FREEBIE ALERT! Falling Skies XBOX Avatar T-Shirt & Prop Dashboard Advert

Falling Skies Overlord Prop

Update 5-52013 There is now a Falling Skies Overlord Prop to download as well. Pretty creepy looking prop. So go find the advert again and download the new Alien Prop.

Falling Skies Harness Avatar T-Shirt Male

Falling Skies Harness Avatar T-Shirt Female

There is a new Falling Skies Advert on the dashboard. All you have to do is watch four of the trailers and it will open up this XBOX Avatar T-Shirt for you. It looks pretty plain on the front but check out the back! Let us know if you see it in your country below.

Falling skys 1

34 Responses to “FREEBIE ALERT! Falling Skies XBOX Avatar T-Shirt & Prop Dashboard Advert”

  1. Deadlocked127 Says:


  2. Cant see it at all , I live in canada

  3. jancoby2 Says:

    Yea got it In us

  4. Deadlocked127 Says:

    Its in the US for sure, not sure where else.

  5. Deadlocked127 Says:

    Clearance sale, craftiness stuff is being sold for half off too! When this first started The creeper hoodie was free. I have the hoodie, not sure if it is still listed as free though. HURRY!

  6. i saw it on my friends account but the advertisement won’t appear on my dashboard!

  7. Arkadian Jedi Says:

    I’m in the UK and I have tried to get both the prop and the t-shirt by using the two controller trick. However all I’m getting is the following error code ‘Status Code: 800700E8’
    Any ideas as I’m getting it with every Avatar Item I try gain by using the two tricks system…..

  8. jancoby2 Says:

    Just claimed the alien prop worked in the US fine,hope it works everywere else 🙂

  9. I just got some wolverine claws for my avatar in the game section at demos all you gotta do is watch a short video. I found this in the US.

  10. jancoby2 Says:

    Yea the shirt is pretty nice and the overlord is sick in my opinion

  11. Uzi Assasinss Says:

    Just to guys inform you theres an Wolverine Claws prop ad on US Dashboard i don’t know about other regions please post this advert in this website :)!! i got mine xD.

  12. jancoby2 Says:

    Found the wolverine claws at the demo section worked in the US.

  13. chamila Says:

    just redeemed a wolverine t-shirt in uk

  14. jancoby2 Says:

    No new stuff?

  15. jancoby2 Says:

    Man are these guys even updating this -.-?

  16. jancoby2 Says:

    -.- that sucks

  17. Uzi Assasinss Says:



    Wolverine T-shirt Not sure if in US or not
    Got Dexter Morgan Stalk Outfit in US dashboard
    Wolverine Claws in US

  18. Uzi Assasinss Says:

    Add me on Xbox LIVE for more stuff Gamertag DarklingN0se

  19. jancoby2 Says:

    Alrigth brah ill send you a request

  20. jancoby2 Says:

    Whats that dexter morgan crap?

  21. jancoby2 Says:

    Nvm got it

  22. jancoby2 Says:

    I did it was the oxbow guy. On the xbox

  23. jancoby2 Says:

    Wow not updated yet anything else?

  24. jancoby2 Says:

    These guys left this website or what

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