FREEBIE ALERT!! Wolverine Silver Samurai XBOX Avatar Suit (Facebook)

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Grab yourself the Wolverine Silver Samurai Avatar Suit by simply going to this Facebook Page and then type in the Code: CINEMARK72613 Pick a Male or Female and you get the code! Please like and share this post down below so your friends can grab this awesome suit too!


48 Responses to “FREEBIE ALERT!! Wolverine Silver Samurai XBOX Avatar Suit (Facebook)”

  1. Cory Kilburn Says:

    Change the tab to samurai suit at the top of the facebook page to punch in the code.

    • Eisen Faust Says:

      Can’t get the code anymore once you get one of the male or female. Even one person does it and no one else can get it. I got the male avatar code first and I win. No one else can get it now. I even refreshed the page and no matter what the case is, it cannot be changed.

    • Xbox Head Says:

      Only one person can get the Silver Samurai Male code and that is me. I got it before everyone else. Now the code is no longer available as all pages are the same where the code is already given.

  2. Male cinemark72613

  3. How do u find where u put the code in?

  4. Can’t find. Just takes me to the facebook page n no place to put code in.

    • I had the same on my Mobile browser.. On PC it brings me on the page (app) But on Mobile it takes me to the FB page ;o

  5. just suit for men??? i want the suit for a girl!!! :/

  6. Craig Myers Says:

    Change what tab?

  7. Marcello Says:


  8. Fantastic

  9. @Xbox Head

    Not if you try it on another Webbrowser 😉
    Btw i did it on one account and one male code did’nt even work!
    Invalid code?
    When i tried in another browser and account i got another one (working) ;PP

  10. Spectral Jester Says:

    also change the drop down box there is also wolverine claws as avatar prop

  11. DarklingN0se Aka Uzi Assassinsss Says:

    There are two claws and one samurai suit and one shirt which only works for UK – UzI Xbox gamertag DarklingN0se

  12. This does not work anymore.

  13. SpazzyAzzy Says:

    Funny MR xbox head is saying he got it first. I ACTUALLY was the first person to get and download this armor. Did it on the 11th. lol. And the code works multiple times, but only once per person to type it in the redeem for the armor.

  14. Why does this not work anymore 😖😩😩😩😩

  15. Dead link 😦 I was looking forward to getting that suit too, thats sux!!!

  16. davechan Says:

    Also for US residents, beside getting the claws prop by clicking at the bottom of the page, near the bottom of the red box click to get t-shirt for your avatar.. that 3 freebies all together..

  17. can I have one of the codes please?

  18. This can be found on a dashboard advertisement along with the wolverine claws (the pic for the ad is a generic avatar with the claws but you can download either or both from the ad).

  19. Muy buena la pagina

  20. Second Controller Tricks Works!!!

    I live in the Netherlands and i was in able to claim BOTH the Claws and the Silver Samurai suit!!

    So when you are on the download page on th Xbox Wolverine AD… Sign out with the account and sign in on the same controller again with the account you want the Avatar Items for 😉

    There is even an Pic and a Theme!

  21. jancoby2 Says:

    Does it still work

  22. jancoby2 Says:

    Nvm and yea got it in the us

  23. i cant u.u somebody send me a code please my email: warrior_heber@hotma…

  24. jancoby2 Says:

    Bro you dont need a code just go on your xbox its faster and easier

  25. Yes but I cant find it in the xbox and I dont have facebook
    I will continue looking for it tnks…

    • I saw it on US Dashboard.. Where do you live?
      I think it only show up in UK,US and some other country’s (Regions)

  26. jancoby2 Says:

    In the US,Texas and try reloading the xbox dashboard it will pop up eventually.

  27. thank you very much i found the suit on US dashboard 😀 i’m batman xD

  28. jancoby2 Says:

    Np fake batman c:

  29. I can’t find it on the dashboard, I found the trailer, but thats all. Please someone help, I refreshed for a good 20 minutes. I changed my locale to United States also.

  30. jancoby2 Says:

    No new items yet

  31. David Gibson Says:

    anyone ever has a male code for the full outfit inbox me my gamertag is me pinnick123 thank you 🙂

  32. jancoby2 Says:

    Any new items or anything yet?

  33. Blokk010 Says:

    In the netherlands(europe) there is a advertisement on the dashboard for Elysium the movie, check it out and after that u get an avatar item. A evo skeleton suit !

  34. this is so frustrating trying to get the samurai male avatar suit, ive tried everyway I can think of, even using a American server to create a email address and a f.b page to try get the samurai suit with still no avail, i’ll tell you what though, I have a spare unused code for Hitman Sniper challenge, i’ll trade this code for a working samurai male outfit if anyones keen, ive already got the sniper challenge on my hard drive when I pre-ordered Absolution, I acquired another one when I brought the H.D HITMAN pack.

  35. jancoby2 Says:

    Im from the us -.-

  36. Guys! you can enter the code REGAL72613 for the samurai suit and it worked, at least for me (:

  37. DERP FISH Says:

    does anyone have another code

  38. Cant get the Claw Avatar prop. I enter email

  39. sweet

  40. Where do you post it?!

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