Happy Wars XBOX Avatar Awards

Happy Wars
Happy Wars
Happy Wars – 3 Awards

Happy Wars Headpiece
Kill an enemy in a Quick Match or Co-op mode

Happy Wars Magic Hat
Reach rank 10

Happy Wars Cleric Cowl
Successfully use Resurrect
skill 5 times in a Quick
Match or Co-op

5 Responses to “Happy Wars XBOX Avatar Awards”

  1. How do you reserect what even is it

    • To Reserect someone you need to be a ‘Cleric’ & hit ‘X’ I believe when someone is killed, only have a few seconds to do it, but many opportunities.

  2. I unlocked the Cleric Cowl and the Headpiece, but they’re not showing up on in my Avatar editor. I checked my Xbox storage, and it says I have them both on my hard drive. Any idea what’s up with this and how/if I can fix it?

  3. Nevermind. They randomly popped up after a few matches later. Avatar awards have been acting up for me lately… Donno what’s up, but hopefully it’s over with now.

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