FREEBIE ALERT!! Dr. Pepper Soda Can XBOX Avatar Head


Dr. Pepper Head

All you Dr. Pepper fans out there can rejoice! You can now have a Dr. pepper Soda Can head on your XBOX Avatar. Look for the Dr. Pepper Advert on the US Dashboard to download this funny FREE Avatar Hat!

20 Responses to “FREEBIE ALERT!! Dr. Pepper Soda Can XBOX Avatar Head”

  1. Next Door Neighbour Says:

    Controller trick work?

  2. We have heard that it does not work.

  3. Paul Mortlock Says:

    Dr. Pepper. That drink is the drink of the chosen who shall ascend to the heavens.

  4. Erik From SWE Says:


  5. Arghhh… Ofcourse not for Netherlands again.. so annoying!!! Such a simple but nice looking ;(((

    And no!! Second controller trick does NOT work. Just tried it!

  6. Same controller trick worked for me. After downloading I pressed back to the download screen(with the avatar wearing the can), switched profiles, and downloaded successfully. Wish they had a Mt. Dew can. 😦

  7. thezookeeper21 Says:

    is the event over? I cant find it on the dashboard.

  8. thezookeeper21 Says:

    Is the event over? I can’t find it on the dashboard.

  9. Worked for me but from the us

  10. I found this a couple days ago, I was to lazy to post about it.

  11. Is the can head still on dashboard?

  12. jancoby2 Says:

    Idk guys it worked for me but im from us so yea hope it works for yall :).I have a friend at spain so ill check up with him.

  13. despite being told the controller trick doesnt work im gonna try anyway

  14. Anybody know any new items yet?

  15. SEGA128DC Says:

    I finally saw the Dr. Pepper ad, a few days ago on my Xbox dashboard…

  16. KingKatura Says:

    i cant find the add is there another way i found it with my sons account on my other Xbox but mine never has it.

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