Jet Set Radio XBOX Avatar Awards

Jet Set Radio – 3 Awards

Jet Set Radio Spray Paint
Unlock Gum and Tab

Jet Set Radio Hoodie
Unlock Gum and Tab

Jet Set Radio Hoodie
Unlock Gum and Tab

5 Responses to “Jet Set Radio XBOX Avatar Awards”

  1. ShadowParacut Says:

    this looks pretty nice.

  2. Frank gor Says:

    Mine ain’t working, anyone else have problems with it?

    • KaneRobot Says:

      Same thing happened to me. I unlocked it, but when I go to my awards in the avatar editor, they just display a “!” where the items should be, and I can’t select them.

      One workaround I figured out was using Smartglass and editing my avatar there – the items were available to use (and I’m using them now). If you don’t have a phone/tablet that can run Smartglass, you can probably edit your avatar on the site and do it that way as well.

  3. Xbox Head Says:

    This whole Jet Set Radio avatar award is a joke and it is glitched. There is no such thing. No one has the avatar awards. Was a April Fools joke.

  4. Same thing happened to me,has anyone unlocked them for use?

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