wendy’s Pigtail Hair doo. It was a little hard for us to find it, but once you do just click on Downloads to access the items. Please comment below if you see this in your country.

Wendys Dashboard1Wendys Dashboard 2 Wendys Dashboard 3

19 Responses to “FREEBIE ALERT! Wendy’s XBOX Avatar Shirt and Hair Advert on Dashboard”

  1. havent checked since earlier today in usa all i got was the free marines shirt and theme and the army outfit and theme the day before. will chek for this in a lil bit tonight.

  2. Xbox Head Says:

    Not there. It’s for Canada-only. US doesn’t have this ad.

  3. cj mccoy13 Says:


  4. Just claimed this in the US.

  5. Helping You Guys Says:

    Just 5 minutes ago I downloaded this on the US dashboard. 🙂

  6. Deadlocked127 Says:

    I can’t seem to F__K find the windows phone! All I keep getting at Vitamin water adds :(((((

  7. Deadlocked127 Says:


  8. jancoby2 Says:

    Got it at us 🙂

  9. Raymond Says:

    Thanks for posting this now time for the hunt

  10. Raymond Says:

    Free prop on Disney Sale. Prop is Enchanted broom. Please post info about it since I wouldn’t know where to start.

  11. Deadlocked127 Says:

    I saw this in the US, didn’t get to downloaded it cause I hit the webpage button 😦

  12. jancoby2 Says:

    Disney free prop is true. I got it this afternoon on disney classics

  13. Hey guys theres a free avatar prop from TNT its called Falling Skies its a season premier advertisement I found it on the US dashboard 5/29/13 For the Falling Skies Prop you have to watch 4 short videos. Also a enchanted broom thats free and I saw that one in Sales & Specials & I wish I could be Featured on this site but oh well since i don’t know how to someone share it for others to see Thnx!

  14. Raymond Says:

    Disney prop now gone 😦

  15. Raymond Says:

    New free avatar t shirt and once again I have no idea how to post or who to tell so just posting here its from the ad about the show Falling Skies and you have to watch a few videos then download for T shirt becomes available(says its prop but technically its a t shirt)

  16. Deadlocked127 Says:

    Claimed the Wendy’s stuff. :3 yay!

  17. only advertisements i get is mazda shirt, 21 and over bear thong, MIO pics/dashboard, stupid rogers ads and nothing else.WILL SOMEONE CONFIRM WHERE THIS WENDY STUFFS REGION IS?!

  18. can i still get this?

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